Semi Super Fun Vaca Day 3

So the last two days of Super Fun Vaca have been packed full of pictures and fun details and blow-by-blows of just about as much fun as you can pack into 48 hours. Because I’m an order kind of girl, I can’t stand to just skip over Super Fun Vaca Day 3.

Even though it was spent doing NOTHING but plane hopping and airport bumming.

So. I decided that I would be on a mission. To properly document the day. Because I’m all about making a party out of the mundane.

So hang on to your hats. Good stuff awaits you on this Day 3 of Super Fun Vaca.

Luckily we didn’t have to be at the airport at crack-o-dawn-thirty. Although when you don’t climb into bed until after 2 in the morning because you’ve been doing fun stuff like pretending you’re a movie star in a limo, even a 7 a.m. wake-up call is slightly painful. Okay. A lot painful.

We hitched a ride with the posse to the airport and said goodbye. I was a little bummed to leave ‘em all, because we’d had so much fun while in Nashville. You just hate that it has to end, you know? And I think they were bummed out that their on-board entertainment wasn’t heading back to the Ark with ‘em.

After saying our “goodbyes” and “seeyalaters,” we headed on in to ye ole’ port o’ air.

And hoped that the strange batch of men that we observed weren’t going our way. I failed my first attempt at documenting the airport saga, because I was afraid to whip my phone out and take their picture. Well, just because they were a wee bit sceery. And I’m a sceerdy-cat.

I checked my bag….which weighed exactly 49 lbs. Couldn’t have planned that better had I tried. The husband became highly impressed with my sense of packing prowess. He was more highly impressed with not having to shell out the hefty fee he had to pay the last time he flew with me, because my suitcase was a teensy bit over the weight limit. Teensy meaning a measly 10 lbs.

Let me just tell you that nothing makes me giggle quite like seeing the husband tote around my pink laptop bag. That’s just good fun right there, folks. Okay. Maybe one thing made me giggle harder. It was when I went to the restroom and left him with my bags, and came out to find him not only with my pink laptop bag, but also holding Rosie. In all her pink glory. Now that is just good fun. Sorry no picture. You’ll just have to trust me.

Something fabulous happened in the airport. I finally got to use this!

That’s the Starbucks’ gift card I won from Carpoolqueen’s giveaway like eleventy months ago. I live in the sticks, remember? We get our fancy coffee from the golden arches…which is just sad. So this poor sweet giftcard has been moseying around with me for awhile now, just waiting to be used. Mission accomplished today.

I had a Caramel Macchiato and a Butter Croissant. And thought of my blogeeps. Thanks, Sus!

Here’s the husband hiding his face behind his latte. One day he will realize that he can’t hide from the blog fodder. I will always find him.

While we waited on our plane at the gate, I eavesdropped on a conversation between two girls that were discussing their disdain for people who are HIGHLY DRAMATIC in their computer SPEAK. LIKE when they use LOTS of italics…..and CAPITAL LETTERS…..and bold words...and ellipses….and extra QUESTION marks and exclamation MARKS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I’ve never met anyone like that. Huh.

Next up….airplane. One of those teensy tiny ones that you are fairly sure was built out of tinker toys in some man’s basement. So small that I didn’t even get Biscoff cookies. Travesty indeed.

We made it to Cincinnati in one piece, and settled in for our VERY long layover.

I ate that at a restaurant that they had tried to decorate to make look like a sidewalk cafĂ©, except it didn’t work out well, considering the whole airport thing that you can’t really get away from. But props to them for trying. And it was really good tortilla soup.

Still waiting.

At this gate.

And I began to ponder. Not about the nifty neck pillows that are the trend in air travel these days, but why exactly you would carry it around your neck while walking through the terminal.


And then I blogged. Shocker.

And then we got on a plane. For what seemed like until next Tuesday. But, I did get to see this out my airplane window. So beautiful.

And then I took this picture of the husband.

He was thrilled.

And then after 413 hours on the plane, we landed in Salt Lake City. And I can now tick another state off my list of states that I need to step foot in. Utah. Check.

And because it is all about the food, we went and ate. Again.

We ate at Dick Clark’s restaurant. Isn’t that fun? Look. He was even on the wall.

And I ate this.

Yup. That’s spinach dip. I was still craving it after eating some at the wedding yesterday, so I decided to just eat a huge group size portion all by myself. And I didn’t really feel guilty about it, because after all, it was spinach.

After eating, we walked around in a circle….twice….looking for seats that were near an outlet. Because the old trusty laptop was running on fumes. We finally found a plug-in, only to have to suffer through a very weird exchange between a dad and his two sons who were fighting over who got to pop wheelies in one of the airport wheelchairs. I would have taken a picture of them, but I was afraid that they would make eye contact and then want to talk to me.

And now I’m on the plane. My last one of the day. Praise Jesus.

And I’m staring at nothing but clouds, an airline sunset, and the wrapper of my third package of Biscoff cookies today. I love me some Biscoff.

We’re exhausted. Like--rub all your mascara off; don’t care if you snore in public--exhausted.

And I’m so ready to get to our hotel and crash. But it’ll be awhile.

And I probably won’t get this posted until the a.m.

When it will be time to start Day 4 of Super Fun Vaca.

Super Fun Vaca Day 3. Over and out.


Tiffani said...

Shew, I am tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know how you handle all that air travel..I'm such a fraidey cat about it!! You must've worn your Pull-ups! Big girl, you are!

This was soo STINKIN' funny only because when mentioned rubbing off mascara/snoring in public exhausted..yep, that was me after 12 hours in VA last month.

Hang in there and I can't WAIT to hear more about your vaca...

Anonymous said...

My Kroger sells Biscoff cookies but I don't buy them.

Because nothing says magical flight like a Biscoff.

And I don't want to cheapen them by eating them every day.

I also don't want to expand my thighs at a rate faster than the universe.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh my word, Amber!!!! I am so behind on your blog. I didn't even realize you were on vaca until I saw your FB status. Too much fun.

I just got back from a little vaca myself, and I visited the goodness that is Panera for the first in my life. There are no words to describe how good that soup and bread is.

mimi said...

Caramel macchiato...yum!! Croissant...double yum. In fact, I love all the food in this post. I'm hungry.

Only real men can carry pink bags! Truly, it's a fact.

Speaking of bags...where did you find your brown/white one? I'm in love.

Airports are just full of interesting things...in a weird, fun way.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Airports wear me out. But Starbucks refreshes EVERY time.

(Doesn't OBU have a Starbucks???)

I'm going to spend some time in airports tomorrow and Saturday. I fly from Denver to Memphis to Tulsa. Then Tulsa to Chicago to Denver. Strange, huh? But very worth the $300 saved by not flying direct from Denver to Fayetteville.

Hope you feel better soon!

Mich said...

I am so glad we are people watchers (and listeners. It makes traveling more interesting.

Love ya!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Glad you made it in one piece....It was probably a good thing that we weren't with you...hehe.

Also, can you imagine what people were thinking if they were eavesdropping on us...poor limo guy!

Michele said...

You are SOOO funny! So glad you enjoyed your Starbucks!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! Hope it continues! I'm trying to blog about our little excursion but I can't post pictures for some reason, grrrrr!

Jo said...

A comment about only one thing... My favorite picture was of Kirk, standing guard over your pink bag. Looks like he's standing there, daring somebody, anybody, to make anything out of it! Good one, girl!
Luvya! Be safe.
Aunt Jo
p.s. Glad you are having a good, interesting trip.

Elizabeth said...

The pink think had me laughing out loud! I make A do things like that all the time, and I've caught him carrying my purse without me even asking.

Biscoff cookies rock, and I've eaten more than I should the last few weeks.

The neck pillow guy reminds me of my dad.

You sure did a lot of eavesdropping today! Airports are good for learning about other people.