One Little Bite

"You have to try at least one bite."

These are the words that only mothers should get to say. These are not the words to be spoken by an 8 year old boy TO his mother, with his father sitting close by with a smug grin on his face.
These words also shouldn't be spoken to a mother who has an extremely weak stomach when it comes to gross food. Just not good.

It all started with a duck. One measly duck that Kirk killed while duck hunting this past weekend with a buddy.

It has been sitting in my fridge since Saturday just waiting to be cooked up. Last night seemed like a good night for duck on the table, since we had a huge pot of roast left over and I knew I could eat that....because I knew that I wouldn't eat the duck. I just knew.

See....I don't like any kind of wild game. I don't mind it being dressed or cooked in my kitchen, just don't make me eat it. The only wild game I'll eat is deer....and only then if it is ground. No deer steak. No squirrel. No rabbit. No thank you.

Kirk fried up the duck, because we decided that everything is good fried (well, not for me, but for my fellas), and we sat down to dinner.

I heaped my plate full of roast, carrots, and potatoes, and watched as my boys all eagerly tried the duck, very proud of their courage in trying something new....especially when they so closely relate a duck with their beloved cartoon character, Daffy. My boys are terrors when it comes to trying a new vegetable or other side dish, but if it comes from an animal and is fried....they'll eat it.

They gobbled up the stuff. Duck...check...one more meat that my kids will eat. Great.


Keaton says, "Mom, you always tell us that we have to try one bite. You have to try at least one bite."

I pretend like I didn't hear him as I became totally engrossed in forking a carrot on my plate.

"What's that?" I finally ask under my breathe.

"One bite. You have to try it."

"Oh, Mom doesn't like duck. Thanks, though."

*Kirk is snickering and giving me sideways glances, trying not to let his duck come out his nose.*

And then he (the husband) says, "Yah, Mom, you need to try at least one bite."

*Ooooohhhhh....if looks could kill, we'd all have a funeral to attend.*

After muttering ugly things to my husband (who is still sitting with a ridiculous grin on his face), I agree.

I took ONE bite.....

And threw up a little bit in my mouth.


lisa@littlesliceoflife said...


I'm with you. Wild game is nasty. Of course, I'm always told that I just haven't had it cooked right. Every man I know seems to think HIS recipe is the best, the one that will convince me that I love wild game. Not so much.

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Time for a girls night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's hilarious!!!! Sorry but it is!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh, haven't tried duck and don't know if I'd want to. I do have a recipe for deer steaks that is really good and EASY. It doesn't taste wild AT ALL. It's really good!

Amy Fulmer said...

Oh, the things we do for our fellas. I wonder how much they like these things sometimes, or if it is more for grunting rights.

Mandy said...

I don't like deer meat . . . at all. And don't tell me you can't tell the difference, I can. My mom has made many attempts to trick me, but has yet to be successful. I can tell with one bite!

I have had fried duck. My mom cut it into "nuggets" and breaded and fried it. I thought it tasted like fried chicken livers. Give me a plain ol' chicken any day!

Oh, did Kirk get any coyotes? If so, what do you do with them?

Becky said...

That is hilarious....only b/c it happened to someone besides me! I also would have been uttering ugly words to my husband!

I can handle meat but anything soggy...no way.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I like duck, but I DO NOT like deer meat. Ick.

Such a funny post, Amber. I can totally see Kirk smirking and agreeing with Keaton that you simply have to try a bite!

Alison said...

Ahh...was it that bad? I hear duck is pretty good? Can't say I've tried it though...but I have had goat. That's Africa's primary meat and I had it the first night I was there. Talk about thrown into culture.

Kristin said...

I'll stick to cows, pigs and chickens. That's all the meat for me. I don't really even like fish.

Bravo, Mommy for giving it one bite though!