Super Fun Vaca Day 7

I can tell I'm winding down.

And missing my rascals.

The hotel bed isn't sleeping as great as it was earlier in the week, and I'm getting tired of the clothes in the suitcase. The food is still amazing, and though the fact that I haven't had to do dishes in a week is pretty darn wonderful, I am actually looking forward to our little family meals of chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese.

To perk me up a little bit, the husband took me out to the most beautiful place.

It is an amazing park that juts out along the seawall of Vancouver, and its mix of gardens, landscaping, and plant life are remarkable. Add that the Pacific Ocean is lapping at its edges, and you pretty much have an idea of what paradise looks like.

Beautiful, eh? (Like that throw back to my Canadian peeps?!)

We saw tons of Canadian Geese. Which Kirk and I decided that since we were in Canada, then they are probably just Geese.

I have a thing for boats. And this blue houseboat was just about the cutest thing I'd seen all day. Next to the goose, of course.

Look! There were even totem poles! I'm not sure anywhere is complete without a good ole' totem pole!

And this one is for my Nashville posse. You're welcome.

And then I decided that I was WAY underdressed.

And then Kirk decided to get in the spirit of all the earthiness that goes on up here and hugged a tree. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

And then we pretended to like eachother.

We ate at a little restaurant inside the park, and here I am looking all touristy with my park map and slurping my frozen lemonade.

I even stuck my feet in the Pacific Ocean. Oh.My.Stars....cold is not even an adequate description.

After the long trek back to the hotel, I rested my poor feet. I was flip flopped out and was grateful for the nap that we were able to catch before heading out for dinner.

We went to this amazing Mediterranean restaurant. And it was faincy. But, unlike most of the other shmancified restaurants I've eaten at this week, I understood everything on that menu. Because Italian food is part of my love language, and I was in heaven.

I ate this.

Yes. It was amazing.


I ate it all.

And then I ate dessert.
That's gelato made by the in house pastry chef, and, yes. It was amazing.

And here we are at dinner.
This vaca must be working....Look! He's smiling!

And that's me with Sandra.

And every good meal needs someone peering through their beverage.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped in at a little souvenir shop. You know the kind. They are stocked to the brim with refrigerator magnets and teensy spoons. We had to buy trip gifts for the rascals, and they are going to hate us be thrilled when they find out that all we brought them were tee-shirts. You're welcome, kids.

We are having an amazing time on our trip, but like I said, I'm beginning to wind down. I'm really missing my babies and cannot wait to see them and snuggle them up tight. Vacations are so good for my soul. It is so nice to get away from real life for a little bit, because I always appreciate real life so much more when it begins to hit me in the face again. I feel like I'm a better mom, a better housekeeper, a better wife, and a better friend when I come off of a getaway.

Canada has been great.

But I'm positive that there is no place like home.

One more day of Super Fun Vaca.

But for tonight, Super Fun Vaca Day 7....Over and Out.


Kellie said...

THe beach sand looks so pebbly...so different than beaches I've been too.

It looks like you are still having a great time!

Carpoolqueen said...

Way to go with the fashion don't picture! Did Kirk walk the other way and pretend he didn't know you while you whipped out Rosie for the camera shot? That's what Mr. CPQ does all the time.

Tiffani said...

I knew CPQ would appreciate the fashion shot...

Still looking beautyfied, Junie B. even thought you're wearing down...

SEE, I KNEW there'd be totem poles (don't remember why or who put them there)...that place is GORGEOUS...I do have to say though that those faincy places tend to have more PLATE than FOOD...I'm still hungry after your pic!

I'd be missin' my little offspring too...get home safely!

Lindsay said...

Amber, I've loved joining you and Kirk on vacation by way of your journal and photos. Know you must miss the rascals by this time. The up side is you guys had a well deserved time away and will return very refreshed.

mimi said...

I know I keep saying it..but I love all the pictures. That place is fantastic. You and hubs are so adorable...very pretty couple. It's awesome that you have been able to get away together..hopefully refreshing you for the beginning of summer. I bet your rascals are missing you too!!

Such a fun vaca! I'm going there one of these days!

Kendra said...

LOVE Stanley Park. Did you see the Little Mermaid statue there? But, I guess having only boys, they would not have appreciated a picture of it anyway.

Glad you are having fun/had fun. It is nice to get back home and to normal, though vacations are heavenly breaks from reality!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...


(That was for the Nashville posse pic.)

Kirk hugged a tree?

He is dead to me.

Gretchen said...

That was a fashion don't?


Probably a good thing we didn't get together. Shucks.

In the midst of the tragic news, I'm glad you and K were able to find joy and celebrate your time together. I know whatcha mean about vacas helping us to appreciate our homes and those roles. Probably why we need them.

Mich said...

I miss you. I'm glad you are on your way back.

Hey the boys are doing great, I hear! Yeah!

Glad you had fun!
Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

Every time I see the Canadian geese near my house I think about what you said in this post!