Give Him Back!

Alright, who stole my genie and my magic lamp?

I need it back....pronto.

I have 3 wishes that I need granted, and I can't find it anywhere.

Just in case you are in possession of my genie, let him know that I need:

  1. All my laundry done by bedtime. I don't feel like staying up late tonight, but apparently my family feels like they need things like clean underwear and socks....ugh, they can be so demanding sometimes!
  2. All the suitcases packed by bedtime with the clean undies and socks inside. I don't feel like staying up waiting on the dryer to buzz just so that I can pack a SpiderMan bag with SpongeBob under-roos.
  3. A really fast trip to Kentucky tomorrow. The drive to Grammy and Poohpa's is long enough without having two parents (who are grouchy from working all day) confined in a small enclosed space with three also grouchy (from being at school all day) kiddos. And I have a feeling that no amount of Sour Straws and Bug Juice is going to help this trip!

So, with our Labor Day trip to my parents' house fast approaching and with me having done NOTHING in preparation for it.....

I really need that lamp. Please give him back.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

If I did have your genie, I'd have a hard time giving him back, but sorry, no genie here.

Have fun on your trip!!!

Mich said...

When you find your genie can I borrow him for three wishes of my own? I really wish all "my stuff" would be done so I could go to Grammy's with you. :(
don't have too much fun without me!

Poohpa said...

"I dream of Genie" too. Ja-ged-it?
Sometimes I just stand looking at the mountain of stuff that I know I have created, and should have organized piece by piece, and after checking to see that I am unobserved, either "wiggle my nose" or do an "alley-kazam or some such" with my imaginary wand, shut my eyes, then open them to behold the Mr. Genie Clean guy with an ordered space! However, it seems that just buying "his brand" is no magic lamp - elbow grease is still required to get him to slip out of the bottle. "Ja-ged-it?"

Mom's been into the "grease" and I've used a bit of it totin' and stackin' for your visit tonight! Be safe!

Love Ya,

Jennifer said...

Hope you find your genie. Wish I had one! Have a good trip!

Stephanie said...

Bring your laundry over here...It'll take me a few hours and it'll be done by the time you get home. I know this sounds weird but I actually am starting to enjoy laundry. I think it may be one of my favorite chores.

I have done all of our laundry this morning including ironing. All I have to do is put up one load and I'll be done.

Next time....call me...I'm serious...I know that sounds weird.

Lisa said...

I just want to comment on Steph's comment...that IS weird! She not only likes doing laundry...she also irons? What is an iron?! BTW, if you find your genie, can I borrow her/him when you're done?