Fly By the Seat of My Pants All the Way To Oklahoma -- Day 1

So we made it to Oklahoma.  After 6 hours in a rental car that boasted about as much room as the gold sequin clutch purse I just thought I had to have way back in the day.  Spent $35 on that purse.  And never used it.  Go figure. 

We cruised into the parking lot of our "hotel" late last night and were quickly alarmed at our lodging facilities.  I so badly want to tell you where we're staying, but if I do, I'll have to kill you.  Let's just say, the family is Jason Bourne-ing it to a degree....all sneaky and peeky and hush hush like.  Stealthy, we are.  I will tell you that we are somewhere that has to do with the US Government...which is super weird, considering the husband is at a meeting about roofing.  Yes.  I said roofing.  Confused?  Um...yah.  Us, too.

Because this lodging establishment isn't exactly your "normal" set-up, we slept like sardines last night.  No one will ever accuse us of not being resourceful.  I'm not sure about the rest of the fam, but I slept soundly despite the feet in my face, thanks in huge part to the high-powered drugs that the poison ivy fairy gave me yesterday.  NICE.

Up and at 'em this morning, the husband went his way to discuss roofing and all its intricate details, and the boys and I headed to the Natural History Museum that is on Oklahoma University's campus.  Being as it was a school day, I did my teacherly duty and exposed the children to something educational. 

So...we looked at dinosaurs.

And more dinosaurs.

And we saw weird petrified rats.  Ick.

And we pretended like we were getting stomped by a huge mammoth.  Just because that's cool.

Although I will tell you that the strange little security guard gets a little nervous when you go messin' with his mammoth.  Just sayin'.

We also saw a yak, so said Tate.  Which made me giggle a lot bit.  Because I have a thing for yaks.

You homeschool mamas will be happy to know that I did inform the children that it wasn't a yak...because that creature whose skull was on display would have lived in Oklahoma...and we all know that yaks live in Budapest.

We then journeyed on to the gift shop and saw Carpoolqueen's infamous windchimes. 

Note the sign.  The Great Family of Carpool hath doth left its mark.

After doing as much damage as humanly possible, we headed off to find some lunch.  I had already had a "Don't make me turn this car around and drive back to our spy palace!" moment, so we went to The Cheesecake Factory.  Because I told the children that they needed to practice their manners.  It was really because I wanted cheesecake. 

And then it was time.

Time for pure heavenly bliss for all things masculine in nature.

Yep.  The LEGO Store.  And yep.  I've lost my ever-lovin' mind.

But the children were beside themselves.  Like screaming like little girls, running around like crazy beside themselves.

And I realized that Legos equal hours of peace and quiet for me, so plunk down moohla I did.

And now this is what is happening in my spy quarters as I type this....

In other news....

I had the privilege of going into a real life Apple Store.  I know....don't scoff.  I don't get out much.  But I was so beside myself in i-heaven, that I decided that it was only fair if Rosie got some new designer duds.  So, she's all fixed up and faincy in paisley. 

And because I was feeling the Oklahoma mojo, I decided that I needed these.

Look....my tootsies could be in the museum, too!!

Well....we're off.  We're ducking and dodging and getting ready to take my newly moccasined feet and the fresh-off-the-roof-husband...oh, and the children...to go see this:

Should be a fun time!!

Then it is back to the spy pad to crash!!

Fly By the Seat of My Pants All the Way To Oklahoma -- Day 1 -- over and out!


Tiffani said...


Yaks RULE!!!

What a fun day and I did my best to prepare for Lego drunkenness...hope it was helpful.

Your shoes are ADORABLE!!! I want some!!

Maybe Rosie will behave since you paid her extry attention...

I love how Saw has his arms folded like "I don't know these boys playing silly little games for I am man"!

Sounds like a wonderful day..spy pad and all!

Lindsay said...

Amber... Love hearing about your trip and shared it with a co-worker. We both think you'd make it as a writer. Have you ever considered it? Children's books would be super...

Cathy said...

Oh girl, sometimes I'm laughing so hard I don't even know what to say...but I'm sure FengFK2008 will cover it....

Lovey Rosie's new skin.

Enjoy the meatballs!

New Every Morning said...

1. The picture of the boys with the mammoth foot made me laugh

2. Rosy looks adorable

3. Love the shoes

4. I'm so glad you guys are having fun!

Jessica said...

The mammoth stomping is greatness. the petrified rats, not so much. Legos provide lots of quite time in our house too. Hope the movie is great! Let me know if it's 3-year-old-bossy-girl appropriate.
Have fun on the rest of your little trip!

Carpool Queen said...

Yeah, let's just pretend that sign was there BEFORE my troops came marching through like a herd of wooly mammoths.

Mich said...

I love road trips with you...too much fun!

Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

It is making me crazy that you are 3 hours away and I can't see you! Ugh! Your day at the museum looks incredible-I don't know why we've never been. Jake made me promise him that I'll take him to the Lego store soon. I'm already dreaming about the quiet I'll enjoy thanks to a few well-timed purchases at that place.

And just to entice you more to come close to me, there's an apple store in Tulsa!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Sounds like you're having fun! Lego store, oh my! We've never been to one but I can only imagine the delight that would ensue.

You may already have heard of Ted's Cafe but just in case you haven't you need to go eat there. We went a couple of times when we lived there are always had fabulous food. If I remember correctly there was only one location way back when but now it looks like there are several. Check it out!

The Bowden's said...

Sounds like fun! LOVE your new shoes! I have some very similar. Hope you like the Meatballs movie. We did! :)

Emily said...

Love the iphone cover! Cute!

Not so much on the petrified rats. Gack.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I am intrigued by your accomodations and, oddly, by the petrified rats.

Also, Dixie is very jealous of Rosie's new duds.

Kendra said...

Aah, you spotted the rare and extinct Hungarian yak. Excellent.

LOVE the mocs! Do they come in a 9 1/2? If so, send me some!

The Lego store?!? Are you insane!?!

christy rose said...

Wow! What a great adventure that you have taken you and your kiddos on! Great job you homeschooling momma! Making the most of every opportunity!!!

Gretchen said...

No one writes a travel-logue like you, Amb. Of course now, I'll be trying to figure out where you stayed...just because it's out there.