I'm at a loss for words tonight. No funny anecdote. No crazy story.

I'm just in a state of overwhelmedness. And gratefulness. And happiness.

I'm overwhelmed with the blessings and gifts that have been lavished upon me. My Jesus has found me somehow worthy enough to be placed in charge of 3 of His most precious possessions. I will never understand His reasoning, because I find faults in myself that run deep and wide. But I choose to just be thankful. And grateful. And overwhelmed at His grace. Because these 3 babies are just that.


I'm also overcome with awe that this guy is mine.

It's been a lot of years. A lot of years that have felt like minutes on one hand and millenniums on the other. We've gone through seasons where we couldn't stand to even be in the same room as each other, and we've gone through seasons where we couldn't get enough of each other. Marriage, for sure, isn't a cake walk. But it's great. And through all the frog-kissing and garbage I've walked through, my Jesus gave me a prince. Overwhelmed, I tell ya.


I also stand in amazement of my extended family.

I have caused my parents some serious heartache and crazy pain through the years, but, oh, how I thank my Jesus for giving me to them. He knew how much I needed them. I can't even begin to describe my parents to you. They are just that amazing.

And then there are the in-laws. I have terrific in-laws. Another set of parents that love me just as their own. They are genuine. And real. And just really, really good people. They are kinda quirky, but that works for me. Because quirky is where I fit in best.

I have a sister that has walked a lot of miles with me. Mich and I just get each other. A lot goes unsaid between us, because it can. Because we just know. There is seven years difference between us, but I swear we're twins. We get on each other's nerves like crazy, but are each other's loudest cheerleader and biggest fan. I heart her something fierce.

I have nieces and nephews that make my heart smile. These girls and boys are like water to me. I love their smiles. I love their personalities. They just make my world sweeter. And better. And I would do anything for them. I heart them like crazy.

I have friends that are nothing short of angels.

Stephanie...she inspires me. To be better. I've never met someone as genuinely concerned with the well being of others as this girl. She is the hostess with the mostess. And she makes me laugh. I'm tempted to say that I've never had a friend like Steph. She knows me....and she still wants to hang around. If that ain't love and friendship...I don't know what is! Love ya, Steph.

There's Leanne. You want to talk about a Proverbs 31 woman....you need to meet this girl. I want to be like her when I grow up. 'Nuff said. I love her down to my toes.

And Lisa. My smart-friend. One day she is going to get tired of my calling her that, but until then, her pet name will remain. This girl is incredible. She's funny. And crazy. And daring. And willing to take a chance. She'd dance in the rain with me if I asked her to, and she'd explain the newest taxation plans to me if I asked her to. Who knew we'd end up so close (if you know our story, you are grinning right now), but I love how God works. And how he fits people together. Because my Jesus is just that cool.

And there's all the other women in my life that have walked this crazy road with me. They've made me better, because they have taken the time to love me and my family. I'd be here until Thursday telling you all about each one of them. But my Jesus has worked drops of perfection into my life with these friendships, and I'm so grateful. Awestruck grateful.

And then there are all my friends in this crazy blogosphere. I never ever ever in a million years imagined the friendships and kindred spirits that I would discover behind the wall of this computer screen. People can scoff at us all they want, but our stuff is real. I may never have met some of you face to face, but I feel like I've known you for ages. You are now my family. And I heart you. Oh so very very much.


I'm happy.

Truly happy. I've smiled all day. And I've laughed some.

But today wasn't about being funny. Or witty. Or wearing sass on my sleeve and sarcasm in my flip flops.

It's just about being grateful.

Because sometimes it is just time to fall down at the foot of the throne of my Jesus and thank Him for gifts undeserved, and praise Him for loving me enough to bless me in spite of myself.


Mich said...

I Heart you too!

When you were born, well you know the story, the hurt little girl wasn't sure she wanted you because my heart hurt. But God knew I needed you in my life. Thank you for walking all those miles with me. May there be many more...

Have a wonderful birthday!

Am I really seven years older? Gosh, I'm getting old!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

What a beautiful post! Isn't family one of God's greatest gifts!

Elizabeth said...

Now THAT is the best kind of overwhelmed there is! I'm with you on all of it.

Anonymous said...

Birthday, did your sister say it's your birthday?! Happy Birthday, crazy friend!

My heart felt full when I read this...I'm some kind of overwhelmed, too, and it's great to be reminded to take stock of just how blessed I am.

I hope this is the best year you've ever had. I'm so glad to have "met" you here.

Jim said...

A special, grateful BIRTHDAY to you today! Like always when you do something like this blog, you give me pain! Just try unwinding yourself from around a daughter's little finger! It's like straightening a baked pretzel! But I enjoy every ache of it, I promise.

You make a dad proud by your heart, your love, your insight,your compassion, your spirit, your faith, your kindredness, your skills, your writing, your fantasmagorical verbosity, your perfect overwhelmedness, and for just being you!

OW! There's another pain!

Just know we love you, daughter! Have a great birthday today.

With our hearts,
Mom and Dad

Glo said...

Wow! You are the awesomest person ever Amber.....wait a sec.....Awesome Amber! Cool! I just nicknamed you! I always nickname my friends....feelin' the love!!! You are such a unique person in the best way possible! I cannot wait to meet you in person! I am sorry I didn't know it was your birthday yesterday. I hope you had a great birthday and hopefully next year, I will remember! I heart you as well and hope today is a good day too! :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You are blessed indeed.

It's your birthday??? How did I not know this?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMBER! I hope it's a day filled with lots of things you love--like Rosie and pineapple diet Dr. Pepper.

(And hey, I don't know you history with Lisa...or at least I don't think I do. Fill me in...I love a good story!)

Gretchen said...

Happiest of happies, dear new friend.

I heart you so. Even if you are quite a bit younger than me, too. Yeah, I saw those pictures. :)

God's blessings upon your day and life. You are real and funny, and sometimes just really funny. Whatever part of the spectrum I "see" you, whatever part of the day, I find myself grateful. For you are a blessing.

Jennifer said...

You are very blessed indeed and at the same time you are a blessing to those around you!! Hope you have a great birthday!!

Carpoolqueen said...

I'm getting OFF MY SICK BED to tell you that I loved this post and I'm so happy you are happy.

Tiffani said...

Oh, man, I love that feeling over gratefulness, overwhelmedness, thankfulness that goes all the way through to the bones!!

What precious gifts you've been give in your kids, hubby, family and friends..

you said so much today that I agree with about "why me, Lord?" How did he pick ME for such an amazing hubby and kids??? But I am oh so glad he did!!

From the very first second we met..it's like I'd known you forever. I love how the Lord works that way. Because it's not that way every time you meet someone so when it does happen you know it's special.

We aren't sisters by our own blood but sisters we are indeed through our sweet Jesus..I'm so thankful He chose for us to be what we are..silly, funny, warm and sweet friends.

Wishing you the BEST birthday ever. I love you!

Kristin said...

Such a great post! Happy belated birthday, my friend.

I envy you and your sister's close relationship. I have none with my sister.

Hey...crazy question...how close are you to an airport?

Becca said...

This is such a sweet post - I love it! :-)

Mich said...

I commented last night and posted something about Amb last night, but I was early. Today, May 12th is my sweet sister's birthday, so you are all right on time with your birthday wishes!

Again, Sis, hope you are having a great day. Your gift is coming...hopefully soon. :)

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

*sniff sniff*

That was beautiful!

I'm happy that you're happy and hope you and Rosie have a great birthday. Mindy (Trixie, Daphne, Beatrice?!) says 'Hi'.

And if I had a sister, I'd hope she'd be a lot like you!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I'm loving this post full of praise and gratitude!

You are so right - marriage is not a cakewalk, but it's so worth it. I remind myself of that when things aren't so rosy - that I've been blessed with a prince, and that he deserves my respect no matter what.

Your boys are just amazingly adorable. That first pictures just melts my heart.

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Ok...stop...the tears are coming. Thank you for being MY friend. You are there for ME through it ALL. I would definitely say I've never had a friend like you and I've waited a long time for one. Love ya!

Had fun with Pizza and Ice Cream tonight!

Lori Motl said...

Wow! What a post! Isn't God amazing how he pours His blessings on us...even when we are so unworthy.

Michele said...

Happy late birthday. I'm so sorry I missed the actual day, but I'm the kinda gal who celebrates for an entire week . . . so in my book I'm on time, K?

Big cyper hug to you for such a sweet post!! You are incredibly blessed!! The power of God's grace always AMAZES me . . .especially in my own life. . . where I've done nothing to deserve what He's so lavishly blessed me with!

Blessings to you today, my friend!!!