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I'm a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger. I'll be honest. I first signed up for this to get free books. Seemed like an easy trade. I read the book and write a little review....I get free books. No brainer. So, I signed up for my first book, thinking that it was just another 'lil book I'd read and add to my library, then I could move on to the next book. Let me just say....my first book out of the shoot....left me speechless and amazed.

I just finished reading Rex by Cathleen Lewis. This story weaves a powerful story of hope and inspiration written from a mother's perspective. Lewis tells her story as mother, friend, and advocate to her son Rex. Rex suffers from multiple disabilities, including blindness and autism. These disabilities are extremely taxing on both child and parent, but the severity of his handicaps and the non-textbook nature of his conditions, cause months and years of frustration and angst on Lewis. Her story outlines her struggle to not only understand her son's many intricacies, but advocate on his behalf in the face of doctors, peers, teachers, and society.

Lewis relies on her faith in God to sustain her through the challenges of raising her son, but sees God's amazing work as Rex connects to himself, his mother, and the world through music. Rex is drawn to the keys of a piano and becomes a musical savant. His talent is overwhelming and almost unexplainable.

Rex is inspirational and serves as a great reminder of the power of faith. It is moving to see the love and strength of this mother as she does what seems miraculous, but she just views as normal. This story was intriguing to me and am anxious to follow the story of this real life hero, Rex.


Kristin said...

Girl, you need to do the 52 books in 2009 challenge. Right up your alley.

I just followed up with my friend doing the button for me so hopefully I'll have that up on my blog soon.

I'll add this book to my list to check out.

Mich said...

Would you believe your book is what is on the front of Homelife magazine this month? I saw the picture at church, the other day.

Happy reading!

Jo said...

I just read the first few pages of "Kiss" (via your blog) and so far, the book intrigues me. I may just have to go out now and get it. I read a LOT! (I need to get rid of a couple of bookshelves full of books, I think, before I purchase any more, though!)

Love you.
Aunt Jo

Alison said...

Sounds fun! I might try it...I'm hooked on Karen Kingsbury (after swearing I would never get into the sappy romance books). I'm 4 books in since Christmas and in the middle of another one. I might try what you're doing when I finish with her series.....