I Apologize In Advance For This Post

What's a girl to do when she is 6 (count 'em...6) days away from sunshiney summer? [I am going to use the word "sunshiney" loosely here, since apparently Arkansas has transplanted itself to the rainforest in the last month...but whatever....summer is summer.]

So...what's she to do?

She goes and gets a candy bar! That's what! And throws her hands up at the idea of eating healthy to jump on her friends' bandwagon. And then she decides that she is going to try and use Rosie to document the experience.

Ready for this...

Brace yourself. It's fantastic.

(I'm inserting another warning to new readers....between this post and yesterday's, I'm airing all kinds of dirty laundry...i.e. icky faces...so please don't hold it against me. I have apparently thrown all caution to the wind and am now completely fine with showing the entire world unflattering pictures of myself....but, again, I say "Whatever.")

Back to the candy bar-umentary....

Here is the candy bar I chose.

You may also have noticed the seatbelt light that is on, signaling that my seatbelt is not buckled. But it is because I was parked when I took the picture. It most certainly was not taken while I was driving while juggling a candy bar and Rosie without being buckled up. Seriously, it wasn't.

These next series of pictures were taken by me. Trying to hold Rosie backwards, while looking somewhat cool (ahem!) eating my Whatchamacallit. The result....me.looking.very not cool.

Finally I gave up. Rosie and my Whatchamacallit were totally uncooperative. As was I, apparently. So, I gave Rosie to the oldest kid and told him to take a picture of me eating my candy bar. To which he replied, "Why are you doing this? It's weird."

Hush, Kid. Just humor your mother.

Well....candy bars make me thirsty. And I decided that nothing would quench Whatchamacallit thirst like a...you guessed it....a big slurping Pineapple Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic!!

I attempted a slurp-umentary at this stop...but Rosie had decided that she was all tuckered out with all my shenanigans and this is all she gave me.

That would be my Sonic cup.

Seeing that the slurp-umentary was going nowhere good, I just snapped this picture of my pineappley goodness. (Although this picture is deceiving...because they jipped me today. Usually the pineapple is so thick it is floating all over the place. So it just looks like a regular DP...but trust me...the good stuff is in there!)

And then "This is weird, Mom" took this picture of me enjoying my slurptastic goodness. Much to his chagrin. Because now he has decided that I'm not cool and he is. (Excuse me, Mr. Wants To Have the World's Largest Pez Dispenser Collection.....oh, so very cool. Ahem.)

If you have hung through that mess of nothingness this long, then you are my true friend. I know for a fact that I have already lost the poor man that found this post by googling "Pez Dispenser Collections." Pez his heart!

Since and because there is obviously NOTHING to comment about on this post, and because you are my true friend for hangin' this long....here's your project for today:


*Drum Roll*


That's right.


Put your question in the comments, and tomorrow I'll answer 'em. It can be anything. Really. From "Why are you scared of frogs?" to "Do you believe that determinism will be revitalized by the unified field theory?" (I googled "Smart People Questions" for that last one. Good, huh?)

So...go ahead. Lay 'em on me.

This should be fun. Me being so smart and all.


lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Actually, I really do want to know why you are afraid of frogs. I don't think you've ever shared that with me...there must be a frightfully hilarious story behind your phobia.

Or, you could discuss marking-to-market a derivatives position.

Whatever. Your choice.

Carpoolqueen said...

I'll sit in a corner with you drinking PDDP's and teaching you how to shoot your best side with the iPhone camera while hurtling down the interstate at 75 miles per hour. Lisa can have fun discussing derivates or string theory or other things that we know nothing about.

My question is what apps have you downloaded for Rosie?

Mich said...

What do you want for your birthday?
What can I get Tate?

This time I want to be early with your gifts!!! :) Just a month late instead of half a year!

Love ya!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I have to say I've never heard of a pinapple DP!

Did you get your zany sense of humor from your mom or your dad?;)

Tiffani said...

Oh for all the times I've made my kid take a picture for the old blog..

I haven't had one of those in YEARS..a whatchamacallit..thanks for the reminder..didn't make it to Sonic today but hoping soon!


1. Are you done with Rascals or could there be more in the future?

2. How long did you live in Asia w/ your family and do you speak another language?

3. Who is the best, funniest, sweetest, Adam-lovin'est blogger friend you have??????

Lori Motl said...

That picture of the open sonic cup with scrumptious ice floating in the PDDP yumminess...mouthwatering!

If you don't like frogs, you might want to stay away from my pool. A couple of VERY AMOROUS frogs keep appearing on the top steps. "Mommy, look, one's giving his friend a piggy back ride again"...right!!!

1. What do you teach at the ol' high school?

2. If you could be an ice cream sundae topping, what would you be and why?

Jo said...

DDP is great...I can attest to that!

I can't come up with a question for you right now.

As for Becca's question, I think we all know where your sense of humor comes from, don't we?
(I guess my big brother can answer that best.) lol

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Alright...you know I can't stop at just one question, right?

1. How much moola did you make at your recent garage sale?

2. Who ya votin' for on Idol next week?

sprocket said...

Which do you do first: wake up or open your eyes?

Gretchen said...

Way to stir the pot, Mer..."who you voting for in idol?"

Okay, so who are you voting for? I'm guessing it's the guy from Arkansas which, I'll have you know, was pronounced Are Kansas when I was in first grade. Now I'm sophisticated.

Another query...do you watch any daytime dramas?

Kristin said...
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Jennifer said...

I lurve Pineapple DDP and have passed this on to Hes now...so you have 2 converts from this neck of the woods!

I love the fact that you drive down the road taking pics of yourself...me, I would crash into someone, which we already know I'm good at!

Here's my question...
Does Kirk have a sense of humor like you, and have any of the rascals developed that sense of humor yet?

Glo said...

Wow! There is just no end to your humor.LOL You are adorable! I KNOW just by reading your comments on your posts that you get your humor from you DADDY!!! You both crack me up!!! Oh, and I love Whatchamacallits!!! I haven't had one in a very long time! I am now craving one thanks to you.LOL

Question: What is your favorite food that you love to eat?

You have to know that I was going to ask you a food question.LOL You ask Steph.....I LOVE to eat!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Can't wait for you to answer the question about more Rascals...hehe

And Jennifer...you never know what's going to come out of Kirk's mouth...

You're going to have fun with this.

mimi said...

Now I'm craving Watchamathings,dr. pepper and pineapple...I know that your DR P is pineapple flavore,but now you have me wanting both-separately. Anyway, sorry..comment tangent there.

I loved this post by the way!!

Questions, hmmm....since you are my new friend I have much to learn...Have you ever lived on the east coast?

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

You do know that swimsuit season is coming up don't you!!!!!! Resist the urge!

I'm your conscience...by the way did you do what I told you to do?

Dad-I'm trying to take care of her down here!

Terry Lewallen said...

First of all, let me just say that in high school I had a watchamacallit and diet dr.pepper every day for lunch (they didn't have pineapple diet dp's in the coke machine)...how crazy is that?

Secondly, let me say that I am jealous of your yumalicious snack, I had yogurt with grapenuts to try and satisfy my snack attack...not because I'm worried about swimsuit season but because I need to get rid of this baby weight so I can simply wear the clothes hanging in my closet!

I think you look great so don't sweat the sweet treat today! Besides a momma of three rascals surely deserves a "it's friday and I survived the week" treat!
Have a fab weekend girl!

Mandy said...

I have a Whatchamacalit story, although it's not as good as yours. The short and sweet version is that I threw up after I ate one when I was 8-ish, and didn't eat another till I was in college! And I don't think I have eaten one again since. I like them, but they are forever linked with throw-up in my mind!
Sorry! Hope I didn't ruin them for you. Now you will eat one and think, "Mandy threw-up after she ate one of these".

I can't really think of a good question . . .

Oh, I just did! You once told me you named your 'S' after a character in a book you were reading. What was the book?

Jim said...

I debated commenting on your blog due to my preference for "spunow" bars. Did I ever tell you the story of how I found this delicious treat? Well, for the benefit of your "blog club" it happened one day when I was distracted. (I know, I know, what else is new?) Anyway, I walked into my secretary's office and in the basket where we kept a variety of snacks, I saw a new candy bar I had never remembered seeing before. It was the "spunow" bar! As I picked it up and began to open it, I turned it around to tear the paper wrapper off, and then began to laugh uncontrolably! It began to be the watchword from then on. Write "spunow" on a piece of paper and then turn it over. I've considered helping the stores adjust by turning all of these bars upsidedown. "spunow" has a better ring to it.

When I retired, the plaque they gave me commemorating my time there had a picture of the "spunow" in that basket, with the caption calling me their upsidedown Director.

Well, I have always tried to look at things from a different perspective - gets boring otherwise.

I don't really have a question - why don't you give me an ANSWER, AND i'LL GIVE YOU A QUESTION FOR IT?

That's one way to play the game. Right?
You I love,
Dad (spelled backwards is dad - WOW!)

Jim said...

Oh, I meant to tell you, or did I before? I've tried the PDDP and I find it a truly refreshing thirst quincher. It's bouquet maintains the quality of DDP without the sharpness, obviously tempered by the introduction of the p-fruit, which also provides the excellent nutrition one needs. Sonic gets a gold star from serious palate pleasers!