So....I've finished off my 2nd week at the gym.

And I am officially more tired now than I ever was before. That whole thing about exercise giving you energy is a crock.

So....I went to Pilates class on Friday.

And I dropped my weights, made a loud crash, and gave everyone the gym giggles. And now I hurt. All over. That's what I get for being class clown.

So....Tate had his last t-ball game last night.

And he got a "tro-fee" from Coach Dad. And I think he is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen....NFL eye patches and all.

So....my besties and I took our wild bunch of rascals to see UP.

And I cried. Because it was sweet. And I'm a sucker for a love story. Even if it was all about a grumpy old man that reminded me of Walter Matthau.

So....the husband hit a deer today.

And it messed up the entire front end of his truck. As I type this he is on his way to buy a truck that he is going to take apart for the parts. And we will be that redneck family who has half a truck sitting in their yard. I'm sure that there will even be concrete blocks involved.

So....the husband didn't bring the deer home and cut it up for meat.

And I'm shocked. Because that is usually how he rolls.

So....the kids are going to a local church's VBS next week.

And I'm going to have 3 hours to myself every single day. And I'll pretend to be sad when I drop them off every day.

So....I really want a bowl of icecream.

And I might just eat one.


Alison said...

Do they still do that 15 minute Ab Bootcamp class? That was absoulutely killer!!! I went thinking, "yeah...a 15 minute class is going to be real hard" (sarcasm intended). I got my butt kicked and was sore for a week.

Tiffani said...

So...this post was super fun to read.

So...can't believe you did Pilates..it's killer but girl it works it's my fave workout.

So...I'm proud of Tater Tot's tro-fee.

So...hope Hubs gets the truck fixed. pronto.

So...I can't remember what else I was gonna say.

So...I'll go for now.

Mich said...

Love ya!

Carpoolqueen said...

So...I just ate ice cream, so I'll gain all the weight. You can just sit there and be a skinny redneck.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm not even gonna comment on the exercise stuff so I'll just skip to saying...

Sorry about the truck/deer.

Congrats to Tate.

We saw UP today and I cried too.

Eat that ice cream, girl. You may have jumped on the exercise bandwagon, but surely you haven't jumped on the health wagon too? ;)

Jennifer said...

Eat the ice cream...you're a gym rat now!!

Love the pic of Tate and Coach Dad...and the tro-fee!!

Sorry Coach Dad hit a deer...can't wait to see the half truck in your yard!! LOL!!

Love ya!!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

I've got the munchies...I can't get enough to eat...maybe that's why I can't lose any weight. We are not working out for nothing....we can do it....even if we are hurting so bad.

Did CPQ just call you a REDNECK? Reminder...Susan you once lived here too...so.....

Thanks to K for all the hard work this season to make our TBALL season the BEST!

I heart TATER TOT!

mimi said...

That picture is ADORABLE! That's one that you'll display at his wedding. Y'know what I'm talking about? So cute.

Our pick-up has almost 200,000 miles and was hit by a milk truck...big 'ol dent on the side. My friends laugh when I pull up in it, all dressed up and jump out! Love old pickups. Maybe we are NY rednecks??

I think I'm the only one I know NOT doing VBS. Enjoy your 3 hr break ;) And enjoy that ice cream!

Glo said...

I am sorry for the gym thing.....hopefully it will get better for you.

You little boy is soooooo adorable!

I took my daughter and one of her friend's and mom to see UP too Saturday. It was really good, but I know what you mean about crying. That poor old man. Miranda and her friend wouldn't keep their 3-D glasses on though. They were even big for me, so I don't blame them for being aggravated at them. I had her sit on my lap and held her glasses on her face towards the last of the movie.

I would love some ice cream too, but I don't have any here. I love, love, love ice cream!!!

Cathy said...

I was going to call you "Redneck" too, but if you're one, my Arkansas abiding Grandma is too and I just can't bring myself to call someone who's as sweet as "pah", says ya'll and "bless her heart" and "he's a mess" all while fryin' up some okra a redneck.

So...I'll still call you kindred spirit and ask you when the heck we're gonna talk about our plans to meet?!

Lori Motl said...

So...I gotta go see Up!

My kids are going to VBS...FBC. I hate to miss FUMC!

Sorry about the truck.

Just eat a little bowl!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo for fellow "Up" criers!

Nina Diane said...

I'm with you.....that whole working out thing is wearing me out!!

Gretchen said...

Need to see Up.

Sorry about your gym experience, but proud of you for your fortitude.

Sorry about and for the deer. I thought it was dogs who ran in the middle of the road in AR.

Tate is scrumptious.