Scrap Happy


Blissful amazement. I heart this hobby of mine so so so much.

My sister, Michele, introduced me to scrapbooking back when I was pregnant with Keaton. I took to it instantly. It became a passion and a great creative outlet. Keaton's baby book was jammed packed with every breath and movement of his first years. I detailed each month with precision. I have pictures (and detailed journaling) of his first steps, his first tooth, and his first pickle.

Then came Sawyer. My style of scrapping began to take a turn for the highly embellished, causing me to leave a crop night with only a few pages done. The pages were beautiful, but they only caused me to begin to fall behind....totally not being able to stay caught up with the rate that I was taking pictures! But, somehow or other (thanks to many a LOOOONNNNGGG night), Sawyer's scrapbooks detail all his happenings including his first smile, his first hospital stay, and his first haircut (complete with a precious red curl).

Then came Tate. Poor Tate. His books are minimalized to say the least. They are beautiful, and I'm so proud of them, but I didn't include EVERY single happening. I focused more on my favorite pictures, instead of every move he made. Trying to keep up with all 3 boys' scrapbooks plus our family album, made it so hard to spend the time I needed to on Tate's books. In fact, I think I have a whole page dedicated to pictures of his little body parts like his belly button and toes, but I don't have any documentation of when he first walked. Hmmmm....

And then I stopped. 2 years ago I stopped scrapbooking. Cold turkey. I'm going to blame it on my family. Not my little family of 5 family, but my dad, mom, and sister. A few years ago, my sister and I decided to pool our talents to make scrapbooks for our grandmother, uncle, and cousin detailing our family heritage. And these weren't little dinky books. I'm talking several hundred page scrapbooks.....the kind that cause you to not sleep because you are cutting, sticking, and stamping your way through the night just to get them done. They were marvelous presents and I'm so glad that we did them...but, oh my....talk about burnout. Then there was the ginormous scrapbook that I made for my parents that outlined our missionary experience in Bangladesh. Again....amazing treasure....amazing burnout.

And that was it. Haven't picked up a cutter since.

And now I'm sad. I miss it. It has taken me 2 years to miss it. But I do. So much.

Only problem.....I'm 2 years behind and have a stack of CDs packed with pictures a mile high.

I've had people say that I just need to go digital. I just can't make myself do it. I love the feel of the papers and tools and embellishments too much. I love that my layouts are all hand pieced. I also would be hanged by my toenails by my husband if I ever quit hand-scrapping for good. Several years ago, he made me this AMAZING scrapbook cabinet....isn't it beautiful?
He would kill me if I never used it again.

But, being 2 years behind is so daunting to me. I can't imagine starting where I left off and trying to catch myself up. Time doesn't grow on trees around these parts. And I also hate the idea of forgetting 2 whole years of our family's lives just because I couldn't stay on top of things.

SO....this is what I've decided to do. I'm going to cave. For the 2 years that I'm behind, I'm going to go digital. I'm going to hop on one of those nifty make your own digital albums sites like here and here and try to get my family's lives documented for 2007 and 2008.

And then......I'm going to start fresh. By hand. I'm going to open my beautiful cabinet back up, pick up my cutters, and stick on a sticker. I'm going to roll out my ribbons and attach an eyelet.

And it is going to feel oh.so.good.

How about you? Are you a scrapper? What do you do to stay on top of your books? I'd love to hear your ideas.....because I hate the thought of falling so far behind again.

***Scrapping must be on the brain....Charity and Nina both were scrappy minded today, too!***


lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I'm 4 years behind. At least. I just can't bring myself to go digital. I love the feel of the hand-pieced ones too. It's like therapy...except when I get behind. Then it is traumatic. We should get together and have a scrapbook night.

Mich said...

I'm jealous. Wish I could find the TIME to scrap! Digital is ok. I've thought about it too, but it isn't as personal. Plus you always have such beautiful pages...

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

I'm going digital...I just can't do it anymore...I haven't scrapped in at least 2 yrs either. We do need to have a hobby night...I can sew or knit and you guys can crop!!! After April...I'll plan it!

There will be some things I'll actually scrapbook though like photos from the paper and daycare pics.

I'm impressed...you go girl!

By the way...tell Kirk I want a sewing cabinet :)

Nina Diane said...

I love your cabinet! And my story is almost the same. My hubby and I took a trip to Texas to see his sister and then when I returned, I made scrapbooks for both the sister and her daughter. and I guess because I was duplicating, it burned me out. And I fell so far behind. I'm now catching up...currently working on July 07. And I'm just being picky on what I scrap to that I can hurry up and get caught up!!

Nina Diane said...

and I forgot to add.....I too cannot go digital. I like the feel of the paper and everything, and it just feels more creative to me.

Jim said...

The scrapbook you created on our missionary work is truly a work of art and history, a book that tells the story. Thanks for having us write the stories for it. It is a treasure. Don't quit.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I don't want to go digital. I'm behind (2 years) and okay with that.

I might be scrapbooking tomorrow...listen to this fab idea.

My (southern) friend is turning fifty next week and her husband rented out the conference room of a hotel in Co Springs for a dozen of her friends. We can crop from 8AM to midnight with breaks for brunch and dinner. Brunch and dinner is on him as is birthday cake and coffee! How sweet is that?
I have some stuff going on and am not sure I can go...but if I can swing it, I'm going to pack up my photos and tools and get busy!

Terry G said...

Oh, to be only 2 years behind!!!!! Josh is 23 now and I'm still working on pages of childhood memories, graduation pics (Kdg., High School & college!) and now missionary adventures! Maybe I'd be better inspired if only Kirk would make me a cabinet!!!!!:)

Mama Voss said...

Great idea... digitally scrap them or set them aside and begin fresh. I agree with you about loving the paper and textures... I've dabbled in digital, but I'm dedicated to traditional. I'm behind so this year I'm going just scrap the current happening of our life. Good luck!

Monica said...

Oh I love to scrapbook. I'm starting school and don't have time. The way I see it, if I don't get everything in its okay. I'll pick up when I can.

Mandy said...

I am behind also. Not as bad, not quite a year. I need to start at Sawyer's 2nd birthday and work up to now. I don't scrap every little thin either. Just the major things, or extra cute photo. I cannot go digital which is kind of ironic being a graphic designer. I love all the paper and embellishments.
I thinking of sending Sawyer to my Mom's one weekend and just having a scrapping retreat in my own house.

I'm also putting in order for one of those awesome cabinets! Kirk's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Hey...have you heard of a blog book? I was thinking it could supplement the digital scrapbooking...go to blurb.com and they can take your blog entries and make a really cool, bound, book. Good luck!! Joanna