Kind of Grinchy

Christmas is sneaking up on me.....and fast. I've been so wrapped up in projects, sickness, and exhaustion that I'm missing the whole precious process of the Season. I feel like I'm missing the fun in all of the little things that make this time of year so memorable and special to me. I almost feel like I'm in one of those crazy time warp things where I'm in slow motion, and everyone around me is going on like normal.

I wrapped some presents tonight only because it was finally time to get them out of my car....and it wasn't even fun. I love wrapping presents....I hated that I wasn't loving it tonight.

I haven't baked one batch of Christmas cookies. I love baking Christmas cookies and goodies....I hate that my kitchen isn't covered in Almond Bark and sprinkles.

Those presents I wrapped? Only 10 of them....that's all I've done. 10. I love Christmas shopping and take such pride in detailed check lists and choosing the perfect gifts.....I hate that now I've backed myself into such a corner that I'm going to be forced to do everything last minute and in town *shudder*.

My house is a wreck. I love having a clean house during the holidays (even more than any other time of the year). I love seeing our stockings hanging on a mantel that is gleaming with Pledge, my tree and presents (even if it is just 10) sitting on a floor where you can still see the vacuum lines in the carpet, and....well....even being able to see the table centerpieces. I love everything being fresh and clean and smelling good.....I hate that my house doesn't.

I haven't worked on any of my Christmas projects. Our church is making Chrismons as a congregational form of worship for our tree. Haven't even started on our family ornaments. I love being crafty....I hate that I'm having to add such a meaningful project to a to-do list.

My Christmas shirt is dirty. I'm not one that has a bazillion Christmas themed sweaters and shirts, but I do have 1 reindeer shirt that I adore. It's dirty because I haven't done laundry. This means that I have only worn my reindeer shirt once all season and at the rate the laundry is going....it may not get worn again in the next 2 weeks. Shameful. I love my reindeer shirt....I hate that I wake up in the mornings and can't wear it because it is stuck at the bottom of Mountain O'Laundry.

I haven't addressed my Christmas cards yet. They're sitting pretty in the box with their dandy
little red envelopes, all ready for addressing. I always have my cards out early....I hate that it is probably going to be the end of next week before they are stamped....let alone taken to the post office.

I really am hoping for a Christmas movie type miracle. Like where I go to bed tonight all Grinchy and Scrooge-like, and then tonight it will snow perfect snowflakes, and I will wake up in the morning with a Christmas scarf around my neck, hot chocolate in my cup, a fire in my fireplace, and have all my Christmas spirit restored.

I'm leaving my mug out tonight....just in case!


Amy Fulmer said...

Well, you may be Grinchy, but your blog is beautiful!!!

This Martha-idealistic Christmas is tough. Good thing kids don't keep datebooks-they don't know your behind schedule.

Jo said...

Loving thoughts are coming your way. I hope you feel like your sweet, fun-loving self after a good nights sleep.
I love you!
Aunt Jo

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

You are not alone. I haven't wrapped ANY presents. My house looks like Hobby Lobby blew up in it. I didn't even remember I need to make Chrismons until I read your blog. The fudge I made tonight is the first Christmas goodie I've made...and it was microwaveable. Don't even own a Christmas shirt...wish I did but it would be dirty anyway. Haven't even taken the picture for the Christmas cards yet. If you find your Christmas spirit...let me know 'cause I'm still looking for mine.

Mich said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm behind on everything too... and I'm the one "hosting" Christmas!!!
It will be alright, I know my "Betty Crocker" cookie baking sister will not stay a "grinch" for long!
I love ya!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

I'll do the rest of your shopping for you...I love to spend other peoples $$. :)

I haven't gotten my cards out either...just some hand delivered ones along the way...just bring mine to church...save $.50.

Enjoy the moment...enjoy your kids...enjoy your tree...don't worry about everything else.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

John cleaned house for me today (how sweet is that?) because I went to an Advent retreat at my old church. It was the first time I've really stopped to slow down and get centered this season. It was wonderful...

BUT...I still have gifts to buy (and wrap!), stuff to make (haven't baked one thing), parties to go to, cards to order (John wants to re-do our pic---argh!), address, stamp and mail. AND we're leaving town in a week.

It will all get done, it will all get done, it will ALL get DONE! I promise.

Hey...we made Chrismon ornaments growing up...very cool!