10 On the 10th

It's June 10. Which means that it is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh's birthday. He is 88 today. I'm sure Queen Elizabeth is having a fabulous birthday cake whipped up for him. And maybe Harry and William are coming home for dear ole' grandpa's birthday shindig.

But, as interesting as all that is to think about. June 10 means something totally different around these parts. It's a party, alright. But not for royalty (unless you count the princess complex that I'm beginning to get because of my new purple laundry room). Nope. It's a bloggity carnival, hosted by my good buddy, Mer, who is Living It Up @ 7000 Feet.

I was watching one of those goofy vH1 specials the other day; one of the "Greatest ______ of All Time" shows. Anyway. I got to thinking about all the hunkified stars that I crushed on back in the day.

So....here you go. My list of 10 stars that used to grace my walls in poster form and that I watched religiously on tv....because I'm loyal like that.

10. Mark-Paul Gossalaar....as Zack from Saved By the Bell. Oh. He was dreamy. And he always had the coolest stuff, too. Like that awesome cell phone that was as big as a shoebox. I hear that they are talking of a Saved By the Bell reunion show. I will watch. I promise.

9. Luke Perry.....Dylan McKay from 90210. The real 90210. He was so cute in a such a bad boy way. I had a poster of him that hung on my wall where he was wearing a denim cutoff shirt with ripped denim jeans. Back when denim and denim was cool. Hmmmm.
8. Jason Priestly.....Brandon from 90210. I had a thing for that show. Can you tell? I remember his hair. And all the boys at my highschool tried to pull his hair off. And they just couldn't rock it like he could.

7. Fred Savage.....as Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years. He was so cute. I used to imagine that I was Winnie Cooper, in all her long, dark, flippy hair wonder.

6. Brad Pitt....back when he wasn't all weird and old. I remember watching him in movies like A River Runs Through It and Legends of the Fall, and doing nothing but swoon. He was cute then.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio....as Jack in Titanic. Oh my stars. I watched that movie at least a bazillion times. Now he is all green and driving plug-in cars, but when he "let go" and slipped into that ocean....I'm not sure it gets better than that inside movie magic.

4. Ashton Kutcher....pre-Mr. Demi Moore. I loved That 70s Show. And he was so stupidly lovely. Now he's, well....not so much.

3. All the boys from InSync. Yes. I was one of those girls.

2. Scott Wolf....as Bailey in Party of Five. He was just cute. 'Nuff said.

1. Neil Patrick Harris....as Doogie Howser, M.D. I thought I was going to marry him. And I decided that I was going to be a doctor because of him (we see how that plan turned out. ahem.). Now he is on How I Met Your Mother, and though he's still funny....I'm not really sure what I was thinking back in the day.

So. There you have it. All my crushes in famous form. Who did you crush on back in the day?


buscher3 said...

Ahh...you hit them all girl! The only changes I would have made were for #3 and #4. Instead of Ashton, I'd have chosen Noah Wyle (Dr. Carter) from ER. NO clue why...just thought he was hot when the show first came out. And instead of InSync, I'd have slapped up a picture of New Kids on the Block - Jordan in particular. ;-)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

This made me laugh!

Yay for Fred Savage and Doogie Howser!!!

I used to love Party of Five, and yeah, that guy was SO cute.

I also had a big crush on Andrew McCarthy. He might have been before your time, but I STILL love the movie Some Kind of Wonderful!

Cathy said...

Loved Saved by the Bell
Loved 90210 (back when THAT'S what was risque...the worlds come a long way, hasn't it? sigh)
Loved Titanic. ( I think hubs and I back when we were dating went to the theater like 10 times to watch it...and Leo:))
Loved Brad Pitt (back in the day)
Loved Kevin and Winnie.

AND my posters were Michael J. Fox back in the Family Ties era, Corey Feldman, River Phoenix (helloooo!), I'm sure I could go on...oh and back before Michael Jackson was white and weird I had this AWESOME poster of him in my room that my dad used copy the pose from while standing next to it:)

Stephanie said...

Love your list! I'd have to add Tom Cruise from Top Gun -- before he was weird and Christian Sciency and Kevin Costner. Of course, I wasn't allowed to have posters in my room, so I just had to watch movies over and over.

Cathy said...

Did I fail to mention the Michael, River, Corey posters were LOCKER posters?:)

I do have to say that Clooney gets handsomer with age too.

Carpoolqueen said...


And Clooney.

And Brad, especially when he's with Clooney.

And the rest of your list except for Ashton, because I'm old.

Old enough for Clooney.

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

I always thought Chad Allen was cute...I can't remember the name of the show he was on but it's with the old man that does the insurance commercials now.

Top Gun, Tom Cruise...definitely!! and Zach...who didn't love Zach!

Becky said...

This is a GREAT list idea Amber!

Tom Cruise from Top Gun and The Firm...the movie poster hung in my room! George Strait, Tim McGraw, young Brad Pitt, Luke Perry from 90210, and Mario Lopez as A.C. Slater. I loved David James Elliot from the tv show JAG. Also, loved the Party of Five boys Scott Wolf and Matthew Fox who is still a HOTTIE on LOST!

Tiffani said...

oh dear!

I'm not that much older than you but some of these seem WAY younger than me! :)

Brad Pitt..Legends of the Fall..YUMMY!!

Doogie Howser is STILL hot to me!!

Kendra said...

Yeah, too bad Doogie's gay or I would have married him, too.

Go on line and find MPG on Jimmy Fallon this week, acting like he was Zach Morris. It was a weird flashback, and too funny!

Jennifer said...

I love, love, loved the original 90210. I totally agree w/ you about Jason Priestly. He was my fav.!

mimi said...

Oh I was an older woman(not much older!)but, I thought Brandon and Bailey were such cuties. Actually, are they my age? I'm going to have to google them. For a while, I was a faithful 90210 and Melrose Place watcher-true confession.

Christi said...

I feel so old, Caylie wouldn't have a clue who some of those guys are! :)

Check out my blog...I've got a little somethin' for ya!

Jim said...

What? No YODA of Star Wars? No HARRISON FORD of Star Wars and Indiana Jones? No STALLONE of Rocky and Rambo fame?

And what about rerun idols like JOHN WAYNE, GARY COOPER, CARY GRANT, ROY ROGERS, GENE AUTRY, JIMMY STEWART and the heroes of comedy - THE THREE STOOGES! Of course, RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN. And surely we can't forget the "king" -ELVIS! These last two, of course, had their pictures made with one who was in several home movies - yes, hold your applause - JIM-DAD!

Now, I know I've dated myself, but there were some greats back in the "dark ages".

Love you,

Libby said...

HAHA! This post made me laugh out! So funny!! =] I still watch saved by the bell if I can catch re runs

sprocket said...
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Anonymous said...

CPQ, you know that I have dibs on Clooney. This is a well-established fact.

I still miss "Party of Five."

Gretchen said...

I miss party of 5, too. Scott Wolf. Rrrreow! And China Beach. Wasn't there a cutie on that show? I know I'm forgetting his name. Anyhoo.

Lurved to watch 90210.

And who doesn't lurve George? Really. I'd step over Whimz and CPQ to get to him and smile like I hadn't seen them. In a really godly way, of course.

Emily said...

Oh, Zack Morris. *Sigh*