Shagadelic, Baby

Isn't she pretty?

I almost couldn't bear to part with her. She is so super shagadelic and all.

And can you believe that no one bought her? I'm still reeling in the shock of it all.

So she got boxed up with the rest of the stuff for donation after the yard sale. Poor thing. I feel bad for her. I may have to go buy her at the thrift store to spare her the embarrassment of sitting on their shelf for days.months.years. on end.

Bless her Austin Powers heart.

She's just so groovy, baby.


The P&P bloggy give-away is heating up. I'm certainly not above a good comment hijacking...or throwing someone under a bus...or just good ole' fashioned trash talkin'.....so keep after it. Because it's kinda fun to see some of y'all's claws come out.

And all for Mr. Darcy.

Who I think is well-worth a good cat fight. Hiss.

Click here to get yourself in the running for the give-away. Or hijack more chances to win. Or talk some more smack.

I'm rigging up that whole random number thing Monday evening and picking the WINNER!

So get after it!! Mr. Darcy needs a good home.


Mich said...

I remember that bag! :)

The Bowden's said...

Aw, doesn't everyone have a bag or other piece of luggage they just LOVE!?! LOL :)

Kendra said...

Yep, I had one that was pretty spectacular. I put it in my garage sale before I moved from my 12th street house to my Evans street house. Some guy from Group Living actually bought it off of me for $5. No kidding! Didn't he know I was just going to donate it there if no on bought it? I'm sure he loved the green and pink floral tapestry print luggage a lot.

Carpoolqueen said...

I think I recognize that fabric in a jumper I used to own. Yes. A jumper. That I wore in college.

No wonder I never had a date.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Love those flowers! You need a little girl who could use this to store all her doll clothes in:)

Gretchen said...

Beautimus. Absolutely!

Michele said...

You are so very funny, my friend. . . and she is so groovy, baaabbbyyy!

Jim said...

To Gretchen via Amb,
Beautimus! You're from WA but that sounds like ARK to me. You must have roots here.

Amb's Dad

Stephanie said...

At least she got a sonic drink before you sent her off.

Jim said...

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Wheow! I'm outa breath! I just got back from Walmart, where I saw copies of the P and P on sale for $7.50. Sounds like a bargain. Well, free would be better I guess. Anyway, enjoy, Gretchen!

Amb's Dad

Tiffani said...

Your Dad makes me love your blog even more!

I want that bag!!

I don't think I could part with it...what's it matter at this point..put it back in the closet and save it for me! ;)

I still haven't pulled out P&P but I'm gonna...