About Me

I'm a wife. To one super manly husband who I'm madly in love with. He's smart when I'm not. He's quiet when I'm not. He's brave when I'm not. And together we just...fit.

I'm a mother. To three of the most insanely loveable, fantastically adorable, and beautifully wild rascals. I spend most of my days impaling my bare feet with legos and scraping fake throwup off of my bathroom mirrors. And I wouldn't trade a second of it.

I'm a daughter. To two of the most amazing people in the world. God knew I needed them. I want to have the faith of my father and the grace of my mother when I grow up.

I'm a sister. To one of my best friends. I would love her even if I didn't have to.

I'm an aunt. To six of the most beautiful pieces of God's handiwork. Each one of my nieces and nephews have a place in my heart all sealed up forever.

I'm a friend. To women that I'm able to hug and giggle with in person every day. They encourage me in ways that I never dreamed possible, and though I know I fail them often, I pray that in some small way, I encourage them, too.

I'm a friend. To women that I've never met. That I've only talked to through the pecking of keys on my keyboard and through the window of this screen. But, yet, these relationships are real. And crucial. And dynamic. And are a blessing that I thank my Jesus for everyday.

I'm a servant. To My Jesus. The One who is awesome in every way, and whose glory and power is insurpassable. He is the King of my heart. The Lover of my soul. And the Giver of all good things. He has seen me through valleys and mountain tops, and He has promised that He will continue to do so. Because My Jesus is just that awesome.


Cathy said...

(Peck, peck, pecking on my keyboard & maybe someday I'll have a webcam so you can see the "real" me.)

Can I leave a comment here??? You forgot one...

You are one.cool.chick. No explanation needed.
(PDDP, Sonic, HSM, Hannah Montana, Foo Foo Coffee, flip flops, random pics of self, need I go on?? Cause I could!)

Love ya to pieces.