Randomness....Complete With Talk of Yaks and Winners

A whole lot of nothing going on around these parts lately.  But a whole lot of nothing means that a whole lot of something major isn't going on...which is good news.  Because usually something involves blood, trips to the good doctor, and $783,293,475 in medical bills.  So we take the nothing when we can get it.

Nothing #1.  We have a winner for my "Help-Me-Get-This-Freakin'-Mess-Under-Control" giveaway.  Your ideas and comments were brilliant, and I'm mulling some of them over in my head.  I'm encouraged by all of your empathy and personal horror stories, so thanks for that.  Oh...what?  You want to know who won?  Sorry, Charlie.....not giving you the goods just yet.

Nothing #2.   The rascals went in for their way past overdue, need garden shears to hack off all the hair, haircuts very regular trims today.  And I'm sad.  Well....actually I'm happy because the oldest rascal had been walking around like his head had thrown up a Budapestian yak for the past six months two days.  But, I am sad about the baby rascal.  Because he doesn't look so babyish anymore.  *sniff*  Gone are the days of the homage-to-vintage-Beatles-bowl-cut, and enters the era of the big-boy-cut. *double sniff*

Nothing #3.  Props to my bloggy bestest, Tiff, for finding out that yaks live in Budapest.  Google is her friend.

Nothing #4.  I'm finally feeling like the homeschool mojo is pumping through the old veins.  We've managed to knock two days out of the park.  No tears.  Score.  No screaming.  Score.  No broken crayons.  Score.  And that's just on my end!  It's October, and I still haven't felt like throwing in the towel.  Success.

Nothing #5.  I'm blaming it on the mojo, but I got all kinds of homeschool crafty this week.  Let me just tell you that the UPS Store is super proud of their boxes and packing materials.  I know, because I plunked down $30 for 3 boxes the size of Budapest for our fancy schmancy Science ocean dioramas.  (Remind me later that if ever I'm in need of a box for moving or shipping purposes to just hit up Walmart after restocking time.)  After that momentary lapse in sanity, I tricked out a rockin' timeline for History.  I had no idea that it would be as big as two Budapests when I finished.  Seriously.  I had to clear a wall in my hall just to fit it on.  No joke.  For once, I'm not exaggerating.  Just look.

And these little guys were all lovingly cut out by J Fo, a super bestie of mine.  What a gal! 

These little fellas are going to turn into all of our men and women of history, and through the year we'll find them a home on our nifty hugeamongous timeline.  Awesome, right?  I know!

Nothing #6.   I rarely buy toilet bowl drop-ins, but for some reason they sneaked their way into my buggy this morning while I was shopping.  I plopped the blue pills into the tanks and, throughout the day, have wondered why in the world Kirk and I invest in articles of entertainment for our children.  You would have thought that we had the Ringling Brothers' Circus hanging out in the potty with all the excitement that has ensued today because of the blue water.  It's the small things.  Obviously.

P.S.  That's not a picture of my potty.....I google-lifted it.  Basically because I didn't want to clean my toilet before I took a picture....you're welcome.

Nothing #7.  I have a killer case of poison ivy.  I'm not sure how I've escaped the wrath of the ivy for the past 30-something years, but I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.  I'm seriously thinking that being attacked by rabid yaks would be a better fate.  Yeowch. 

Nothing #8.  Before you get all excited about the idea of me traipsing around in the woods and hugging up on some ivy infested tree....it didn't happen.  Not a chance.  The husband in all his manliness did the tree-hugging, and he so kindly gifted me with it.  Bless his heart.  I'm repaying him for his generous gesture by keeping him up at night clawing the skin off of my body one layer at a time.

Nothing #9.   Okay. Fine.  Time for the Random Generator to do its thing.  The winner of the $10 Giftcard for WallyWorld is....


Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2009-10-08 02:17:47 UTC

What that means is......MEREDITH over at Life At 7000 Feet!! 

Woo Hoo!!  Congratulations!!!

Nothing #10.  I'm in blissful television heaven tonight.  Really, I'm in heaven all the way around.  I've got the redheaded rascal brushing my hair while I'm having a snort-giggly chat with Tiffani while watching GLEE.  Does it get better?  I think not.  Well, maybe only if a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream was involved!

Ooohhh...ice cream.

Nothing.  Just how I like it.


Tiffani said...

Congrats to Mer!!

Your randomness is hysterical...since I co-wrote this blog, ok, added one teency element, I think I should at least get a bowl of mint chocolate chip too!!

So proud of your h'school mojo..feels good doesn't it?!

We won't even TALK about the hair in this house...ugh. And, wow, look at little Tater. So big! *sniff

Gretchen said...

You and Tiffani act like you're next door neighbors/besties. I mean, who would know you're not in the same state? Love it.

Glad you enjoyed Glee. Almost my turn.

Killer timeline.

Yay for Mer.

Elizabeth said...

Your nothingness has been pretty exciting! I am in awe of your craftiness.

Come see me!!!

Cathy said...

Those lil rascals are so ding dang cute!!

I'm with Gretchen...you would never know that you & Tiff have never met in real life. Speaking of Gretchen...I think us Pacific NW GLEE Club members need to get our snort-giggly chat on while watching it in THE RIGHT timezone.;)

And here's a little shout out for Mer! WOOO HOOOO!!!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Yay for Walmart gift cards. And blue toilet water. And for organized mamas (you're rocking the homeschool thing, Amber!).

What do you suggest I buy at Walmart with my gift card? ;)

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I like your historical gingerbread people.

Also, did I tell you that Caitlin loves to go eat at the new Mexican place because they have blue toilet water?

Blue toilet water...it's not just a guy thing.

Kendra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mich said...

Have I told you lately, how you make me smile?

Love ya!

Adam said...


Yakkity Yak...don't talk back!

Tiffani said...

Oops, was on the desktop under my hubby's name but that's good ol "me" above! ;)

Kendra said...
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christy rose said...

Love your random posts and congrats to Meredith on winning your giveaway! :)

Tiffani said...

I'm not sure how the detail wasn't quite up to snuff but since it wasn't an actual homeschool report and was simply used as a hair reference in about 2 seconds of asking and 2 seconds worth of googling and what-not, I think it's all good. ;)

And besides, the Budapest Zoo probably has a yak.

Kendra said...

I was just being silly and not trying to offend. I shall remove said posts and go in to hiding now.

Jennifer said...

I just love you!!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Love your nothing list! That's a whole lotta nothing! All good things with no blood or bodily fluids so I can see how it's a good list;)
Congrats Mer!!

Carpool Queen said...

I'm so behind on bloggy commenting because I was scrubbing our man-boy toilets with a pumice stone because SOMEONE TO WHOM I AM MARRIED BUT SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS invited the boss over to spend the night with no notice.

I am almost over the incident, but losing out on the giveaway has renewed my sense of trauma.

I think I'll just go to Honduras. Or Budapest.