Football, Fun, Friends, and Ink -- Day 1

I think that 2009 is going to hold the record for Rascal Raising travel logs. Because we seem to just keep taking trips.

Oh…I’m not upset about that. Because I love me some trip taking. But I do feel a wee bit sorry for you people that have to hear about it. But seeing as I run this show…travel logs it is. You’re welcome.

So…we headed out.

And drove the little people to the Mother Ship. And felt slightly guilty about dumping the sickly pint sized munchkins with the ‘rents. But then remembered that the grandparents take better care of our children than we do, so knew that the kids were in way better hands with Grammy and Poohpa than they would have been with us. So we left them there. And whispered prayers that Grammy and Poohpa wouldn’t disown us as we skedaddled off for a romping weekend with the besties.

We now officially owe my parents the world. First for the whole raising me thing, and now for letting us play with our friends.

Guilt-ridden minds in-tow, we headed to meet up with Lisa and Wes, and we loaded ourselves up in the Tahoe and jetted.

First stop. Walmart. Naturally.

To buy rear end decorations.

No. For the car, silly.

(But then we put them on the side because this blog post and that pitiful excuse for a joke were not at the forefront of our thoughts on magnetic swine placement.)

And then we drove. And talked. And giggled. And drove some more.

We finally made it to the hotel in Mississippi and got all gussied up for a night out. Hmmmm….where to eat? Where to eat?

No brainer.

Yes. Paula Deen’s. Queen of all thing butter and creamy. Talk about stick-to-your-hips food but lovin’ every second. Yes, sirree.

I ate this.

That flat pancake looking thing is a hoecake. I was intrigued to say the least. But I was pleasantly surprised with the hoecake. Another bucket list item…check.

The husband’s plate looked like this.

And then Paula begged to have her picture made with me.

And I admired her very faincy salt and pepper shakers.

And then by sheer luck, we met a fairy.

Now. I call that just plain good fun.

Day 1 of Football, Fun, Friends, and Ink. Over and out.


Jennifer said...

I love Paula Deen almost as much as I love you! I am SO jealous!

Jennifer said...

Oh and HOLY CRAP...I got to be the first comment. Its going to be a good day.

Amy Fulmer said...

Anxiously awaiting ink.

Gretchen said...

Sure wish you knew how to have fun. And good meals.

Great pics, and as always, great travelogue.

Jim said...

Hold on now! I thought I knew the couple that dropped our grands by and sooweed down to Ole Miss for the big game! Now I'm not so sure. Did you say you (context-plural-meaning you and hubby) giggled? Before I call 911, what did you do with the real Amb and Kirk?


Jessica said...

Super jealous of your Paula Deen experience. and a little curious about the "ink" part of your trip?

Mich said...

Glad you had a good time.

Love ya!

Cathy said...

I can only assume you were wearing your hooker boots while partaking of the hoecake. Just sayin....;)

Had not a clue Paula Deen had a restaurant...pretty sure she's my kind of people what with the loads of butter and all.