Ever had a day where things are just off?

I don't mean off as in you giggle about things you wouldn't usually crack a grin at, or you eat something new for the first time and then either someone makes you laugh so it comes out your nose or you end up spitting it in a napkin only to have the preparer ask to borrow the napkin (both of which have happened to me...horrifying, I know).

No, I mean off in that you aren't even yourself. Totally an off day.

Started out with a bizarre little incident here at the house. Sorry to be so vague here, but it is in everyone's best interest...namely mine. I mean....really bizarre. Did something today that I've never done (but totally not in the good way) and then turned around and did something that I've never done (in the totally good way) to patch it...if you can call it that. Off.

Spent an afternoon of watching the clock run down time and not knowing at all where it went. I have so many projects to work on that just keep my family going that are so totally neglected. Projects like clean underwear and a dinner that consists of something other than a bag of SpiderMan fruit snacks... Off.

Have so much work to do on special orders for Nola Mae, but can't even get out of this chair to go work on it. It's like I'm glued. It isn't that I don't have the energy...I'm not a bit tired....just can't make myself do it. So instead, I'm sitting here watching VeggieTales even though every person in my house that is under the age of 9 is sleeping....again, can't get out of the chair to do anything about it, and the remote is lost in my couch. Off.

My dad threw a sermon my way this morning via the comment page on humbleness....maybe that is what this day is about....


I guess everyone needs a day of humility to ground them.....I just wish mine wasn't today....when I had so much to do.

If I could relive this day....I totally would. I would have not been bizarre this morning, and I would have chunked the clock and just buckled down. I would have climbed my Laundry Everest, and I would have at least cooked a hot dog for the poor children. I would also have pendants out to dry and in my jammies watching a good movie by now.


Still no clean undies....and still watching Larry.


Jim said...

Wow! In the words of Irkle, "Did I do that?" My words were meant for encouragement, not to cause you any discouragement. Can I take them back? I really do value what you are doing and the passion you have had in the doing of it. I love you, Babe!

Jo said...

Everyone has "off" days, so I wouldn't worry about it. Perhaps you just needed a little down time. You've been so busy lately, getting ready for your first "showing", working, preparing for Thanksgiving, and taking care of your family. Who WOULDN'T need a little respite from all that? I'm proud of you!

Love you.
Aunt Jo
p.s. What happened to Sunday's blog?

Mich said...

Oh no... I sold more Nola Mae. Is that a good thing?

Sorry you had an "off" day. I love ya!