Extreme Mom Makeover

(WARNING...if you are new around these parts, proceed with caution. And then promise me that you'll come back on a "normal" day...Pinky promise. Just trust me.)

I turned 32 yesterday, y'all.


(Go on with all your "You're a baby!" and "You don't know what old is!" mumbo jumbo. I can take it.)

I have been thoroughly spoiled by all my men this birthday round. You all know about Rosie. Here's another picture. Just because she is just that beautiful. And amazing. And pinktastic.

Then the men had to go and make a total mess of my kitchen to produce these....the 3 most mahvalus birthday cakes ever created.

The husband then took one for the princess and let me have my birthday dinner with my bestie, Steph, as he munched on left over fried chicken (yes...the same fried chicken from the cole slaw showdown.)

And then the husband sneaked this onto my nightstand.

Bless his husband heart...he suffered through all my blog reading late last night just waiting for me to set the alarm and hit the sack. Just so that I could discover my new toy. Isn't he the bestest?! And now Rosie has a home. Bless her pink, precious heart.

I'm telling ya....my crown is sitting pretty.

I thought I was done with being doted over. After all...the day after your birthday usually just means back to laundry and dirty dishes.

But, oh no. My men weren't finished.

At least the youngest two men.

Because they treated me to a makeover tonight. They know their mama likes to be pampered.

A makeover that would make a Merle Norman girl envious. I even had my hair done. And eleven types of lotion rubbed all over my legs and arms. Not only do I now look amazing...I smell like a Bath & Body Works threw up on me....twice.

Ready for the big reveal?!

Those are the two makeup artists. Very talented. Especially with their fantastic eye for lipstick application. (Which, by the way, I'm trying to figure out why exactly I have that shade of lipstick in my makeup bag anyway....sceery.)

So what do you think?

You're speechless aren't you?

Me, too.


Carpoolqueen said...

Why am I thinking about Batman right now? And Heath Ledger?

There's a future in movie makeup artistry for these boys, I tell ya'.

Jessica said...

What a great b'day. I love it when they last like a whole week.

And I would like to take this opportunity to say that one of the reasons I was glad I had a boy is that there is only room for one princess in our house and that job is taken. It looks like the same is true in yours. :)

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

How sweet! You can tell they are very proud of doting on their mama in that last picture!

Elizabeth said...

Sppechless, yes! You look be-yoo-ti-ful!! I think I have that same color lipstick:)

I think birthdays should last an entire week plus a weekend. At least that's how I like to celebrate mine. Happy Birthday week to you!!

I'll be 32 in November. Is it terrible?

Mich said...

About three or four years ago I let my two give me a makeover. Believe it or not Tate and Saw did pretty good compared to them. fun memories!

Kirk, what a man! Love him!

Glad you had a wonderful b-day!

Love you!

Cathy said...

I love that you share a birthday with my baby! (my hubby's is today:))

I love that you let your boys "make you up"!

I love that you're from Arkansas like my mama and grandma and lots of other family.

I love that you say, "Bless her heart." like all good southern women should.;)

I love this crazy bloggin' world that brings it all together.:)

Glad you were blessed on your birthday!

Jim said...

Wishing we could have been there to witness the proceedings. Looks like a "hoot"!

Does the SawTate Salon do men's hair styles? I may book an appointment to see what they can do to give my hair some BODY, or perhaps I should say my body some HAIR!

Well, I guess I need to WIGgle on outa here.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Wow. You look...wow!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh. oh. oh. I am laughing so hard and so loud right now that I'm afraid I'm going to wake up my baby girl. That is PRICELESS. The best part is the oh so proud look on their sweet faces.

That shade of lipstick is totally rockin'.

So glad Rosie has a home sweet home - your man is awesome!

Gretchen said...

Apple is pretending not to be jealous of Rosies extra "G" and her home. For bitterness doesn't become cellular smart phones.

Your make over is...colorful. Verry colorful. And done with love.

You WERE spoiled. But you know what? I'm all in favor of spoilage.

Jennifer said...

What sweet boys and a sweet hubby!!

Glad you had a great birthdayl!

Michele said...

I'm totally speechless!!! What a sweet family you have. . . so very thoughtful. I love Rosie's new home. I love the thought behind her even more!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

I'm glad Kirk let you out with me for your birthday...I had fun except I gained a pound!!!!

I'm jealous of Rosie and her home but maybe in a few months I'll have one of my own...For just $7 more a month we could have more minutes and both have iphones.

Hope you have a good day and enjoy the rain....hehehe...

Lori Motl said...

Love those shiny lips!

But they baked you cakes...three of them! Wow. That is so cool! You deserved an extended celebration! Hope it keeps on going and that "mean lady" at school is nice to you today!

Glo said...

LOL!!! Too funny! I am happy for you Amber! You have a wonderful family! I am speechless myself, because I have no words for your makeup artists you got there. I love it!!! :) Glad you had a great birthday!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Looks like some men in your life really love you ;)

Tiffani said...

Oh to be the ONLY princess in your home..how wonderful!

I love love love the makeover. TLC would be proud and those boys could definitely get their own show on the network if you ask me!!

How special you must feel, for reals!

mimi said...

I have a feeling you look gorgeous in all shades of lipstick and at the hand of any make-up artist...except, pretty as you are..I wouldn't be leaving the house in that look ;)

Doesn't Bette Davis or Joan Crawford have a lipstick scene like that in one of their movies??

vgrdesigns said...

Oh my gosh....that just makes me laugh!!! You look fantastic!!! :) Glad you got lots of spoiling on your birthday!!! And the birthday cakes are great!

Terry Lewallen said...

That is tooo fabulous! Welcome to club 32!!! Love the gifts and cakes and makeover...what mom and wife could be any prouder? Congrats on a fantastic birthday!!!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Love the birthday cakes!

Love the iHome!

The makeover...Betty Davis called and Baby Jane wants her lipstick back.

Nina Diane said...

what a wonderful birthday......and such wonderful men in your life!!!