My in-laws gave me the most amazing anniversary present. Yah, yah....I know. Anniversary presents are supposed to be for both of us, but this one was really for me.

I can usually read his mom like a book, but she TOTALLY surprised me with this one. I had no idea that she and my father-in-law had been busy as beavers scanning and copying all their old family photos and all of Kirk's baby pictures. She put them all in an album, complete with names and dates.....it is such a treasure.

I have poured over each and every picture -- giggling at my mother-in-law's hairstyles and cat glasses, snickering at my father-in-law's purple plaid blazer, and guffawing at my brother-in-law's Miami Vice Don Johnson white suits and tank tops. I've grown misty-eyed looking at the old black-n-whites of Kirk's grandparents....like his Grandpa's war photo....those get me every time. Then there are the pictures of Kirk in Jr. High wearing jams and hightops.....I want to remain married, so I'm not going to post them (but, oh, how I want to!). There are even pictures of Kirk and me when we first started dating....I was baby-faced, blonde haired, and had my hair in a ponytail tied with a white ribbon.....seems like ages ago.

This is the one that gets me though.....

This is Kirk in the 1st Grade.

And this is Tate.

Can you believe how much Tate looks like him? Twins, I tell ya, twins. Look at those dimples....there is no denying this one, Kirk!! :)

Thank you, Joyce & Eli, for such a precious gift and for being so super sneaky....love it.


Anne said...

Wow!!! That is so neat! You are absolutely right about them being twins:).

Kristin said...

Exactly alike! How neat!

Jim said...

You can almost project what Tate will look like in another 20. Mustache, goatee and all. Sharp!
A great gift, for sure.

Jo said...

What a wonderful gift! It's amazing...I always thought Tate got his dimples from his Grammy! Now I realize that he is a "mini-Kirk! The resemblence is amazing!!

Aunt Jo

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Wow...I do see Keaton in that pic too though.

Jo said...

Yes, I agree with Stephanie. I see Keaton in Kirk's pic, too. I guess he and Tate got more of the Goodrum looks, and Sawyer....he's definitely a Bryant...I see Poohpa (when he was young) in his face.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

OMG...the resemblance is amazing!