So, Amber. Whatcha Been Up To?

Why thankie for asking.

1. I've been at home. Like actual home. Not just home - town. But, home home. Most of you know of the miracle in which I speak, because spending more than 4 hours of daylight in this house where I receive my mail is way.too.rare.

2. My internet has gone all jabberwonky on me. While I've been at home. Which means zero time on the computer and lots of time in the laundry room. Thank poptarts for Rosie...she has kept me all aTwitter and aFaceBooked.

3. Because of the breakdown of society as I know it internet going on hiatus, I was actually able to get all of my laundry caught up. I've been spending muy mucho time in the purplaliscious laundry room, and I likey. Well. I don't likey the doing of the laundry, but I likey the result. Nothin' like clean undies put away in their drawers.

4. I actually cooked last night. Thanks, I'm sure, to the whole internet catastrophe. But my family was fed a full meal. Too bad the children cried through dinner because the food was "gross." I now realize that I have brought their food snobbery on myself. But probably am not going to do anything about it. Because chicken nuggets and the blue box are just easy....especially now that the internet has been healed.

5. I had a highly entertaining conversation with Tiffani the other night. She decided that I sound like I am 12 (go ahead...call me...so you can hear me in all my tweenishness, too), and I decided that I heart her more now than I even did before. Because when you can hold a 2 hour conversation about nothing and everything all at the same time.....then you are friends for life. Fo' sho'.

6. I walked out on the deck last night to grab a bag of trash that I had set out there while I was cleaning yesterday (yes...I cleaned....another upside of the computer being out of commission), and a beady eyed nastified skunk was staring me in the face. I slammed the garage door in his pint-sized peepers and ran into the house to give the husband a dirty look. The husband responded by laughing at me. Love you, too, honey.

7. I'm trying to vacation plan. We want to take the rascals on a vaca all of their own, and I've been busy researching our dirt cheap best family friendly options. We're looking at Washington D.C. or camping. I know....totally in the same category, huh? But after we stock up on all the smore supplies to feed a small army, we just about have our plane tickets to DC covered. We'll see.

I'm off to take the rascals to the lake today. This will be our first visit all summer, and we are OVERDUE. Our family usually lives at the lake during the summertime, but thanks to the heavy flooding and our way.too.busy schedules, we've had to postpone our trips. Really looking forward to the picnicking and the sunapy today. Not so much looking forward to all the sand in my car afterwards....but I'll deal.

Hope your day is groovy and rad.


mimi said...

Laundry catch up is good!! I'm going to try that myself. I always have a pile of clean, unfolded clothes...always. Plus there are always piles of dirty clothes.

My boys have an obsession with skunks...fear and interest. They would have gone nuts. We drove by one while in our car the other day....I thought they would have heart attacks, poor things.

S'mores sound good right now!

Tiffani said...

AWWWWWWWW!! We DID have fun didn't we?! It should be a daily thing (well not necessarily 2 hours b/c the rascals/bear/belle would suffer)...

Hope the lake is super dee dooper fun today...it's craft day for us.

Kudos on the laundry and I want to Daisy to straighten her act up! you know you miss the squeaking door! ;)

Love ya Mucho Grande.

Kendra said...

Aaaah, I miss the lake. Say hi to it for me. The only body of water around here is the Mighty Mississippi, and I'm not swimming in it.

Skunks, again? Kirk the mighty skunk hunter had better get out his trusty shot gun again!

May I suggest St. Louis for a fun cheap vacay. Cardinal's baseball, Six Flags, The Magic House, The City Museum (trust me, rascals will love it!), Grant's Farm, the arch, a free zoo. AND you can visit your family and little ole me along the way. Just a thought.

Jessica said...

yay for clean laundry! You can come do mine if your internet goes on hiatus again.although my walls are just plain ol' white, so it's not all that exciting. And hooray for the lake! We have been there everday since we got home from our little trip, and are going back today! what beach will ya be at, we'll swing by and pick ya up in the boat!

Mich said...

Want to do a sister a favor and come do her laundry? I'll try to get a hold of you later as to possible "road trip" days.

Enjoy the lake.

Carpoolqueen said...

I would have screamed like a twelve year old if I saw a skunk outside.

And the lake? Spent many a day there (and we won't talk about late nights).

Jim said...

I wondered why your blogsite was so quiet. I do look forward to your offerings from day to day - it keeps us up on your goings-on and just "base-touching" for the latest on the rascals. They kind of got under our skin, so to speak!

So looking forward to our family vacation in July in E. Tenn.

Later, with Love,

Emily said...

Isn't it amazing how much you can accomplish when the internet is down! haha

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

ok...so people actually get caught up on laundry?? Really? Cause I was quite sure that was some urban legend...

Enjoy the lake!!

Gretchen said...

I wish we had a lake nearby. But we don't. So I'll settle for reading about yours. And sun, too. Our summer is scheduled to return on schedule on July 5th.

Empathy over the "gross" comment about the hard earned dinner. The choir sings similarly in these parts.