Super Fun Vaca -- Day 2

So. After waking up at 6:30 in the morning on Day 2 of Super Fun Vaca (What?! I thought I was on vacation??!?!), our group finally straggled downstairs for a breakfast of the most expensive strawberries and pineapple I have ever eaten in my life. The next time I pay $10 for a couple of chunks of fruit will be....uh. Never.

The whole purpose behind our little dash about Nashville was for the wedding of two of our great buddies. And we had a few hours to kill inbetween the sell-your-kidney buffet and the nuptials.

So we headed into downtown Nashville. The CMA Festival was going on this weekend in Music City, so the place was hoppin'. There were people everywhere, and there was music pumping out of just about every doorway around. Very fun.

So fun that even Elvis showed up.

And asked me to take my picture with him. I checked my watch and decided that I had a couple of minutes to oblige the ole' hounddog.

Elvis was so nice that he even let Kirk be in the picture with him. So thoughtful that King.

Kirk was so excited about his brush with stardom that he decided that he needed to channel a little star power himself.

Something about a man in red guitar glasses that makes me just plain happy.

The other guys were jealous of Kirk's ability to rock the Nashville, so they decided that they would give it a shot.

Here's Wes. Ain't he something?

And Eric. Whom we had to all but hog tie to get the hat on his head. He looks pleased as punch.

Heading back to the car, I spotted the most wonderful sign.

Let me tell you a little something about Panera. I've been reading about this little drop of heaven all over the blogosphere, but being from Podunktown, A.R., I don't get out much. So, I had no idea of what magnificence my blogeeps spoke. So, when I saw the sign, I was left with no choice but to drag my posse (at least those members of the male persuasion) in kickin' and screamin'. All the way up to the counter. Where I ordered this.

Let me tell ya. You girls weren't kidding. That was some good stuff.

And because all three of us girls were so darn excited about tasting a piece of the blog world in which we are so deprived of in the sticks, we took a picture. Naturally.

And the boys rolled their eyes at us. Because they think we're crazy anyway. And then made smart-alect comments about jumping off bridges if our blogeeps did. Um. Yes. I probably would. Thank you very much. Step off, Mister Husband.

Now full of the most divine broccoli and cheese soup evuh, we jetted back to the hotel to gussy up for the wedding.

Rachel and Aaron are so special to us. Aaron is the rascals' pediatrician, but even more than that, he is a great friend. We go to church together, and have shared many a good giggle on many an occasion. Rachel is his precious new wife, and we are so excited about welcoming her all the way into our small town family.

Their wedding was so beautiful. She was gorgeous. He was dapper. And the ceremony was precious.

I love weddings.

The reception was lots of fun! The food was amazing. And the dancing was loads of fun! Aaron had handpicked all of the songs just for the reception, so it was a GREAT time....because Mr. Pursuing Pineapple knows how to throw a party!!!

Look at us, all dressed up in our wedding clothes! That's Lori and her baby in the picture with us. Golly. You can't really tell in this picture, but Lori is pregnant. And we had loads of fun trying to help her pick out a name for her bambino! For some reason, I don't think she liked our ideas.

Lisa, Steph, and I made us some snazzy reception flip flops. Aren't they the cutest?

The thought behind them was that we could wear them when we danced.....they didn't get worn much. At least I didn't wear mine. Because I didn't really dance. In fact, the only time I really shook my groove thing was when we called the Hogs and sang the Razorback Fight Song. Woo Pig Sooie!

Eric, however....different story.

That would be him. And the Electric Slide.

And I guess he had so much fine sliding, that he started posing for pictures.

So. Eric is my official winner of the Amber's Pick For Posse Member Who Busted Out of Their Shell the Most At the Wedding of the Pineapple Pursuers.

Eric, you have already received your prize. And it was "UGLY". You're welcome.

One thing that the rest of my crew discovered this weekend, that I have always known, is that Kirk NEVER smiles for pictures. Like never ever. Ever. So....here we are. Sans a smile from the other half.

And here are the girls. All smiling. Of course.

And here is my most favorite picture of the whole night. Because I think the fellas attempting the G.Q. thing is just funny.

The evening didn't end with the wedding. We decided to head back to downtown Nashville and see what (or who!) we could see! With all the country music hoopla this weekend, we were hoping for some star encounters.

Didn't happen.

Except we did feel a little starish when we hired a limo to take us downtown. Don't get all excited. It was cheaper than a taxi...go figure. And we thought it would be fun.

And it was.

It even had disco lights.

And apparently was also a terrible picture-taking atmosphere.

We did find some great live music downtown though. We went to the Wild Horse Saloon and listened to a couple of different country bands. Nobody you would know, but we really liked the first one we heard. But, my favorite part was when the entire place stood up and danced the YMCA. I'm just not sure it gets better than that.

Unless, of course, it has to do with buffalo wings in a guitar shaped dish. Which Lisa was particularly fond of.

So....there you have it. Super Fun Vaca -- Day 2. Over and out.

Stay tuned for Super Fun Vaca -- Day 3. Good times.


Gretchen said...

You are a mover and shaker, and looking adorable in your wedding outfit. So glad you're getting some time away with the hubby! Can't wait to tune in for more. :)

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!! And more Fun!!!!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Two things:

1. The Fuji Chicken salad from Panera is TO DIE FOR. I always get the Pick Two, with a salad/sandwich. Try that next time, 'kay?

2. My kids have the Electric Slide on their ipods. And they make us all do it together from time to time. Super fun. And super funny!

Loved living vicariously thru you guys this weekend!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Ok...I'm here in defense of E....or at least to make his comments.

He said thanks for the prize...but it could have been better!

Also, he needed a bigger hat b/c he has such a big head!

And he was glad he was semi skinny for the pics!

Kendra said...

Glad you commented first about Kirk not smiling, because I noticed that. A lot. No worries, because Wayne will NEVER smile while showing his teeth. Don't know why, but there you have it. Men just don't make sense!

Cathy said...

Yes, I DID notice Mr. Hijacker of Blog's Man not smiling. ever. but I wasn't about to say anything about it...:)

And is it bad that not only am I a little jealous that now one more person has been to this beloved Panera that I, also, have never been to, but that I'm also really, really, really, REALLY wishing I was on that trip?! ...oh and meeting you, of course...because I'm even MORE convinced now that we would have a rockin' time together.

Keep the Vaca play by play comin'! I'm on pins and needles to see what lovely dress you'll wear next!

Jim said...

The rascals aren't up yet - 6 am here - so haven't shown them their 'rents a rockin' in music town. I will though! Imagine a vac' that begins "so early" and, understandably, ends "so late"! I, too, and looking forward to VacaDay3. Hey, got a ring to it!

Have fun!

buscher3 said...

I wondered if you guys headed to Aaron's wedding. I didn't realize Murfreesborough (probably butchered that spelling) was so close to Nashville. They look so happy!

Carpoolqueen said...

Next time you are at Panera, get the cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese.

You're welcome.

mimi said...

I was all set to mention your dress...and then realized that each comment I have made about your vaca includes a bag or dress. I am sorry! Sheesh...but, BTW...love that dress!

Will you come to NY and go shopping with me??

Mich said...

Another cute dress!!!

Glad you had fun. You so deserve it!

Love ya!

Michele said...

I LOVE the glasses, Panera Bread, the shoes, and your dress! I also love reading about your vacation!!! Oh. . . and I love to shake my groove thing too!

Elizabeth said...

Another great day!

Is there not a Panera in LR?