I'm thinking that I'm just a bit hormonal today.

Clue#1 -- I cried while watching Horton Hears a Who......it's just that a person is a person no matter how small.

Clue#2 -- I bought a bag of bakery rolls at the grocery store today and ate the entire bag.

Clue#3 -- I cried again when I peeked into my laundry room. Not the good kind of crying either.

Clue#4 -- The menu for tonight's dinner includes cheese, cheese, and more cheese.


Hormone. Meet my good buddy, Raging.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I know just how you feel. And that line from Horton makes me tear up even when my hormones aren't raging.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

May I recommend a bag of Dolly Madison little chocolate donuts?

Mich said...

We must have that sister thing going again! Anything be Sister Schubert is the best!

Mandy said...

Was dessert chocolate, chocolate, chocolate?

Hope you feel better soon!

Libby said...

feel better!
hormones are no fun =[

Marc and Charity said...

I'm so hormonal too. Cheese...did someone say cheese! Count me in! I would give anything to eat chips and queso right now!!!!!!!!! Why can't I convince the grocery store here to sell Velveeta?!?!?