So....Part Deux

So.....we sent Keaton out to feed the dog.

And he found a snake. Yes. A snake. Keaton said it was a poisonous viper. The husband said it was just a black snake. I said that it might as well of been a viper. Because snakes are gross.

So....the husband totally rocked the whole hit-a-deer-with-his-truck thing.

What would normally cost a thousand dollars or so and take several weeks of the truck sitting in a garage owned by a mechanic named something like Hank or Norm who sports a nifty shirt with his name stitched on it wrapped around his beer belly, was fixed in entirety today and only cost $260. Because the husband might just be the luckiest person in the world. He found this guy with a wrecked truck that was the same model as his that let him come and strip the parts he needed off of it last night. He fixed it today after church. And will drive it to work tomorrow. I can't even figure out how to change the batteries in my flashlight.

So.....I cleaned out the refrigerator today.

And it was gross. Like chocolate syrup dripping down the side gross. And a Diet Dr. Pepper that got too cold and exploded in the back of the fridge gross. And old expired mayonnaise gross. But now it is clean. Until the next condiment catastrophe.

So....I joined in a game of baseball in the front yard this evening.

And Tate and I beat the other two boys. With help from the husband who was all-time pitcher. He may or may not have let us win...but either way, we devastated the older two rascals. Apparently it is not cool to be whooped up on by your mom and your baby brother. And apparently it also is not good parenting to taunt your children when you do the said whooping.

So....I did P90X last night. The YOGA session.

And I only lasted 20 minutes. Because I'm a wuss. And my body wasn't into Downward Dogging or Plank Positioning. And I've decided that the only thing I like about Yoga are the pants.

So....we went out to eat after church today with some of our best friends.

And I ate the best Italian food that I've eaten in ages. And I also tried to ignore the fact that I will have to sell my soul to the gym for the next 19 days to work off the eleventy thousand calories that I shoveled into my mouth with zero abandon today. But, it was oh so good. And I would do it all over again. Because it was just that good.

So....I still want that bowl of ice cream.

And I probably should go ahead and eat it, right? Because after that slurpaliscious cannelloni, what's 500 more calories. A drop in the bucket really.


Carpoolqueen said...

I cleaned baseboards, blinds, and bathrooms today. That was my P90X - the four hour version. I can barely lift my arms to type.

But I might could lift them for the Haagen Daz Vanilla Honey Bee ice cream I bought on our date night last night.

Wes said...

So..you sould also add that for fun, Keaton washed your house windows and both cars. Is he for hire?

Kendra said...

I ironed for 5 hours. I'm sure that counts as exercise somewhere.

I love yoga, hate the pants. We're total opposites, girl.

We ate italian, too. And I'm going for the ice cream soon. To cleanse the palate, you know.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I have requested that my family NOT notify me if they find a snake. Ignorance is bliss.

Also, best Italian food in ages and now I won't anything for days to make up for it.

But you should totally have that bowl of ice cream. Because you work out so you can do that.

What's this I hear about Keaton washing windows?! Caitlin did ALL my laundry today. Maybe we can work out a trade.

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

It was probably a chicken snake as we call them down here in Lousiana. Or a rat snake, if you want the proper name. :) They are good for killing pests around the house, but I still don't like them! We had a man from the zoo bring one to the library last week. It was pretty scary!

I keep hearing about this PX90 business. Maybe I need to see what it's all about! I love yoga pants, but really don't have the attention span to deal with yoga.

I ate a bowl of ice cream tonight and a piece of chocolate marshmallow cake. I'm thinking I really need to hit the gym hard this week to make a dent in what I ate this weekend!

I love your blog, btw! I don't remember how I found it today, but I have really enjoyed reading!


Jessica said...

So I guess snakes are my thing today. I ran over one this morning, got back from my parents' house around 10:30 this evening, went out to feed my dogs and found them attacking a copperhead. They got bitten and I'm wiggin' out, but everyone I've called told me they'd be okay. and then I come to the computer to reasearch copperhead bites to dogs and had to stop by and read your blog, first sentence is about snakes! boo for snake dreams =(
and did you eat at Little Italy? I've yet to try it. aaand congrats on the baseball whoopin'!

Anonymous said...

Here's what I don't understand about yoga: How can it be a calming, centering experience when I'm sweating and contorting and trying to figure out what in the world I'm supposed to be doing? Exactly how is that peaceful, pray tell?

mimi said...

Eat the ice cream...it's good for your smile muscles.

I think downward dog is what made Ross fall in the shower. It's a tricky pose ;)

Good Italian food...lovely.
Have a great day girl and let me know what flavor ice cream you choose!

Christi said...

Love me some Italian food, but can't quite say the same about yoga...or yoga pants...or snakes! :)

Tiffani said...

oh, this made me laugh.

My fridge is so disgusting and seriously the fact that would post about yours is all the more reason I love you...

My hubby is a P90X'er..I can't hang. I prefer to do a workout I can actually be minimally successful at and not become jelly in 2 seconds..and the pull-up parts? LAUGHABLE. Even with tax free cash offers over my head..not.even.one.

Gretchen said...

1. eeew...snakes
2. Italian food? Magnifico
3. Happy about the truck for you!
4. Commiserating with the fridge.
5. Slow Churned ice cream by Dreyers is fairly tasty and is 120 cal per 1/2 cup. You might want some emergency reserves.

christy rose said...

Hi Amber, I just stopped over from Sarah's blog, Splashin Glory. I really enjoyed reading through a few of your posts. Your boys are adorable. I have a couple that I think are pretty cute too and a few girls too. :) anyway, I would like to come back and continue to read and get to know you and your family better,
It was really nice getting to know you a little bit,

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Our husbands sound a lot alike in the ability to fix things and make them run. I'm a lot like you in that dept. too:)