Not much to say today. At least not of anything substantial.

Right now I'm waiting on the satellite company to come and install our new system. I woke up at 6:00 to clean up the house and vacuum and dust behind the TVS...they were GROSS!! And I didn't really want the satellite man to go home to his wife and talk about the gross house he had just come from. I don't usually spend my time really worrying about strangers' perceptions of me and my cleanliness...but you never know who you might be friends with one day down the road, and I would hate to always be known as "the friends with the gross dirt behind their TV." It could happen.

Anyway....as I was saying....I got up at 6:00 to clean. For an 8:00 appointment on a Saturday morning. Uh...it's 9:30 AND THEY STILL AREN'T HERE. I totally could have slept another hour.... See if I want to be their friend one day.

Actually....I'm thinking that once he installs my ability to watch Jon & Kate Plus Eight -- he may be my friend for life. We'll see.

I'm trying not to fume too much about the early rising, because I'm still jazzed from last night! A bunch of girls from our church headed out for a night on the town.....just girls. No children. No husbands. No happy meals. No choosing restaurants based on the indoor playset. It was great! We spent a fun evening talking girly, eating cheese dip, browsing a bookstore (without having to remind each other to be quiet and to not run in the store), and watching a total chick flick without having to listen to heavy sighs of a husband sitting next to us. Really good stuff! And major therapy for a bunch of really tired wives!! I heart those girls.

One more thing...as I sit here waiting on the satellite man...I've had a some time to browse through some of my favorite blogs. If you have a few minutes....you have GOT TO CHECK THIS ONE OUT! This girl makes me laugh every time I read her stuff, and this post she wrote on being a proper housewife (or rather not being a proper housewife) still has me giggling.

*UPDATE* The satellite man just called....he's not coming until 2:00. Nice. I could still be in my bed snoozing....


My3Dworld said...

Oh, My goodness...and a mommy of three little boys should be able to sleep in, but do we get to? No, that's the sweet blessing of little pitter-pattering feet....I lovingly get out of bed for my little guys, but NOT the CABLE Man who is running late.
Oh and A girls night? What is that? How does one find friends to share such fun times with? Daddy would gladly keep the little ones here, but Mommy usually gets to go grocery shopping alone. (and that hasn't always been the case...) Me, if I went out with other women, I'd be the one boo-hooing the whole time we are shopping because I don't know how to act...out and about without three screaing banchees! While I feel that my husband is the greatest Man and Bestest friend in the world, I miss friends! Sounds like fun times!

Alison said...

Bless your heart! You can never count on them to be on time...even if you're one of the first appointments.