Hay Is For Horses

Hey, Amber, did you enjoy being quiet yesterday?

I did, thank you....until I was tar and feathered for it. Who knew that some people (ahem, Jim-Dad!) hold such high expectations for me to be Miss Chatty Cathy.

Note to self: Talk more. It humors your father.

Hey, Amber, what'd you think about Idol last night?

It was blissfully amazing. And wonderfully shocking. And fabulously entertaining. My favorite moment was when Kris hugged his cute-as-a-bug's-ear wife after he won. And the bug's ear's dress....so cute.

Note to self: Try to find cute dress in case Kirk ever wins American Idol. Or in case he does something like mow the lawn...because you'll need a cute dress to congratulate him in.

Hey, Amber, what'd you think about Keith Urban and Kris singing together last night?

Plop. Plop. Plop.
Oh sorry. That was the drool puddle forming under my chin.

What? You want to watch it again, too? Oh...okay. I'm here to please.

Note to self: Remember to pat yourself on the back for DVRing Idol, so that you can rewatch that piece of music magic over. and over. and over. and over. and over. and over.....

Hey, Amber, what'd you think about Adam last night on Idol?

Weird wire shoulder pads. Weird hugacious platforms. Awesome graceful loser.

Note to self: Remember to never wear clothing with extra shoulders.

Hey, Amber, what'd you think of Queen Latifah on Idol?

Say what? Queen Latifah was on Idol? Is that who was singing with Lil? Oh. Whoops. I was munching on a Wheat Thin when they announced her, and I sure didn't recognize her. I did recognize Rod Stewart, however. And my prom date my senior year wore a tux jacket just like his. Black plaid. Awesome.

Note to self: Black spandex is never okay. Nor are black plaid dinner jackets.

Hey, Amber, why were you crying today?

No reason. Just that TATE GRADUATED FROM PRESCHOOL TODAY. I'm not sure my heart has ever broken like it did today. THE baby transitioned today. And I didn't like it. Not one bit.

Note to self: Stay away from transition. Or at least bring Kleenex.

Hey, Amber, did you take any pictures of Tate's preschool shindig?

Well. Of course. What kind of mom do you think I am? The kind that forgets birthdays and makes her son wear girl pants?

Note to self: Remember to kiss that sweet face a bazillion times a day. And don't ever put that sweet face in girl pants again.

Hey, Amber, what'd you do tonight?

I ate ice cream. And went to a baseball game. Shocking.

Note to self: Eat more ice cream.

Hey, Amber, whatcha doing tomorrow?

I'm going to school. For the last time until fall. I'm going to shove my khakis to the back of my closet, and I'm going to dig out my swimsuit cover up. I'm going to hide my loafers in the back of my closet, and I'm going to inventory my flip flops. I might even make a spreadsheet. And I'll probably eat ice cream. To celebrate summer. And my spreadsheet.

Note to self: Eat ice cream tomorrow. To celebrate.

Hey, Amber, do you wanna leave us with one more picture of Tate...since he is a big boy now and all?

Oh, alright. You twisted my arm.

Note to self: Stop crying, and don't wipe your nose on your sleeve.

Oh....and watch that Urban and Allen video again....


Jim said...

I apologize, Babe! When I said I was shocked, it was not negative, just surprise. My, my, I owe my blogging bug to you and Mich. I'll be the first one to purchase your first blog book, and the second, etc.

The pictures are great. What a "Tater Tot"! A heart breaker already, and not just mom's!

Congrats to him and you!

Love you,

Jim said...

Did you know that "Old Navy" has been advertizing flip flops for a dollar today?

Mom says "cute pictures" and can't wait to hug on the graduate!


Cathy said...

Your dad is crackin' me up over here!

Your "baby" is A-dorable. But can we not talk about preschool graduation, because in 1.5 short weeks my baby girl will take the stage...

I agree. wire shoulder pads? Doesn't he know shoulder pads are STILL not in? ESPECIALLY wire ones. ...oh and America would like to thank you and your fellow fried okra eaters for almost single-handedly making Kris the American Idol...

Note to self: Kick Amber out of the Muffin Top Club, because CLEARLY (from Facebook) she can eat pounds of ice cream and NOT have muffin top.

Glo said...

LOL.....not only is Tate adorable, but YOU are too Amber! I love your blog and wish that I was as creative as you. You ARE my Blog Idol!LOL Have a good weekend girl!

Carpoolqueen said...

I'll be crying in another week. That they actually promoted them. And a teensy weensy bit that they're one year closer to middle school.

I already have a bit of a flip-flop tan. Can't wait til you can catch up.

Mich said...

You know I already own stock in Kleenex with all the transitions I've been going through lately. You ready to join me?

You said it girl! Kris and Keith. Drool city!

You know I had heard from someone at work about the flip flop sale Dad was talking about. Thought of you.

Mich said...

Oh, I almost forgot. Give Tatey a hug for me. Tell him his aunty is so proud...sniff. sniff.

mimi said...

A preschool graduate....they really grow so fast! Hug him, love him and kiss him...my boys are starting to say "ewww" when I kiss them. Your last day of school....let the summer fun begin!!

mimi said...

Have I mentioned how cool your dad is?

The Bowden's said...

Tate is so cute! :)

Gretchen said...

Congrats to Tate and to all of you for your big accomplishment of sealing away another school year.

My baby starts middle school in about 14 weeks. Cannot even stand myself.

And my first child will be done with highschool in 5 years. Well, God willing. :)

Pass the Kleenex. And the ice cream.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Congrats to Tate!

You know what really got my attention? The spreadsheet...for flip flops! Genius, I tell ya!

Oh, and Kris and Keith...I completely forgot I don't like country music I was so mesmerized.

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Congrats to Tate! Awesome accomplishment ;)

and because I {heart} your blog so much...I'm going to have some ice cream tonight...

...and think about being a teacher so I can wear flip flops all summer {grin}

Hope you have an awesome last day of school! Enjoy the Summer!!

Kellie said...

I'm catching up on a weeks worth of blogs, but I just thought I'd tell you that your little man Tate is adorable!