Movin' On Up

My family is now a part of this century.

We've caught up with the rest of America and now have satellite television service in our home.

Yes...that's right...only today that happened. The rest of you have been Tivo-ing and DVR-ing your way through life for years now.....we've been stuck in the Stone Age.....antenna, baby.

Our breakdown to the real world is really a result of this whole digital switchover thing -- and we didn't want to be left without news access. Otherwise, we probably would still be without it. It just isn't that big of a priority to us. Don't get me wrong....we like to watch TV....but, we weren't hurting without it. We were able to get all the major network stations, so we had created a lineup of shows that we would watch through the week nights, and the rest of the time, we were busy either playing video games or watching movies on DVD. The only time that I would find myself really wishing for more stations/shows to watch was through the summer when I was home all day. A person can only watch so much PBS....c'mon.

The satellite man just finished up the installation this afternoon, and the kids have already ingested 5 episodes of Drake & Josh (2 DVR'd during church -- I know, I know, but it's their favorite show). The kids, needless to say, are thrilled to have the bounty of Nickelodeon and Disney at their finger tips.

Me? I'm sitting here and there is NOTHING on. Go figure. So what am I watching? CBS....the same thing I always watch. What is up with that?!?


Jennifer said...

Glad your satellite guy FINALLY came!
I know what you mean about nothing being on...you've got all these channels and NOTHIN'! Yuck!

Kristin said...

If it isn't on Cartoon Network or Nick I don't know about it.

Seriously...I'm not sure I've watched TV in the last year other than a cartoon, news or the weather.

Some days I want to unplug us for a month as a test and see if my kids go into TV shock but then other days I live for the 30 minutes Sponge Bob keeps them busy.

Becky said...

Justin may be feeling your pain this coming weekend. He will be waiting for the Dish guy to upgrade ours.

I am a Hallmark addict. New movies on Saturday nights and others each night of the week. Love all the wholesome family movies. They also have old favorites playing during the day.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm still in the Stone Age I guess. We have rabbit ears and really need to get that converter box before we get cut off.

Yikes...better get working on that.