In Bed Thinking About the Bliss of Cricket Juice

I have found one position that I can rest in. Luckily that one position supports longterm laptop usage, so I'm good to go.

I have some whacko thing going on in the lower right side of my abdomen. According to the husband (and WebMD), I could have appendicitis or a pulled muscle. Since we all know that I do nothing in the form of anything that would even cause a pulled muscle, I'm beginning to think I may have appendicitis.

I tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac, so I'm trying to keep that in mind, but even the husband was questioning me about what hospital I wanted him to drive me to in case I reach in-so-much-pain-I-can't-talk status.

I guess we shall wait and see. I'm highly irritated at the possibility of even thinking that some form of surgery might be in my future, because it's summer. And I've waited a long time for my summer. And I'm going to be highly ticked off if anything gets in the way of my summer plans. Not to mention that there is no need for flip flops if you are laid up in bed. Although I do think that popsicle and ice cream consumption is encouraged, so that might be the only silver lining.

Enough of my whining....

Yesterday was my first official day of summer, and it was fabulous. Perfectly summerish. The only thing missing was sun-kissed cheeks...only because the sun spent its time hiding out with the clouds.

Kirk had volunteered to help some of our friends move into their new house, so he headed out around 9:00 yesterday morning. I was still in the bed when he left and didn't roll out until around noon. I napped a little, but did a lot of snuggling and cuddling with the boys while we watched cartoons. Blissful.

As if it couldn't get better than being totally and completely lazy, Kirk brought home a bucket of crickets! And those crickets made my heart sing, because they only mean one thing....


Let me tell you....I love fishing. Like crazy love fishing. It really is one of my most favorite things to do. And luckily all my men love it as much as I do! The husband speaks my love language when he brings home crickets!! (and when he takes me out for ice cream!!)

And just look how much fun we had!!!

That's me....with my first fish of the day and, yes, that is my pink fishing pole....of course.

So much fun!!!

After we got home, Kirk and the boys cleaned up the fish that we decided to keep. We caught a TON, but only kept enough for dinner! While they were male-bonding over fish guts, I hit the shower. Because as much as I love fishing, I can only stand to be covered in cricket juice and fish slobber for so long.

First day of summer? WONDERFUL. LAZY. FISHTACULAR.


I think I'll wear my flip flops in bed anyway....just because it's summer, dad gum it. And someone get me a popsicle.


lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Perhaps you pulled a muscle reeling in that monster fish.

Or is there a new strain of cricket flu going around?

I'm so sorry you're sick. If you do go to the hospital, be sure to take Rosie so you can twitter from the OR!

But, seriously, call me if you need anything. If you need to go the the ER today tell Kirk to drop the boys off here or I'll send Wes to pick 'em up.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Man, I hope you don't have appendicitis! That would totally suck.

I love fishing too.

And we've not been having summery weather for the last FIVE days. It's been in the 50s and rainy. NOT fun. But I'm wearing flip flops anyway.

I really, really hope you feel better and that it's not as bad as you think.

Hang in there!

Lindsay said...

Missed you in church today, Amber. Praying for you and trust you'll find out what the problem is soon. Praying tis not appendicitis.

Mich said...

Let me know how you are feeling and if I can help.

Feel better...

Love ya!

Glo said...

I am so sorry you don't feel good. I tell you, something like that happened to me a couple of years ago and I went to the emergency room. I had to drink a lot of what tasted like lukewarm fruit punch. They did a CAT Scan on me and it wasn't appendicitis. They think it was just an ovarian cyst that bursted which he said is a pain similar to appendicitis. I am hoping that is what yours turns out to be. I was feeling better the next day. I will pray for you and hope that you get better really soon.

Fishing....I likey! The only problem is that I don't like to bait my hook with gross worms or crickets, and I don't like to taking the fish off the hook. So, I am not much fun to take fishing with anyone.LOL I DO love the feeling of catching a fish though! It's so exciting!

Jennifer said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time fishin'!! Soooo sorry you're not feeling well!! Hope it's not appendicitis!! If I new how to get to your house, I would bring you a popsicle!!

Get well soon!!

Love ya!!

mimi said...

You may think this sounds crazy..and weird to put in a comment(but we are mostly gals her anyway...except Dad-Jim, your hubby) anyway....could it be ovulation pain? I'm telling you, I've had an inflamed appendix and o pain...very similar. When I had appen. pain...I had a major fever too.

K...onto a more male/female friendly subject. Fishing! Looks fun.

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

My husband is being mean but I'm trying to take up for you...

He wants to know if you will be going to the gym tomorrow with me....He said no slacking on first weekday of the summer.

I'm more worried about Tuesday though....I have to go!!!!!!!!!!

I suggested to E that we bring you some ice cream and something else you like but E said that you guys lived to far out...I told him that a really good friend would do that regardless and he said a really good friend would meet us at the river. UGH!!!!! It's getting deep!!!!!

Call if you need us and I'll come get the boys!!!!!!!!!

Glad you had a good time fishing!!!!!

By the way have you done that thing I have been telling you to do????????????????????????????

Lori Motl said...

Two thumbs WAY down for possible appendicitis! Yuck! Twitter and I'll bring you Sonic to the hospital!

Carpoolqueen said...

Oh man! That's just wrong. Plain wrong. Hope it's just a passing thing and not something serious.

And CPQ does not fish. She will hold the pole and she will reel it in, but she does not touch live bait or a flippy fish.


Jo said...

I had appendicitis many years ago and the pain was excruciating! A trip to the ER and operating room made it all go away.
I suggest you do NOT wait until the pain is so bad you can't speak. If it is appendicitis, it can be very dangerous if it perforates.
It could also be any number of other things that is bothering you. Please don't take chances and don't wait too long to go the doctor.
Get it taken care of now, whatever it is, and you'll still have plenty of summer to enjoy.

You are important to everyone of us, friends and family alike, and we all love you.

Aunt Jo

buscher3 said...

Wow..hope you're not suffering from appendicitis! Hopefully you just did something funky yesterday fishing and have a muscle pain or something. :-(

Elizabeth said...

I'm so impressed by that fish you caught. I am such a wimp when it comes to any outdoor activity. And I'm laughing at you and your flip flops. I know you are the best of friends.

Hope your pain is not anything serious!

Jim said...

I can see myself out on the bank fishing! Good pics! I know the boys and you had a great time!

Now, let's get serious - got us a little on edge with the talk of appendicitis! As Jo says, don't wait too long to get it checked out! And keep us posted -call. We're here for you!

Love you,

Kendra said...

Fishing in diva glasses- classic! Who says you can't be fashionable while fishing? Next time, add lipgloss to complete the effect.

Maybe it's just an ovarian cyst? The pain with those can be as bad as an appendix. I had a 2.8 cm-er (about 1.3")once and I thought I was DYING! Just a suggestion!

Cathy said...


...that's all I'm sayin'...

Not really.

I'll be praying that you feel better soon! (...and that nothing gets in the way of our High School Mu...er...visit over crumpets and tea.)

But, seriously, feel better soon.

Gretchen said...

Glad you're on the mend, Amber. Also happy to hear about all the gladiferous sleeping in/cartooning and your first fishtacular of the season.

Well done, you, leaving the men to the fish guts.