Fly By the Seat of My Pants All the Way to Oklahoma -- Day 2

*Post written 10.14.  Published 10.15

Another night in the spy palace down.

And my sneaky peeky Junie B. Jones spy skills proved extraordinary. The rascals and I went undetected, despite one minor luggage cart debacle held in an elevator. But…shhhh…..if someone asks, it wasn’t us. It was the weird guy who wears blue shoes and hosts lambchops for facial accessories. Because you should never trust a guy with blue shoes and lambchops. Ahem, Elvis. Just sayin’.

After doing an all out search-and-rescue operation for a LEGO man’s head, the children and I packed up our room, loaded up the rental, and departed from the spy haven.

And headed for the Oklahoma City Zoo.

In the rain. And the drizzle. And the chill-me-to-the-knee-bone cold. Awesome.

The zoo was…in a word…UNEVENTFUL.

Unless you count Sawyer being accosted by the strange zoo nazi who was quick to tell him that if he didn’t behave she was going to send him back to his bus. Okay, thanks, Ms. Zoo Nazi. How about I send you back to a bus? You know, since we’re sending people to imaginary buses and all. (Forgive me…I’ve never been very good at comebacks…I’m an “I know you are, but what am I?” girl all the way.)

But we did see giraffes.

And Tate was afraid that they would be highly offended by my purse.

I’m sure they were.

Then there was the pathetic looking rhino.

And this poor unfortunate creature…who was having a bad hair day.

I really shouldn’t talk ugly about the poor guy, because I’m pretty sure I looked the same way. Did I mention that it was raining on our heads the whole time?

Um…yah. Good times.

After we had taken in just about as many empty cages and animals that were intelligent enough to get in out of the rain, we hiked the 837 mile trek to the only indoor eating facility at the zoo. That’s where I sold my plasma at the door to buy a few measly fries and cheeseburgers the size of Rhode Island, but only grumbled 837 times once about it because we were finally in the dry.

Because I could feel my blood pressure rising and a migraine coming on, I lied to the children and told them that all the exhibits on the backside of the zoo were closed. It was self-preservation. And they’ll never know. Don't judge me.

So…back in the car and 2 hours until time to pick up the husband from his meeting…what to do? What to do?

The children were screaming Science Museum.

So I obliged them…..and drove straight to the Super Target that I had seen on the road near the spy palace. They were thrilled. I thought about lying and telling them that Target was a Science Museum…but thought better of the idea. Didn’t want to overextend the Mother’s Free Pass To Tell White Lies For Matters of Survival all in one day.

Where was I? Right. Super Target.

Now that is a sight for sore we-don’t-get-out-much eyes. I’ve never had the pleasure of being in a Target so grand, and I am now pleased as punch to be able to cross one more thing off of my bucket list. I set high goals.

Now….before I go on, let me just tell you that waiting with 3 restless boys on a dreary drizzly day for the husband to get out of a meeting causes time to tick by much slower than normal. Slow like Masterpiece Theatre slow.

So what does this mom do when time needs to be filled and there isn’t an Old Navy nearby? Why, go for ice cream, of course!

We headed back here.

We went last night before our movie outing and fell madly in love with the eats and the ice cream. So, it only made sense to go back today.

I ate this. Again.

Calories don’t count on vacation.

And Tate got the ice cream that gives you a permanent mustache.

They should charge extra for that. It being so close to Halloween and all.


Time to pick up the husband back at spy headquarters. And now we are on the road headed back home.

And the scenery is amazing.

Oh, wait….you have to see what is out the other window.


I’m taking poison ivy fairy drugs and taking a nap.

Fly By the Seat of My Pants All the Way to Oklahoma – Day 2 – Over and out.


Kristin said...

Such fun! I'm just now catching up on entries. Love the blog header!

My boys would live in the Lego Store if I would let them.

Nina Diane said...


Mich said...


Legos, huh? Tell me what so i can start saving...

Hope you are feeling better. Did you watch Glee, yet?

theelizabethhighsmith said...

you eat ice cream even when it's freezing and raining a lady after my own heart!

christy rose said...

Yah!! The zoo is no fun in the rain! :( that's a bummer!

But Braum's ice cream is so great! We do not have a Braum's here where I live now. but, I lived in Tulsa for 11 years and enjoyed Braum's regularly then. YUM!! YUM!!

Carpool Queen said...

Sorry the zoo didn't do it for you. We usually go in the summer when we're sweating in 110 degree heat.

And I would have totally done SuperTarget, too.

Jim said...

Remember the day it drizzeled at the LR Zoo the time we took the kids there - all the kids? Then the "science place"? Are you re-living old traditions. And doesn't the "spy" place remind you of the hotel in Orlean, France? Well, maybe that's a stretch. We had separate rooms and didn't know if it was safe or not.

Ah, memories!


Gretchen said...

You know, I know the day wasn't perfect, but I give you so much credit for getting out and finding things and entertaining the kids in a city you don't know. I actually think that's quite brave.

Kendra said...

I think the OKC zoo ranks right up there with LR in terms of exciting animals. What the heck was that mangy thing? Not a yak, for sure.

Kendra said...

I think the OKC zoo ranks right up there with LR in terms of exciting animals. What the heck was that mangy thing? Not a yak, for sure.