Already Thursday?

I'm having a really hard time motivating myself to do ANYTHING this week.

I'm going to blame it on going back to work after the Christmas break. I come home exhausted and don't feel like doing anything but sit in my chair, watch the news, and check in with all my friends that live in my computer.

I've been tempted almost every night this week to feed the children ice cream and pop tarts for dinner, because I haven't felt like cooking.

Our stacks of clean undies and socks are dwindling while the hampers are overflowing, because I haven't felt like washing. In fact, Keaton had to wear a pair of Sawyer's socks today, and you would have thought that I had asked him to give me a kidney....the horror.

My Christmas decorations are still up, too.....go figure.

I just can't get my mojo back. I can't remember how I managed to (not very well, mind you) juggle all of it before. I've been racking my brain trying to remember how it was that I managed to come home after work and do laundry and cook and clean -- and only 3 short weeks ago. I can't figure it out...because I am beat!

One thing that we have been doing every night that I'm so happy about is our nightly Bible reading as a family. We have been terribly out of habit of that, and I was reminded of the need for it (by something that Sawyer said) just the other day. So, every night this week, before bed, we've been sitting down and reading. In the past we've done devotional books, but I really wanted to just read from the Bible. I think my kids have been "taught" the Bible a lot, but I don't know that they've actually "heard" the Bible....and to me, there is no better source. Keaton has a great Bible version for kids to understand at this age. It is the Contemporary English version and it says everything in everyday language. (Please hear me....I think version choices of the Bible are an individual decision and I really do feel that prayer should be involved in that choice. I wouldn't choose this particular version for me personally, but for my kids....it seems to be so on their level that it holds their attention and they are able to "get" it...even Tate, who I was worried about.) Tate has loved every minute of our Bible time together. He has sat mesmerized by the reading of the Word. I love it! We aren't using fancy books or visual aides...just the Word. Love that.

So, I guess my week hasn't been a total flop. Although my sink is full of dishes, my laundry is piling, and my floor needs sweeping.....we've made the time to spend together in the Word...

....not sure it gets better than that!

(P.S. I failed to mention that another reason for my lack of household duty motivation might possibly be attributed to my new found addiction....Pathwords, WordTwist, and WordScramble on Facebook.....thanks a lot, Lisa! *smile*)


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love that you're spending time together as a family in the Word. That is a lasting investment in your family, so don't sweat the other stuff. (Easier said than done).

I have been crazy motivated this week to clean/organize/purge. I even did some painting today (my fireplace wall) (and I had the paint and primer and only had to buy rollers/paint trays/drop cloth!). I have to get out tomorrow and run some errands, but I almost want to stay here and finish up a few more projects!

The weekend will be here soon...maybe you can get caught up then?

Mich said...

I'm happy about the family night reading...we need to do more of that. As for the rest, well I don't know if you want to read my blog tonight or not...God might grab you too!
Love you! Just think tomorrow is Friday! :)

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I think you've got your priorities straight! The family night reading is more important than clean socks and home-cooked meals. I promise you your kids won't remember how clean their clothes were or how balanced their meals were but they will remember the time you spent with them.

Oh, and Pathwords...you're very welcome!

Kristin said...

When I get overwhelmed like this I have a tried and true method to make it better. I go visit some friends somewhere.

It doesn't change the mounds of laundry and housework I need to do...but, man, it makes me feel better. :o)