97 Hours

I've been home for exactly 97 hours.

97 hours that I cannot blame Christmas, or family, or traveling for my dirty house.

97 hours that I have literally done NOTHING. I've watched a couple of movies. I've spent a few hours (give or take...no, just give....a few) on the computer. I've played games with my kids. Other than that....I have zero idea as to where these past hours have gone.

These were supposed to be the hours that I used to clean my house and organize it for the new year. I was even going to clean out the toys that disappear under the couch from time to time, and go through and find new homes for all the Christmas presents while ditching all the has-been stuff. Has any of it been done?



I'm going to cushion a bit of this on myself and the fact that I did kinda just want to be lazy for awhile after all the running here and there of Christmas, but I honestly did have great goals of getting the house all put back together. I really thought one day of lazy would be enough.

So....I have figured out my problem.

It's Kirk.

The husband.

He's the problem.

He, too, has been home all week, and I have discovered that I can't clean when he is home. Just can't do it. It isn't that he is super-messy so the mess is messier. It is just that when he is home, I want to hang out with him and the kids.

They'll be playing a game....so, I'll put down my dishtowel to play, too. They'll be watching a movie....so, I'll chunk the broom for a cozy spot on the couch to watch, too. My bathroom scrubbies get replaced with long talks with him (even if they are about random and pointless topics.....nothing philosophical for us!). My Mr. Clean is replaced with Mr. Goodrum.

Is that bad?

It is if you are the house.

A few of my friends have said the same thing....that they find it harder to clean when the husband is home. Is this a universal problem? Let me know how your cleaning goes down....is it better husband free or not?

(By the way.....my house is getting the scrub-down tonight....thanks to a duck hunt!)


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Uh-huh. Same here.

I've given up until Tuesday. That's when my kids go back to school. Tuesday morning I have a date with my mop, vacumn cleaner, washing machine, and dustrag. Until then, it's futile.

Mich said...

It is a never ending job! Just relax and enjoy your break! Wish I could be lazy with you!

Jo said...

Enjoy your "down" time while you can get it! A little dust, a few dishes and some laundry aren't going to go anywhere and won't mind if you take some time and enjoy just being with your family. I'm sure your boys (all four of them) enjoy your company more than having a laundry basket full of clean clothes. Your boys are only this age once!

Aunt Jo

Sherry said...

My husband took two weeks off this holiday...and I am SO READY for him to go back to work! How terrible is that?! For some reason everything just seems to fall apart when he's home. If he's here, I just don't stick to my normal routine--and boy it doesn't take long for things to really pile up. :O

Gretchen said...

Here visiting via Mer.

So true. I feel you in Seattle.

We're trying to de-decorate today. And I'm eversohoping that the children don't have a snow day on their first day back. Ack!

Jim said...

Relax and enjoy! Now that most of the stuff needing packed is done, we're taking more "gap" time to just "hang out". Of course, your Mom has a mind that keeps her more active, discovering all of those little items still "to do"! Ah, well, Monday's coming and along with it the truck and loading, then Tuesday's drive and unloading the rest of our stuff in the new place. You talk about getting the house in order. Come visit and see what "unmessing" is all about!
We love you.

leigh said...

It is impossible to clean while my husband is around. I keep waiting for him to pitch in an help with 'my' chores and it just isn't happening. Not to mention he has no idea how much work really goes on here! So, I'm guessing it's universal.

Christi said...

I SOOOOOOOO relate! While I hate the idea of getting back into the school routine, and losing the fun hang out time, I know that it is my only hope if I want to dig out from under all of the cleaning that I neglect when everyone is around the house! :)

Mama Voss said...

Oh, I can relate... we've all been home for 2 weeks and it shows. Oh, sure we've had great times together, but my house has paid for it. I love my routine and can't wait to get back at it. BTW, love your blog... so much fun.