An Apology Letter From Mr. N. Ternet

Dear Amber,

I know that I should talk to you in person, because my father (Al Gore) always taught me that apologies should be done face to face, but I am mightily embarrassed by my recent actions. I desperately want to tell you how sorry I am for cutting out on you, and that I know that my actions have led you to a weekend of stress and moments of screaming and hollering out of sheer frustration at your blessed laptop baby, Daisy.

I don't want to make excuses for my behavior in playing hookie from my duties at your home, but just express my deepest and most sincere apologies.

I understand that my actions caused you to not get to blog about your amazing In Real Life meeting with your friend Elizabeth in a timely manner. I know that you so wished you could have come right home that night after your meeting and uploaded your pictures and gushed about how stinkin' cute her children are, but it was me that hindered you. I also know that you would have loved to tell all your blogeeps about how awesomely amazing Elizabeth is and how much you are looking forward to building your friendship with her, because she is just that cool. I also know that you wished you could have told about how funny her husband was and how excited you were that both of your families could meet in full. You probably also wish that you could share about how both your husband and Elizabeth's husband like to pretend that they don't get the whole blog world thing, but are both totally supportive, as demonstrated by even letting you guys meet and chat at a McDonalds, of all places. Just because I am so sorry for not allowing you, my dearest Amber, to blog about your IRL meeting in prompt time, I will post the picture of you and Elizabeth for you. Because I know how important it is to you.

I also feel terrible about not cooperating when you wanted to post pictures and tell about your very fun day out on the lake with your favorite men. I'm sure you had a blog post all planned out about how much you love to fish, and how mad the men were when you caught all the fish, and how much fun they had jumping off the boat instead of being whooped up on by a girl any longer. Yes, I'm sure you would have told your readers all about it, if only I had been working and let you. I feel terrible. Please let me share the pictures from your fun day with your friends. I'll feel better. Please allow me the honor.

In closing, Amber, please let me take this opportunity to apologize once more, and grovel on my megabyte knees for forgiveness. I will do everything in my world wide web power to not let it happen again.

I hope we can still be friends.


Mr. N. Ternet


Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Glad he's working now!

Stephanie said...

It's about time. I was about to send out the blog patrol. I've been worried! Glad you're up and running again!

Mich said...

Love the pictures!

Glad Daisy is back up and running.

Love ya!

Mandy said...

You're so witty and creative!

Carpoolqueen said...

So glad you got to meet Elizabeth! Hoping that soon we'll post our own pics laughing at a Mickey D's or a Sonic.

Cathy said...

Carpoolqueen was so nice. I'm not gonna lie I'm green with envy over your IRL meet. It shoulda been me. I'm just sayin. I mean, I'm sure she's great and all...

Oh people, I kid, I kid. Well, a little. I'm sure you're lovely Elizabeth! If only there was ONE Vancouver alone... And if we never meet, I guess we'll always have PDDP...

Tiffani said...

Dear Mr. Ternet,

That truly was one of the most gracious apologies I've heard in a long time. I know Amber is a little tough on you but, trust me, she's happy to have you back...

It would serve you best to NOT act in such a manner again, though, because you can only push Amber so far...

Clearly, you meant no harm so straighten up and surf right and all will be well.


Tee Long

p.s. Amber, soo happy for your fun meeting and a little jelly of it, too, but our day will come! Those boys are too cute in the lake...Sawyer wins the jump competition though. Lovin' ya like cookies and milk for dinner!

Jessica said...

Oh that Mr. Ternet, he is such a pain sometimes! Glad you're back online and glad you got to meet a blogpeep! and also, I really did laugh out loud at your Al Gore comment =)

Jim said...

I am commenting for Jim-Dad this time in light of the fact that he does not want to betray the spirit of your blog and write to anyone but you personally.

He feels with you the utter despair of not having personal lines from his daughter on this site and is glad to see that Mr. N. Ternet has made good on his contract to restore "blogorder" to the House of Rascals. He desires to tell you that the pictures are great and wishes he could be there to fish with you. He also was happy to see that you are able to meet personally some of your, what did you call them, blogeeps? He wants me to assure you that he will respond personally next time.

He says to sign off now, so I will,
He sends his love,

Amber said...

Oh, Jim-Dad.
How I heart thee.

mimi said...

I would forgive Mr. Ternet....his apology sounded very genuine. Plus, he introduced us...for that I am forever grateful to Mr. Ternet.

Your meeting sounded fun...having your whole family meet is a bonus.

Loved all your photos too!

Gretchen said...

I'm trying to see some creativity here, but I'm just not finding any.


Sorry for N.Ternet's inconveniencing you. He's fickle like that. Super pic of you and Elizabeth. ANd lurve the swimmers--both those with and without fins.

Jennifer said...

Bad, bad Mr. Ternet!! Glad you got his act together!!

So excited for you to have had a IRL meeting!! I'm thankful I get to see you IRL all the time!! Who else would make me laugh at Pilates when the Workout Nazi, I mean Kristi, is trying to make us get our butts over our heads!!!

Love ya!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

So that's why you haven't posted in a few days - was wondering!

Oh, I love Elizabeth. And am more than a little jealous that the two of you got to meet up. We so need to plan a big ol' bloggy party - how fun would that be. Great pic of the two of you!

Elizabeth said...

I am so, so, SO behind on everything related to the computer. This is the first time I've been on in 5 days, and I'm not even posting to my blog. But I had to read yours to make sure your internet was working. And that you mentioned me and said nice things:)

I LOVED meeting you and your men. It was the highlight of my crazy weekend, and I keep telling A how impressed I still am with how patient he was. He thinks we're both nuts, but at least he doesn't complain. We will meet again, and I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

When I head to that part of the world I AM coming to the Ark to make your acquaintance live and in person. Until then, I'm enjoying that you and Elizabeth got to hang out.

Sorry Mr. N was so nasty to you.