I have a long list of hobbies, but very near the top of favorites is QUILTING!

I love it so much.

And one of my best friends, Stephanie, has inspired me to dig out my quilting hoop and needles once again. Thanks, Steph! (Check out Steph's quilt she is working on here....so cute!)
I have always loved quilts. I love how each of their pieces represent something significant about the quilter. Whether it be the old rag quilts, with their bits and pieces of grandpa's flannel shirts or old gingham dresses. So Little House on the Prairie. Or the quilts pieced in the midst of the polyester age. I have a couple of double-knit quilts....complete with pea green and harvest gold squares. Groovy, Baby. Or the quilts pieced with decorative fabrics....it says so much about the quilter's taste and personality.

I have chests and trunks full of old quilts, and I love to take an evening every once in awhile to dig them out and admire their craftsmanship. I love to imagine my family members as they sat and stitched. Amazing.

I'm working on a quilt right now that is taking me A LONG TIME! I think I'm going on 2 years. Whoa.

Here's the deal. It is 100% hand-pieced and (will-be) hand-quilted! No sewing machine here, folks.

My grandmother (my mom's mom) was working on a quilt when she passed away. She had completed about 60 quilt blocks....all tiny hexagons and all completely hand pieced. They aren't my first choice in fabrics, but they are stitched to perfection and are so full of memories and nostalgia.

Several years ago, my grandfather gave my mom the quilt blocks. In turn, my mom passed them to me. I'm working on piecing the blocks together. The honeycomb style of the quilt is making it a slow and tedious process. Everything has to be hand stitched together, and I couldn't use a machine if I wanted to.

I'm so excited about finishing it up and am about a third of the way there. It is so relaxing to me to sit in front of the TV and stitch away. I'm sad that our busy schedule hasn't allowed for much stitching lately.

But, I'm resolving to be more diligent. I can't wait to finish it up and give it to my mom!

Here's what I'm working on. Cute, huh?

(Is this the first time you are seeing it, Mom?)


Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Amber...it's beautiful!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

That is so pretty and so special! You will feel great when you get it done! Wow!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

It's so beautiful!!!

That's it. I simply MUST learn to quilt.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

It's so awesome! I love it, Amber! You inspire me.

Becky said...

LOVE IT!! My sentimental heart is happy for you!

Mich said...

the secret is out! i thought you were going to surprise her with it?

It is looking good. I'm proud of you...

Jim said...

I'm delighted that you are finishing the quilt. This is the first time to see it pieced together. It looks beautiful! I am so proud of your accomplishment. The quilt is very meaningful to me because it is the handiwork of Granny and You! Love it!
Love, Mom

Jim said...

Hey, you have just plumb inspired me. I told Mom that I needed to get my "cross" quilt out and work on it. Nix, she said, you've got too much other work to do around here right now. Well, maybe by the time you get here, Maybe!!!!
We'll see. I may need a few stitch lessons from a pro.

Which reminds me. Remember the cross crossstitch piece I gave you, or was it Michele? Is that going to be a future finished product?

Well, it's late and we've got ice and rain a plenty tonight.

Love you,

Kristin said...

SO pretty! I love quilts. My great grandmother had a quilting circle she attended weekly and I can barely remember going to visit her and having to go to the community center to track her down.

You are doing such a great job!

Monica said...

These are awesome. A few years ago, my mom and I made a quilt for Kman with some of his worn out clothes he wore often that no longer fit. What fun!