Resolutions Schmesolutions

A new year.

About the only thing that excites me about a new year is getting to hang up a new calendar. It always makes me giddy to pick out a new one. Although it is kind of fun to send your husband to the store to buy a new one....a couple of years ago he brought me one home that had pictures of Jamaican women on each month's page. Not the bikini clad beach bunny Jamaican women that you would expect Kirk to pick out, but the fruit-toting, mu-mu wearing Jamaican women.

I used it. All year. Just for fun.

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions.....mainly because I have NEVER kept one single resolution that I've made.

One year I wanted to lose my pregnancy weight......still waiting on that to happen. I think my addiction to Almond Joys and Lindt chocolates might be slowing that process up a bit.

One year I resolved to remember to send a birthday card to everyone on my mailing list when it came time. I made it through March.....or was it February?

One year I promised myself to keep my laundry all caught up. HA! You can see here, here, and here to see how that is working for me.

One year I resolved to get my scrapbooks all caught up and then keep them that way. I haven't had pictures developed in two years if that tells ya anything.

One year I resolved to read the Bible through in one year. This is the closest that I've come to keeping a resolution. I have managed to get through the whole Bible cover to cover (even Leviticus, thank you very much!) but it took me about two years. I'll move this one to the success category.....I deserve at least one.

One year I wanted to get my whole house organized (like HGTV organized). Just remind yourself of the summer closet fiasco to see how that one worked out for me.

I could go on and on. Most of these repeat themselves. With repeating outcomes.

So, here I stand on the brink of 2009. In exactly 6 hours and 42 minutes it will be time for my new resolutions to kick in. But I haven't decided on which one I should take on only to not follow through with.....

Lose weight? Nah. *said while stuffing another Almond Joy in my mouth*

The birthday card thing? Probably not. I just know myself....it ain't gonna happen.

Organization? There isn't enough Rubbermaid in the world for this house. Easier to just shut the door.

Laundry? Funny joke.


I think I'll just resolve to try and be a better friend. I'm going to try and use the phone more. I'm going to try and be a better listener. I'm going to work really hard to try and bust out my comfort zone and actually try to exhibit the gift of hospitality.

Notice I said try.

Hey...what's your New Year's Resolution?

Happy New Year.....I'm going to go put up my fresh new calendar sans the Jamaican women.


Mrs B said...
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Mrs B said...

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to have a cup of coffee with you too! You aren't to far away. Next time Mr B and I make it down to Eureka Springs, I'll give ya a holla...thats about as far into ebonics as I go! New years resolution - Not to yell as much. I hate when I get all crabby, I want to enjoy my kids more. They are growing up way to fast. Oh, and I am going to say "No" more. I am kind of an enabler if you couldn't tell. ;) - Loved your list. You have a super cute blog. Hit me back yo! (Yeah, that's my ghetto coming out...she rocks out every now and then)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I have a few resolutions that I'm going to post later...


So...why not make one of yours that you'll keep your blog current (you already do a great job) so that your friend Meredith can who lives 1000+ miles away will still feel so much like she's a part of your everyday life.

Seriously, I've loved your blog since day one! And that's why I'm sitting here to catch up!

Jo said...

I kinda let the resolutions FIND me throughout the year as they appear, and work on them as they come up. That way, I will be less inclined to be disappointed with myself. I doubt if I have ever kept too many resolutions that I did make at the beginning of the year.

One thing I would try to do (if I WERE to make resolutions) is to try to take the time to keep in touch more often, with family (immediate and extended) and friends, throughout the year.

Hope to see more of all of you, once your Mom and Dad get settled here in Harrison.

Luvya lots!
Aunt Jo