I Can Move the Furniture Into That Gap In Sawyer's Teeth

Tonight the husband asked me if I would start moving all the furniture junk out of our bedroom in preparation for the big remodel that he has in his head.

I say "in his head" because I don't really have any idea what exactly is going to take place.

I think new flooring is involved. And new walls. And new paint. And my favorite...new bedding!

But apparently we have to totally empty our room for the rehaul. Here's my beef with the whole situation....

Our house is as small as my pinkie.

We have a giant goose egg on the storage space.

And, well, my house is small, and we have no storage.

So...when talk of hauling everything out of my bedroom out for a "let's do it ourselves, although I work full-time" remodel...I'm less than a little enthusiastic.

Because I know what it is going to mean.

  1. The only space for our furniture is the hallway. And I can already envision my antique chest-of-drawers being used as a jungle gym.
  2. The bed has to come out because of the new flooring. This means we are going to take over Keaton's bed. And I hate his bed. With a passion.
  3. Although the husband is uber-talented and resourceful when it comes to all things handy-man-ish, he still works a full-time job. And last time I checked, hours don't grow on trees. Which means this little project isn't going to be done in a day.
  4. And I hate Keaton's bed. With a passion.
  5. I'm going to have to pick out a paint color. And that stresses me out.
  6. Before I pick paint, I need to pick new bedding. And though it makes me giddy, it, too, stresses me out.
  7. And I'm going to have to move all my clothes out of my closet. To where, exactly, I'm not sure.
  8. Or I can just wear the exact same thing for the duration of the remodel.
  9. And I hate Keaton's bed.
  10. And I'm probably going to have to sleep on it all summer.

So....HOORAY for the husband and his wanting to do something nice for me.

BOORAY for me being so skeptical that this project is actually going to get finished anytime soon.

So....will I be moving furniture out of here tomorrow? Probably not.

But I might spend the day surfing the net for cute bedding and perusing websites for decorating inspiration.

That's being helpful.....right?


In totally unrelated news, but it is just so darn funny-looking.....Sawyer lost another tooth. And now he has a ginormous hole in the front of his head.

And I'm going to cook spaghetti tomorrow night just to see what he does with the noodles!! :)


Jessica said...

I had the great idea to redo (or is it re-do?)my little girl's room. I started today. I would suggest not moving everything out, but instead just scooting it out of your way as you go. So what if the carebears get covered in "true turquoise" paint, at least you didn't have to move everything out! and i love that you're using the spaghetti and your toothless one for a little entertainment =)

Michele said...

I have missed reading your blog Rascal Raiser!!! The gap in S's mouth is PRECIOUS!!!

Okay, the remodel thing? Totally getting you there and my husband works for himself . . . which lately has meant working on this house . . . which he doesn't get paid for!! But it tends to be moving so very slow . . . and he's working on the house all day.

So, with all that being said . . . I'm glad you are prepared. . . prepared that projects take longer than expected.

But. . . on the super-de-dooper bright side . . . how cool is it going to be having a new bedroom?!? You are going to so love it!!! It will be worth sleeping on Keaton's bed when it is all finished!

Decorating is my thing . . . I wish I could help you chosing your bedspread and your paint color. Good Luck! I can't WAIT to see how it turns out!

Jim said...

Speaking in my persona as Mark Twain, you've got a real "Tom" Sawyer there, flashing that badge of honor. I can see him in the role in a production of the story. We may have to write up a short play - now, let's see, would Keaton be Huckleberry Finn or would Tate? We'll see!

Now, I know your comfort zone will be uncomfortable for a time, but I agree with Michele that it will just make the anticipation better for your "new" digs! It's like living here while your mansion's gettin' ready up there! Right? It will be heavenly, don'tchaknow?

Tell Kirk I "emphathize" with him. I've been workin' on mom's honeydo list the last few days. I'm gettin' there, along with VBS, keepin' up on the church, and trying to think about preps for the OT class I teach in the fall. Boy, I'm looking forward to our vacation in TN with you'all in just 8 weeks!

Love ya,

Carpoolqueen said...

You could not pay me to sleep in my boys' beds.

And picking paint color? Second only to picking out carpet on the stress-o-meter. But you'll love it when it's done, for you are Amber, Queen of your Castle.

The Bowden's said...

You could move your stuff all the way to Germany and then have to sleep on the most uncomfortable bed ever for 3 or 4 weeks. :) Remodels are always a stresser for me too.

Anonymous said...

I'm already excited about the great reveal....even if I have to hear about it from my nursing home.

Kendra said...

Yeah! Remodle! Boo the mess it brings! Yeah! Picking out new paint colors and bedding! Can I help!!!!

Love the snagglepuss. Too cute

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

1. Sawyer is too cute!

2. What's wrong with Keaton's bed and if it's so bad why oh why do you make him sleep in it?

3. Yippee! for new bedding!

4. Yippee! for new paint!

5. Yippee! for new flooring!

6. Boo! for moving all your stuff and interminable projects. I'll send Wes over to help. I'll be glad to come cheer them on.

mimi said...

Maybe you could just get new bedding?

But, if you are really wanting new everything...go for it. Just get started and the quicker it will all be done!! And, you will be thrilled when it's done. Keep your eye on the prize!

Blue is a great bedroom color...pale blue, nice and relaxing. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it. :)

Nina Diane said...

yuck.....i hate having to live with all of that discombulation! Hopefully, it won't be for long

Mich said...

The picture is great! I love that boy with a passion!!! He gives the best hugs ever!

I can't remember...is Keaton's bed the same size as yours? Can you change mattresses? If and when it happens...

Love ya!

Tiffani said...

BOORAY?! I LOVE it, Junie B!! Cracking me up!!

I just wish I HAD a house to remodel...so, enjoy it all you can.

Excited to hear/see options and pics.

I may have said this 933908 times already but did you know that my almost 9 year old has not lost.one.single.solitary.tooth.on his own? He had the bottom four pulled and only TWO have come in in their place...He's gonna be a snaggle tooth in middle school!!!

Sawyer is proud as plum, ain't he?! The Tooth Fairy may be gray, retired and BROKE by the time we need her!

Gretchen said...

After having just moved my upstairs down to my downstairs, and back up to the upstairs again for new carpeting...I EMPATHIZE.

But it's worth it.

Perhaps an airmattress?


buscher3 said...


1. That gap is huge! And the spaghetti thing, cruel, but hilarious! Something I'd definitely do.

2. How cool is it, though, that you get your room remodeled? I keep the main part of our house clean and tidy, except for the ocean of toys of course, but our room? A total disaster area. Too many things stuffed in it and it's just a plain mess. I'd love to have a remodel in their just to motivate me to keep it clean.

Christi said...

My vote would be to scoot everything to the middle for paint day/days, and then move it back until flooring day/days...then you will probably have to deal with the overhaul... but it might only be for a weekend that way. :)

Either way, a room makeover is reason to cheer! I love to redecorate!

It will be worth it when you are relaxing in your new and improved bedroom!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I laughed out loud at "BOORAY". Sounds like a fun room re-do. Get Lisa to help you with the decorating part...she's good at that.

Also, I'm way behind on commenting here.
1. You're very normal.
2. Good for you for getting your booty to the gym. You're WAY ahead of me!