Feeling a little panicky.

Tomorrow is Ribbons and Bows...my very first craft show. I've got a booth all set up and all my pendants are in place. I'm sharing my booth with Pet Panache, my friend Lisa's brilliant line of all things fantastically doggie (and kitty).

The booth looks very snappy...thanks to Lisa, and I've got about 200 pendants ready to go. But, panic is settling in the pit of my stomach.

I'm terrified that no one will buy anything and I'm going to come away feeling totally discouraged and down-trodden. Surely this is what everyone feels their first bull out of the shoot.

We'll see, I guess.....I'm sure that after a totally sleepless night and a few rounds of cold sweats, I'll feel much better!

*If you live in the area...come see us! My great friend, Stephanie, will have her very precious Addie Mae items there, too.*


Jennifer said...

Oh, don't worry! You'll do GREAT!! Sleep well!

Jo said...

I wish I could be there to visit your booth. I'm sure that you will do very well! Good luck, sweetie!
Aunt Jo

Jim said...

Butterflies are a part of everyone's make-up who has a passion to do their best - every time that best is attempted! If it is not fluttering around, it has never left it's cocoon, or it is just inching it's way along, mainly eating. You definitly have left the cocoon in so many ways, have spread your beautiful wings and flown to my pride. So from this "Butterfly Dad" to my youngest "Butterfly Daughter", here's a "butterfly kiss" to encourage your flight today.