We Interrupt the Super Fun Vaca Play-By-Play For a Word From Our Sponsors

Inside jokes. Don’t you hate ‘em?

Because you never know what is so stinkin’ funny about the most random statement, all whilst a couple of silly folks giggle and bemuse themselves around you.

So I apologize. And totally understand if you go ahead and click delete on this post in your Google Readers. Because I would probably do the same if I found out that I was getting ready to be subjected to nothing but a list of illogical mess.

But, for those of you who want to hang with me, just know that to my posse of peeps that I hung tight with these past couple of days of Super Fun Vaca, these jokes are hilarious. So go ahead and giggle.

Even if you don’t know why.

Here’s to Kirk, Wes, Lisa, Eric, and Steph……

10. That high fives are cool again.
9. That one-stop shopping for flowers and a casket is the only way to go if you die in Nashville.
8. That we all should hold on for just a minute.
7. That it is a travesty to miss Little Jimmy Dickens. Even for 2 minutes.
6. That everyone needs a “friend.”
5. That it actually is possible to miss when tossing coins into a wishing well.
4. That it would be dangerous for any of the 6 of us to ever run for a political office.
3. That some things are just better ugly and wild.
2. That the hotel gardens are very well watered.
1. That the flowers smell pretty in Music City.

To My Posse:
Who knew? I think it is comical how time passes and brings people together in ways that none of us ever imagined. Y’all are some of my most favorite people, and I’m anxiously awaiting our next adventure! Good times. Good times indeed. Fo shizzle.


Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Fo Shizzle!!!!

Can't wait for the next trip!!!!! Branson, Vegas, Mexico???? What's next?

Hope you have a great time!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

#2 scares me a little. Honestly, so do #5 and #4.

Feel better, girl.

Cathy said...

That fact that you used the phrase "Fo shizzle" (since my hubs and I say that all the time) make the rest of this post forgiveable...

AND I'm just glad you have those kind of friends. It's a blessing from God. A blessing indeed.

mimi said...

It sounds like you had a great time with a great group of friends..nice!

I hope that high fives never go out of style!!

jericdav said...

I guess winning a prize is a landmark enough event for me to make my first post on your blog and joining Jim-Dad and Wes (once at least) as men contributing to your blog. Sorry for the length of this post, but I have a lot to respond to. Oh yeah, we had a ruler yard stick in the van that we can’t find and we have a project at the house we need it for. Anybody remember seeing it?

Back to the prize, “Ugly” it was, though it wasn’t quite the shot I imagined. We can blame Steph on that.

For those of you that know me and see the picture of me attempting to dance and are wondering….the answer to the question is…..no I hadn’t been. Just having fun enjoying the Pineapples big day!!

On to your top 10 list:
10. Not so much, I would have to say a double high five is slightly more appealing.

9. In an attempt to watch out for the safety of the group I failed to really appreciate that fine establishment.

8. Really bad idea.

7. If he was taller than 4’8” he would be the creepy old guy.

6. Sounds like more than one is a better idea. Just sayin’

5. Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t witnessed it.

4. No comment.

3. True ‘dat!

2. Take you guy's word for it.

1. Didn’t get close enough to confirm myself.

In response to the post on another blog (Lisa) about the bananas, this health food geek (thanks guys for nobody being willing to go to Subway with me, I really appreciated it) thinks perfectly aged ones have to be better than the fresh ones. KK tell me they keyp them in a bowl to get ripe.

And to all five of you, thanks for the laughs. I haven’t laughed like that in years.

Thanks for allowing me to interrupt your blog, now you may return to regularly scheduled blogging!!

Nina Diane said...

inside jokes are great! and though I didn't understand your's since I'm not an "insider"....still sounds like ya'll had a blast!!!