Football, Fun, Friends, and Ink -- Day 2 (Part 2)

Before I tell you what happened….you have to promise to believe me.

Because when I tell you that this was not a rash decision…I want you to believe me.

Ask my friends. And the husband. They’ll tell you.

That the one thing that I have wanted FOREVER is a tattoo. Of an ichthus. On my foot.

And I have bugged these same people that will vouch for me for close near forever to take me and get one. And they never would.

Until Saturday night.

It all started out the same way. I spotted a tattoo parlor (this one was next to our hotel which seemed like providence anyway), and I started in with the begging. I want a tattoo. Please take me.

To my shock and surprise….they did.

One of the credentials that the parlor had to have was that it was clean. And this one was. It had lemon yellow walls, and didn’t have whacko paintings of skulls and dragons draped on the wall. Looked good to me.

And then I met Cadillac Chris. Apparently he is a cardiologist who packs heat, owns 3 Cadillacs, and also single handedly took down a Taliban cell when he was doing time in the army. And we all smiled and pretended like we believed him.

Because we didn’t want him to screw up my tat.

After arguing with Cadillac Chris for a good 15 minutes on the size of my Jesus fish….he finally took me back. (Cadillac Chris was under the impression that I was sadly mistaken about the size of the ink I wanted…but since I had rehearsed this day in my head for, literally, years…I stood firm and forced him to give me what I wanted.)

Look…that’s me and Cadillac Chris. And his nephew who couldn’t have been older than the can of cranberry sauce that I have sitting in my cabinet. The youngster kept telling me that it wouldn’t hurt….Uh, thanks…kid.

The kid was wrong. It hurt. Like the dickens. Obviously.

And then he was done.

Just like that.

And I now have it. And I couldn’t be happier. I love it.

And to celebrate my new ink…we went dancing. Because we all love to dance!! We met up with some other folks from our town there, and we all had a great time rockin’ out to some killer 80s music. It just doesn’t get better than Prince, Madonna, AC/DC, and Belinda Carlisle.

And by the end of the night…we all were having so much fun that we had forgotten about the game.

But we’re not discussing that.

Day 2 (Part 2) of Football, Fun, Friends, and Ink – Over and Out.


Jennifer said...

How did this happen a 2nd post in a row? I'm the first comment again? I should go buy a lottery ticket. Oh right, this is about you...

YOU are my hero. YOU rock. Very classy. Very cute; you won't regret it when you wear a strapless dress like my college friend who had the biggest friggin' dogwood tree tattoed on her right shoulder. It took 3 days.

Happy tat-dream come true.

The Bowden's said...

OMG! I could never get a tattoo but have always wanted one. I would pass out before the first stick. :)

Mich said...

Yeah, I heard about your little fish from a "Grammy" and "Poohpa" who were shocked that you thought they would be "upset." In explaining that "once upon a time" they would have, I think I let another "secret out of the bag." Oops! Forgive me? Mom thought it was funny...now.

Love ya!

Jim said...

So, this young lady drives up in our yard the other night with her husband, and they climb down out of this jy-normous truck. We thought we knew them, and I I suppose they thought we did, too. So, they came up on our porch, where the wife and I were sitting. No sooner had they come up than this lady plops herself down by my wife and says, "I've got some news for you." Well, my first thought, as I looked at the husband out of the corner of my eye (he had sat down beside me on the swing), I stated like, "Like you all are expecting?" To which, of course, he returned the most terrified expression. So the young lady continued by saying "you're gonna be mad." Now, what was it I said? I thought we knew them. Now, I was becoming even more positive that I didn't. We had been taking care of a couple's 3 rascals for the weekend so they could skip out to Mississippi, but this couple, the husband who never giggled once as he sat there, I was finding hard to place. So, anyways, the young lady says, I got a tattoo! Now, after I picked my brain up off of the porch and replaced it once again in my senior moment head, I began to look more intently at the young lady - trying to see an arm or face or any exposed place with massive amounts of "swashbuckling" images and biker-like messages drilled into the skin. Finally, she pulls up one jean leg to expose her ankle. From a distance, it looked like a small dark bruise. As I moved closer, I noted a small, neat picture of a fish. As I looked up at her face, suddenly, I recognized her, and everything fell back into place. The kids were theirs. They had come to get them. It was our daughter AM. Whew! I was relieved! (Postscript: Don't blog such things as "Hubby giggling" and say such things as I've got some news for you - like "you've bought a motorcycle and are goin' to hit the road" -especially when we've got the kids).

I'm done now and I love you - never any hate in it(well-unless you decide to add an armful of ink!Then I'll rethink a little bit!)

Carpool Queen said...

I remember the day I double-pierced only ONE of my two ears and my dad had to really take deep breaths and not come unhinged.

I was so proud of him.

You'll need to blog why the fish and why the foot.

Gretchen said...

Yeah, inquiring minds want to know...why the fish, why the foot, and when did you start wanting it? So thrilled for you, Amber. Another item on the bucket list, no? :)

Tiffani said...

Well, from inked girl to another...

I love it! I love what you picked, I love where you put it, I loved what Jim-Dad wrote and I love you!!

Rock on, tattoo'd girls! ;)

Jessica said...

Cute! it's kinda like that episode of friends when Phoebe gets the Earth tatted on her shoulder =)
I'm inked as well, although not super proud of it =(

Nina Diane said...

that's awesome!! way to go.....

New Every Morning said...

You WILD thang!

Love, love, love your little outfit by the way. The whole ensemble is rockin ... right down to the boots.

christy rose said...

You are definitely braver than me!!

Alison said...

You're nuts! :) I mean that in the nicest way! I loved the "in pain" face...probably wasn't very funny at the time, but made for a good pic.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

If you decide you want a cross on the other foot I am there for you. But if you decide you want a kitty cat I will have to draw the line.