I had this for lunch today.

I also drank 3 of these.

And I'm cuddled up with these.

I don't make a habit of being friends with any of these 3 things. 

Chicken and Stars soup is reserved only for days such as this.  I don't even really like it that much....it is just how I roll at times such as this. 

And then the water.  Gag.  Water makes me nauseous.  But I'm trying to be a good girl and drink up. 

And don't even get me started on the Kleenexes.  I don't care how much aloe and soft stuff you pump into tissue...there is nothing fun about swabbing your nose with what soon feels like sandpaper.


I hate being sick.

I feel like a hippo is rolling around inside the ole' cranium, and that Victoria Falls has relocated its beauty to Nostrils Numero Uno and Numero Dos. And it ain't so purty anymore.

But what may be worse than being sick is that I gots me places to be this weekend.

And I don't really have time in my schedule to be sick.  Like not even 5 minutes.

Because these guys:

Yep.  My beloved Hogs.  Are playing these guys:

And I'm supposed to be there.  Looking all cute while I scream "Woo Pig Sooie."  And rolling my eyes at the husband as he tries to cheer for both the Hogs and the Rebels (he went to Ole Miss for a stint...but I still love him anyway).

So I'm holding my breath.  Hoping that I'll heal up soon so that I can jet off wearing my red and white and cheer my Razorbacks on to a much-deserved win after that travesty that was last week's game.

And I'm drinking water.  Blech.  And eating stars.  Ick. 

And stuffing Kleenexes up both nostrils so that I don't drip all over my keyboard.

Good times.


Jessica said...

Sorry you're sick =( I'll gladly drink your share of water, it's my fave! And super jealous of your gamein' it up this weekend. And speaking of the Hogs, according to fox news, the refs from last week's travesty have been suspended! That ought to make you feel a little better!

Amber said...

I know!!! I just heard that about the refs!!!

Now...to just turn the clock back to last Saturday.

Carpool Queen said...

I'm sending the good vibes that healed me up your way. Give it a couple of days, and you'll be good to go. BUT REST THOSE TWO DAYS!!! Otherwise you'll be toast.

christy rose said...

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Hope you are better by the weekend.

Terry Lewallen said...

Feel better girl...I need you at that game shouting an extra Woo Pig Sooie for me! Have fun! Go Hogs!

Tiffani said...

I'm so sorry you're sicky, my dear...glad I get be right w/ ya sickness and all and not even catch your germs!

Rest. My dear. Rest.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hey, one time on a ski trip, Dr. Jantzen's wife told me that if I ever started to get sick to drink a huge bottle of Gatorade. It's worth a try...and it's better than water or Emergen-C.

Feel better. I'd be SICK if I had to miss a Razorback game. It's homecoming too...GET well.

Or then again you could always say: It's not swine flu, it's RAZORBACK FEVER.

Woo Pig Sooie!

Elizabeth said...

Being sick stinks! What in the world do you do with the boys when you're living on noodle soup and water? And kleenexes don't work at all! Try a handkerchief, much gentler on the nose!

The Bowden's said...

Oh no! Hope you get to feeling better soon. Gonna be a good game! We get to watch them live all the way from Germany! :)

New Every Morning said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for you.
Get well soon!!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh bless your heart darlin'. Hang in there. For the game get some DayQuil. That stuff rocks.

I hate water too. I'm a diet cherry pepsi or diet cherry coke girl myself. Probably going to kill me but I do love it.

And I love you too!

Mighty M said...

Hope you feel better soon! Glad you're not an axe murderer either!! :)

Lindsay said...

Sorry you're sick, Amber. Next time you're shopping for kleenex, get Puffs tissues with Vicks. You'll feel better in no time.

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Amber, I'm hoping you're feeling better today and were able to go cheer on the Hogs! Been a crazy week and I'm catching up with my fave bloggy friends!

Feel better soon...drink OJ! It works!

Brandi said...

I came by to visit you from my friend, Cathy's blog - whom you had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh (I'm so jealous!). Then as I'm reading your blog I realize you were just here - in my great state - and you got to visit our great zoo (enter sarcasm here) :) I'm sorry I have been taking a blogging hiatus lately or maybe - just maybe - we could have hit the Lego store together - and then my fav restuarant - The Cheesecake Factory! ;) I look forward to reading more about you and your family.