Conan and the Mini-Me

Meet Conan.

He's the Man Beast.

And here is Conan's proud new owner.

Oh. Wait.

Nope. That's the Mini-Me.

Have you ever seen anything cuter?  I think not.

There's Conan's real owner.  Look! He's smiling!!

Welcome to the family, Conan!


Kendra said...

That's a big freakin' man-truck. You've got to give little Tater-tot a boost just to get in it!

Carpool Queen said...

He's SMILING???? He ought to do it more often. Without the truck-buying inducement.

Gretchen said...

Now THERE's a vehicle. And, yes, Mr. Mini me is about the cutest thing ever.

Wes said...

That's a smile of content.

Tiffani said...

HA! Yes, Wes...contentment and VICTORY!

oh my...they are both so stinkin' handsome and yes, Cyberhubs, the smiles suits you nicely...

I'll have to take a pic of Conan's mini-me!! (except turns out it's slightly champagne-ish in color)...but still.

mimi said...

Very cute mini-me. Very cool truck!

Jessica said...

We have a silver man beast too. although it's of the Ford nature. complete with a train horn. so if your hubs wants a train horn, i know a guy...
and also, cutest mini me EVER! That's an easy halloween costume for ya!

Alison said...

Ha! That's hilarious! I looked at the picture for just a second and thought, "That's your youngest but it looks like he's sitting on his knees or something." Too cute!

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Mich said...

Tate is the cutest!!!

Kirk you're cute too, especially when you smile! :)

As for the truck? Oh my!!!

Jo said...

I agree with what the Asian person said! lol

Nice rig you got there, Kirk! What's next? A big ol' 5th wheeler to pull behind it?

Welcome, Conan! (did I just speak to a pickup? Must be my bedtime!)

Anyway...congrats, Kirk.
Love to you all.
Aunt Jo

Jim said...

And why should he not smile? He's on top of the world, looking down, way down! That gy-norm-mas Conan is mag-nif-i-scent! Lot of smile-miles there. A-coarse, he'll have to watch where he goes, lest he not have room to turn-a-round - it's like a semi!

Congrats, Capt'n Kirk, you're able now to go where no one has gone before! I'm lookin' forward to bein' your Data and engaging the warp drive on that, myself!


Kellie said...

Conan is beautiful. And your man looks very happy!

Mini-Me is just darling. Love the expression on his face!

And, wow! You have international readers! Can you read that?

New Every Morning said...

I am relieved to know there is another family with the same sense of humor. My hubby drives a ginormous blue Chevy that we call the Blue Beast (which I HATE to drive, b/c I can't see over the dashboard w/o a phonebook)

A friend of mine used to say, "You can judge a man by the size of his tailpipe." If so, we got good ones, no?

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

That really is just about the cutest thing!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Mini-me is too precious!

I'm still not sure we can call that a smile on the face of Mr. Rascalraiser. I don't see teeth. It's really more of a smirk, dontcha think? Kinda like he's thinking how glad he is that he TOLD the little woman that he was gettin' that big 'ol manly truck. :)

When are y'all getting the RV to go with it?!