Still Fuming...Just A Bit

I don't know who I'm more frustrated with....the boys or their school.

Uh...yah, I do...

The boys.

The ornery knuckleheads.

Everyday after school, the two big boys hop on a school bus and ride it to the high school to meet me. This is really handy and they get their school bus-fix all in one whack. Then, together, we head back to the elementary to pick up Tate (I have to sign him in and out of preschool). The boys riding the bus keeps me from having to bust my tail to get to the elementary to wait in the car rider line. If I'm not at school one day or there is a plan change, then I send a note with them to the school that lets the boys and their teachers know that they are car riders for the day. There are some days, too, when I'm not at school that the boys ride home with my teenage children (I call them that, because I claim that family as my own!), and they always ride the bus and meet them at the high school.

We have done this EVERYDAY for the entire school year. Let's see...how many days have we been in school? Like 90-something?

Something went awry in their tiny brains THIS WEEK.

On Monday, Tate was sick. So, like always, I sent notes with them to school labeling them as car riders, since Tate and I were home that day. No problem.

On Tuesday, we were back at school, and I was waiting at the high school for the big boys to run in the door of my room after school (like always). Keaton came busting in my room yelling, "Mom! Mom! Sawyer is stuck at the elementary! I saw him when I was on the bus!" What?! I grabbed my keys and headed that way only to find a crying Sawyer waiting in the office (where all the car riders wait when their moms forget them). Through his tears he explains that he thought he was a car rider "because I was yesterday." Crazy kid. We had a lengthy discussion about NOT changing the plan unless Mom says so.

Wednesday worked out for all of us.....they remembered to ride the bus.

Today....different story. I was sick this morning and Kirk took them to school for me. I headed to school a little late, and went about my day as usual. I was waiting...and waiting...and waiting for the boys after school. And they never came. Then, I hear that someone saw them in the car rider lane at the elementary. What in the world?! So, I grabbed my keys and headed that way. There they were. Standing together looking pitiful. They opened their mouths to fuss at me for being late just as I opened my mouth to fuss at them for not following through on the plan. We fussed at each other all the way down to Tate's room and then all the way back out to the car. The boys are thoroughly convinced that since Dad brought them to school....they were car riders. I guess I kind of see their point, but I kept harping my point of NO NOTE. NO NOTE.

We seriously have done this EVERY DAY for a year. Never have I NOT sent a note if they were to be car riders.

Can you tell I'm still just a BIT grouchy about all of this....

C'mon boys. This is not that hard.


Monica said...

Oh boy. I can feel your pain. Whenever we have a change in plans for pick up I ask my son three or four times where I will be picking him up. He gets sick and tired of it, but at least I know he knows!