I Birthed You, Boy.

I always start out with great intentions of being a fun mom.

And then the rascals do something that makes me crazy.

And then the rascals take away my "Fun Mom" card.

Like when I told them it would be fun to make tents in the living room. And they did. And then the tents were turned into stores. And then rocket ships. And then back into stores complete with hundreds and thousands of teensy tiny pieces of paper price tags. And then it was a restaurant which evidently sold nothing but crumbs served on a plate of carpet. And then back into a rocket ship that saved orphan alien babies. And this went on for 3 days. And it looked like this:

Until I couldn't take it any longer, and I stormed into the midst of the alien rescuers demanding that it be cleaned up and hauled back from whence it came. And then the rascals looked at me as if I shot their little alien babies, and then I heard, "But, it was your idea."

And that's when I said, "I birthed you, boy."

Insert removal of card here.

Then there was my ingenious plan to buy (okay, healthy blogeeps, brace yourself, cuz it ain't purty) kid/summer friendly food. Like Gogurt. And chips and dip. And these...

And then I bought this. Because it is a Fun Mom thing to do.

Until I find the nasty little pudding cups and their whipped creamy spoon friends laying all over my furniture. And I march in and announce that never again in the future of me being their mother will there be purchases of pudding and whipped cream.

To which I hear, "But you said that last time."

And that's when I said, "I birthed you, boy."

Card removal? Uh-huh.

Oh, those boys. I should feed them nothing but broccoli and asparagus for dinner tonight. But I won't.

Because I'm a Fun Mom. Ahem.


Jim said...

"Go, mom, go!" We experienced some of "tent city" here in our den and living room and while we were there for those three short days, but not to the extent of your experienced "Fun Mom" episodes. Somhow, "we birthed your mom, boy!" doesn't have the same ring to it, and of course, grands are known for being pushovers anyway, at least, one of us WHO I WILL NOT MENTION BY NAME, BUT WHO HAS THE LONGER HAIR, despite her spouse's attempts to bring order out of chaos. I'm really not venting, just want you to know I heart your mind and heart as you deal with these constructive, alien baby lovers.

Love you,

Kendra said...

Wow, you are brave putting that picture on the interweb. Watch out or the crew from "Clean House" will visit your house next!

One rascal makes a big enough mess. Three? I'd never be the "fun mom"!

Andrea said...

The great thing about kids is that they always return the "fun mom" card and give you another chance...over and over.

Gretchen said...

I think my fun mom/ cool mom card has been permanently suspended. Until I buy my kids a cell phone or something. It's gonna have to be drastic though.

Scott Family said...

Absolutely hilarious!!! I laughed so hard I woke the baby.


Carpoolqueen said...

I only survived two days of tent city. And chocolate pudding with Reddi Whip? Girl...you ARE the fun mom.

Tiffani said...


I feel so supported in my crazy/tent/city made from boxes moments (but I could not find my camera to document said city)...

You're a fun Mom, indeed! There just comes time when it's gotta be picked up...some us it's two days and others two weeks.. :)

Dear God,
Thank you that someone other than myself would be willing to put her messy but lovely kid structures on the world wide web. Truly You designed us to be Junie B. and Lucille.


mimi said...

You are hysterical....and very obviously a fun mom! Even fun moms are allowed to say "enough" sometimes.

And from what Tiff told me you are as adorable on the phone as you are on your blog!

Mich said...

Smiling because I so know my nephews too well and adore them and their imaginations. You are the fun mom and you know it! My kids gave up on me years ago. It is dad that has his fun card pulled these days.

My problem is popsicle wrappers...UGH!

Emily said...

Sounds like you ARE a fun mom! Love the alien baby story. Very creative!

Jennifer said...

Your are so a fun mom!!

I'm too OCD to let H do something like that!! I'm trying to be better since I don't work anymore, but old habits are hard to break!

I love the pictures you posted, and love your boys imagination!! It's amazing what little boys can come up with!!

Love ya!!

Elizabeth said...

Now I can testify that you are indeed a fun mom AND a fun friend. I knew it already!

Cathy said...

Oh how I heart you...let me count the ways.

Me thinks we're "Fun Mom" twins seperated at birth...;)