Hokey Pokey

I am a good mother.

I promise that I am.

And, for the most part, our radio stays tuned to KLove.  And we belt Chris Tomlin and Nicole Nordman at the top of our lungs. 


Occasionally our radio may or may not get switched to our local country station.  And we may or may not rock us some Toby Keith and Keith Urban. 


Occasionally our radio may or may not get switched to our local pop/rock station.  And we may or may not rock out to Pink and Pokerfaced Lady Gaga. 

But I really am a good mother.


But my children SOMEWHERE and SOMETIME have picked up a liking for a certain song that has...um...less than tasteful lyrics. 

But I really am a good mother.

Really I am.

The lyrics are really too racy to even post on here, this being a G-rated show and all.  So....if you can recognize these lyrics...than you know of what I speak.  If you don't.....then good for you.

But I really am a good mother.

Because here is the rascally version of that song.  The one that they have been running through the house singing all day. 

Shush, girl.  Shut your lips.
Do the hokey pokey
and do the twist.

"Momma, that's how it goes right?"

"You betcha, baby.  You betcha."

We will now be keeping our radio tuned to KLove. 

You're welcome.


mimi said...

Sometimes it's good that singers don't always enunciate their words ;)

Anonymous said...

I get you! There's nothing like a KLOVE pledge-a-thon to make you change the station to the less than desirables. :)

Emily said...

I like your version better! ha!

Tiffani said...

Oh I agree w/ Mimi on this one..we've said "oh he/she said (blank)" and thankfully b/c of poor enunciation, they believe me!

I cannot believe that I, QUEEN of song lyrics do NOT know those!! I expect a full report...

And, honey, my son knows the words to Devil Went Down to Ga and Motley Crue's Kickstart my Heart...

so, yes, we ARE good mothers!

Jessica said...

Oh, is that how it goes? I listened to it once and now change the station every time that one comes on, so I don't really know the lyrics. It's nice that he is singing about the hokey pokey and the twist, cause I for sure thought it was something else! =)

Carpool Queen said...

I am a good mother. I'm raising my kids to love Jesus AND sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Mich said...

I am smiling cause I'm picturing Sawyer singing at the top of his lungs...

Amy Fulmer said...

I am happy. Because I now feel less guilty that Maddie sings "Apple Bottom Jeans." And "Boom Boom Pow." Cuz I likes 'em with the KLove.

Kendra said...

Maybe I'm a little G-rated, too, but what song is that??? I listen to nothing or my ipod, which consists of Broadway showtunes, Chrismas albums, and Glee downloads.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

at one point in my life my four year old brother ran around singing the entire what happens down in mexico stays in mexico song. we also may or may not have taught him insults such as fat cow which may or may not have come back to bite us in the head. we may or may not have shamed the family, i ain't saying because what happens down in mexico stays in mexico. as a good big sister i recognize a good mother when i see one. and it's clear your shaking with good fun mother vibes. and that's what it's all about.

Jim said...

Good Mother Amb,
Now, let me get this straight. This weekend we are hosting a new singing group, right? And the songs they are singing are not the right words but you're a good mother anyway? And we don't want the right words, right? Because it would make us not good grandmothers and grandfathers, right? Ok, I think I've got it! No, there it goes. I don't have it! So being a good mother and grandmother and grandfather is allowing the grandsons to sing wrong lyrics to a wrong song so mothers can be good. Right? Did I miss something in there, or what? How about if we just call the radio broken or something like that? Does the radio have to be on with a wrong song for the wrong lyrics to be sung wrong, er right, right?

Ah well!
Bring them on!

Jim said...

OH, Good Mother Amb,
I forgot. Do we have to handle the kids with kid kloves, or what?

michelle mceachern said...

I'm as good of a listener as they are. The words are always lost on me. I probably would have been singing the same words they were and had everyone laughing at me!

Cathy said...

I hearby dub myself "Good Mother" as well....for the one simple fact that our children started singing "I ain't no Hollaback Girl. Oh, oh, this my sh" in the car one day before we realized what was happening....

And I'm a Good Mother cause it was the censored version where they only say the "shhh" part and the kids really thought they "were owning up to their QUIETNESS".;)

Elizabeth said...

Too funny! Remind me to tell you what you my kids called each other last week. It's not appropriate for a family blog!

Andrea said...

I couldn't place the altered lyrics so I asked my husband what they could be. He was working it out in his head when my 10 year old leaned over my shoulder, read the screen, and busted out the actual lyrics. I immediately recognized them then. I think I might be in trouble here!