Mother's Day Edition of 10 on the 10th

Time for one of my most favorite blog carnivals, hosted by one of most favorite friends, Mer.

Since it is Mother's Day, and I have been insanely spoiled by my men this year, you are going to get a peek into all the spoilin'. Hold on to your house shoes....it's pretty covet-worthy.

10. Friday night, I was taken out to eat at the

You can get the whole story here. Even though I was sleepy, the husband was cranky, and the children acted like they were the spawn of Lucifer himself, I had a good time....because I was with my men. My favorite place to be.

9. Saturday morning I was allowed to sleep in. Until 7:30. And I woke up to these in my face.

8. I was instructed to then stay in my room while a "surprise" was being concocted in the front of the house. When I was finally allowed to come out, this is what I found.

They'd made me breakfast.

7. And this one was my waiter.

Note the nifty nametag and the ratty dish towel. I heart this kid.

6. The husband then shoved me (not really, but it sounds better than to confess that I actually shoved him) into the car. And drove me to town. And pulled into the parking lot of the cell phone store. To purchase me a present. That I was pretending that I didn't really know about. But really did.

5. Only to find out that our podunk town doesn't carry my present that I was pretending to not really know about. So the husband shoved me again (ahem!) into the car and drove me to the next town over.

4. And bought me this.

Meet ROSIE. Isn't she beautiful? She is pink....so that the men will keep their hands off!

3. As if bringing Rosie home with me wasn't enough, I then was treated to

Could my weekend get any better? Hello. Olive Garden and Chick-fil-a all in a 24 hour time span....H.E.A.V.E.N.

My men know how to speak my love language....food and pink electronics.

2. This morning I was allowed to sleep in...until 8:45. It caused us to miss church, along with the splitting headache (probably caused by too much fine cuisine and iPhone overdose) that I woke up with. But, we ate doughnuts and drank chocolate milk. And all was right in the world.

1. Because I spent my day with Rosie being lazy with the husband (excuse the been-stuck-in-this-bed-doing-nothing-but-downloading-iPhone-apps-all-day faces),

and staring in the face of these precious angels.

It just doesn't get better than that.

Happy Mother's Day to me....the luckiest mom in the world. Because I get to hang out with these guys all the time.

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Happy Mother's Day!

That is a FUN gift, girl. She's so pretty.

I hope your headache is better, and I hope that you've had a good day being lazy.

Your boys are adorable, and I LOVE your new glasses!!!!!!

Carpoolqueen said...

The glasses are way cool. Only way cool people like you and me have them. Oh, and now you're all iPhone cool. Next month you can do 10 apps you've recently downloaded. I won't tell you to download the weight loss app like my SIL told me to do.

Robin said...

Love the pink phone. AND you got to eat at 2 of my favorite places what great guys you have in your life.

Tiffani said...

Well, aren't you something else??!!

You deserve all that spoilin' girl!!

What a sweet mess of boys you have there!! That little red-headed-blue-eyed-freckled-faced middle muffin of love is just too stinkin' cute!!

what a special weekend you've had!!

Happy Mother's Day my Friend!!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Keaton cracks me up!

I'm nicknaming him Mr. Belvedere...he totally looks like he could be a snotty English butler/waiter!

Mich said...

Missed talking to you.

Glad you had a great lazy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Greatest Phone Ever Club!

You are one spoiled rotten princess, aren't you?

My favorite part? The paper clipped nametag. LOVE it!

vgrdesigns said...

Lovin' Rosie and especially that you gave "her" a name!!! And what sweet boys...Keaton's name tag is priceless!!!

Gretchen said...

Now THAT's how a mother should be treated. :)

So happy for you and Rosie. Lurve your outfit. I myself had a 2 hour nap. And Taco Bell. And Cold Stone.

Apparently, dieting in earnest begins tomorrow.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I loved every bit of this, but what really got me was that name tag. That was perfection. Girl, you are so blessed, and I've got to hand it to your men for treating you right!

Happy Mother's Day - enjoy that new toy! :) And I'm not one bit jealous. At all.

Glo said...

Wow! What a great Mother's Day weekend YOU had! I am sooooo jealous! I am loving Rosie! I wish I had one, but I can't even get texting on my phone, so I KNOW and IPhone is OUT of the question! You have a great family there! My hubby didn't even know it was Mother's Day this weekend until our precious little girl came home from daycare with a little plate with some flowers on it and a sweet little poem that she made me. Remember, this is Friday night and my hubby says "Is TODAY Mother's Day"??? I thought, SERIOUSLY??? I said "No, Scottie, this is FRIDAY....Mother's Day is ALWAYS on a SUNDAY." Scottie: "OH." Me: "Guess I'm not getting anything for Mother's Day." Sunday comes around and my precious girl wakes up and she says Happy Mother's Day to me first thing. She's 4 1/2 years old and knows it's Mother's Day!!! I heart this girl to death!!! Her and I go to church and come back home. Hubby gives me a card from Miranda and then one from him....sweet cards. Then he gives me 2 little bags(probably from Dollar General) of Peanut Clusters. If he knew me any better, which he should, he would have gotten me 2 bags of Chocolate Covered Raisins.....IF he HAD to get me something like that. IPhones kind of top that if you ask me!LOL Anyway, that's about the extent of MY Mother's Day. Woohoo!!! I am such a smarty pants! Okay, sorry so long....just had to vent! I'm good now! :)

Jim said...

We are so looking forward to having the boys with us next month, and now we find that we are going to have a "waiter" in the bargain! Just a few administrative points we need to cover in his coming:

1. We realize that room and board will be a part of the contract, but will he be serving for wages AND TIPS, and does he take this in trade or cash?

2. Does his job include duties of maitre d' and or kitchen clean up or just bussing tables in the formal dining room?

3. Will he have his own formal attire plus the "nifty" name badge or do we provide materials for creating one here?

4. Do the other two come as a part of the dining crew under his trained-eye and supervision, or are they customers "who always think they're right" and treated accordingly?

5. Finally, does he do windows?

Oh, references would be helpful and he should have his Social # for our proper disposition of his compensation and W-2 preparation.

Looking forward to having Monsieur Keaton grace our place for those elegant days. Ah, the lap of luxury come to the country!

And then, having Monsieurs Sawyer and Tate to help set the tone of aristocracy will indeed be a high note, and I am sure help us be the talk of society!

So looking forward to it, my dear!
With much affection,
Your Father

Christi said...

I had planned to make my next phone a blackberry, but it now appears that the iphone is taking over the world...has me thinking...

Glad that you had a day of hanging out and being lazy...nothing better than that!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! Cute glasses, btw!

vgrdesigns said...

I got mine yesterday...she is white so I guess I could name her Lilly! HA! You may have to give me some lessons...i am a little intimidated by her!!!!

Libby said...

That was such a cute post!
Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!

Tami said...

What a great Mother's Day.

Elizabeth said...

That was a FUN Mother's Day! Your boys know how to treat you right. I love your iPhone and if you need any suggestions on apps, we got lots. We recently added Oregon Trail, and my husband is finding new ones all the time. It's a bit ridiculous! I love that yours is pink-that's the best!

Chick-fil-A is my favorite. I had it twice last weekend in LR. Have you tried their wraps? Yum. Even better with a milkshake, although I guess that ruins the healthfulness of it.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I just love little feet!

I can't wait to get an iphone of my very own~soon.

Looks like it was a wonderful Mothers Day!

Michele said...

Rosie is beautiful . . she's a darling little thing. Those boys of yours are to die for!! SO stinkin' cute . . and sweet. . . and fun. You are one blessed Mama!!! Happy late Mother's day!!