What's Your Answer Wednesday?

I'm a bloglifter through and through. And I love a good party. So when I see a fun carnival, then I'm all in.

Linda over at Growin' With It hosts this one each Wednesday, and I like it. I like it a lot. Because I love being all up in everyone's business. So....leave your answers to my questions in my comments, then head over to Linda's place and check out all the other bloggity goodness.

1. What is the best Hide-n-Seek hiding spot in your house?

2. What color/pedi job are you sportin' on your toes right now? (Jim-Dad....since you are my only male reader, answer for mom.)

3. Beach or mountains?


Here are my answers....

1. Since the likelihood of any of you comin' over for a quick game of H&S is slim to nill, then I'll spill the goods. The best hiding spot...ever...is behind an antique cabinet in the living room that is turned caddy cornered. You can shimmy back behind it, and you are good to go. This is also a great place to hide when you have heard "MOM!" called for the twelvity-hundredth time in the same five minutes.

2. I'm still sportin' the leftover remains of my french pedi that I had done a million months ago on my Girls' Night Out. I have touched up the white tips a couple of times, but I'm holding out for my pedi appointment next week.

3. Beach. No ifs, ands, or buts. Me like-uh the sun.

Your turn!!!


mimi said...

1.Hide n seek..I'm going with .....my bathroom with the door locked. We only have the boring basic spots in our house...shower, closet, curtains.

2.I have a pinky-red-dy thing on my toes. Due for another coat. I just keep re-coating. Is that bad?

3. Beach!

Sara@i.Sass said...

Amber,nice to meet ya! Thanks for stopping by. Love your Blog name.
1)In our foyer closet I have a big old chest, and all of our winter coats hang in there. So you get up on the chest and hide yourself between and behind the jackets. I leave the light on so the kids know to look in there then when I hear I jump out, one of us always pees their pants. NEVER gets old.
2)OPI Gotta be pink. (looks like pepto bismal for toes.)

Lois Lane II said...

1. Hmm...if the dog is not sniffing around and giving away my spot, behind the counter, so when Hubby comes in, I can jump up and scare him, lol.

2. French pedi. =)

3. BEACH. I love, love, love water and the beach. I want to be there right now!!! I'll even take a swimming pool!

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

1. For me to hide probably in my closet behind all the long dresses, but for the girls we get rather inventive. One of the best is in the laundry hamper with laundry piled on top!

2. A lousy thrown on paint job done by myself on sunday morning. The color is Brown Pearl.

3. Beach seeing as how I am a Michigan girl and at any place in MI the Great Lakes are no more than 85 miles away! But if I could find me some mountians 85 miles away I would be there!

Carpoolqueen said...

I just had the neighbor kids over at my house for the last four hours.

They were playing hide and seek.

I'm too tired from picking up the resulting disaster to even answer.

Cathy said...

1) For me...any place I can get a moment of cotton pickin' quiet.
For the kids...our crazy bedroom closet that opens up into our closet and into the laundry room.

2) I like to call it "Sand paper on a Winter's Morn"...maybe I should schedule my bi-annual pedi...

3) Right now? Beach, baby. Shall we meet in Hawaii or the Caribean??

Tiffani said...

1) gosh, I think probably my closet cause you can climb on tops of the piles of shtuff and hide up in the hanging clothes..or under the daybed.

2) Mimi, I'm with you..layers upon layers of this berry pearly fuschia Love My 97 cent Nails brand...the polish as we speak is so chipped..they need some love..

3) beach right now but I DO love the mountains too..especially in the fall...

Lindsay said...

1. What is the best Hide-n-Seek hiding spot in your house?

Behind my computer desk.

2. What color/pedi job are you sportin' on your toes right now?

None whatsoever...

3. Beach or mountains?

Love both but in the heat of the summer... Mountains.

Jessica said...

1. The best hiding spot in our house would probably be in my closet. At least, that's where the cat used to hide from the dog before she packed up and moved to my parents'. I'm sure Justus will come up with better places when the time comes.

2. My tootsies are naked. I have had only 2 pedicures in my entire life. Someone needs to clue my husband in on the importance.

3. Beach, baby.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Fun meme, Amber.

I played hide n seek today with my neighbors kids that were over. I was putting the sheets back on my bed so I just covered up a 4 year old with pillows in the floor and NO ONE found him for four rounds. Finally gave us. I wish I was small enough to be covered up by pillows. It might take every pillow in my house and yours to accomplish that.

I'm a clear polish girl.

And give me the mountains!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

finally gave UP. not us. i'm exhausted. good night.

Mich said...

In my closet...I don't know, you would have to ask your kids, because they were the last ones to play it here.

pink...have no clue the name.

I'm not a swimmer or a hiker, but I appreciate the beauty of both...might have to get back to you on that one.

Growin' with it! said...

well hey there amber...nice ta meetcha! ☺ and aww shucks...thanks for playing!

1. the top of our hall cabinet. the spot where i store blankets. but, umm, yeah...i'd NEVER fit up there!

2. dark, dark brown...can't think of the name at the moment.

3. beach baby. growing up here in oregon i truly do appreciate the mountains but i am a bathing beauty wannabe!

Jim said...

1. Probably your mother's walk-in closet.

2. Mom says "Spiced latte"!

3. You know me - the mountains!


Michele said...

What a fun meme!

1. In my laundry room there is the door that goes under the stairs. it is a GREAT spot!!

2. I am in DESPERATE need of a pedi. . . right now I have on this dark pink color, but I want a frenchie.

3. I am a beach baby. . . 'cause me like-uh the sun too!

Andrea said...

1. Behind the huge reclining chair in my bedroom. It's in the corner and until recently there was a artificial tree behind it. Now it's just really, really dusty back there until I fix that. Next week. No maybe next year.

2. A darkish pink. Done by me. Several layers because I end up doing several touch ups before I break out the polish remover and start over!

3. Mountains. Maybe. The sun and I have a hard time getting along.

Nina Diane said...

1) best hiding spot is probably somewhere in the garage since it's so piled up with JUNK!! You could actually get lost in there.

2) Pink.......

3) hands down....the BEACH!!!

wait, I think I hear it calling my name.......

Gretchen said...

1. under the computer desk
2. pinky-coral. Don't love it. It's a self job until I can get to a pedi appt s.o.o.n.
3. Beach, but mtns are a close 2nd. And if you can see the mtns from the beach or see the beach from the mountains? So much the better. :)

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

1. Best hide & seek spot in our house would be my closet...climb the attic ladder and perch on top of the built in cabinet in there...great spot

2. I too am sportin' a pedi from girls night out a few weeks...months ago...yea..need to freshen that up before I go to Chicago next week...but it's hot pink..whats left of it

3. Definitely the beach! I hate swimsuits, but I love water & sunshine...& the smell of saltwater...& sand...and and and