Football, Fun, Friends, and Ink -- Day 2 (Part 1)

Whoever decided that the football game should be at 11:00 in the morning was nuts. He obviously didn’t discuss the timing with me. And he obviously doesn’t understand my sleeping patterns.

But, I put all grumbling aside and got up.

After all….it was HOG DAY!!! I was going to get my scream on and Woo Pig Sooie my Razorbacks to victory. Well, by now, you probably know how that all turned out, so we’re not going to dwell too much on the game here. For one, it makes me a little upset. And for two, it makes me a little upset.

So instead of rehashing the Hogs lack of memory concerning how to play the game of football…we’ll go over some of the more interesting parts of the day.

First off….dress the part.

So I gussied up…and later regretted the gussying because my gussified Hog red shoes gave me killer blisters while I trekked the length of Nebraska to get to the stadium.

I also mastered the art of the fake tattoo.

What I did struggle with was how to take a picture of myself with the tattoo without looking like a haggard old spinster. I am in my 30s and have wrinkles. And crow’s feet. And didn’t really notice until taking these pictures. I’m blaming it all on the fact that I’m a genuinely happy person and those are all nothing but smile and laugh lines. Ahem.



So...lesson to be learned here:  If you want an upclose picture of yourself, open your eyes and mouth really big, act all excited, and it flattens the wrinkles.  You're welcome.

After deciding that the cutey Hog on my face was just going to have to deal with being wrinkly, we took off.

And were all super excited about the game.

Even Trip Nazi Wes. Who might possibly suffer from Game Day Road Rage…but I’m not for sure.

While we SAT in game traffic for what seemed like hours, we saw this car.

Obvious Ole Miss Rebel fans, dontcha think?

When we got there….finally…we had the privilege of parking at the Oxford Mall. Kirk was especially giddy about having this picture made in front of JC Penny.

He worked many a hour in that store, wrapping presents and chatting up his drag queen co-worker, while he was in school at Ole Miss.

Speaking of Kirk and Ole Miss…let me chase a little rabbit for a second.

The husband was highly confused this weekend. He knew that he was supposed to be rooting for Arkansas. He KNEW that he was supposed to. But something in him couldn’t let go of his short-lived Hotty Toddy heritage. So…he decided to go all incognito and confuse everyone. He wore a blue hat (for Ole Miss) with the Arkansas A. Bless his RazorRebel heart.

Okay….where was I?

Oh right….

After Lisa and I posed in front of the semi, we found our seats and sat in high anticipation of a really great game!

We were sorely disappointed. But we had a great time. And the weather was beautiful.  Our seats were in the Rebel endzone (yes…you heard me right), and we learned quickly to not call the Hogs very loudly lest you wanted the highly intoxicated Rebel fans to yell profanity at you.

See that guy?

He found it particularly fascinating to throw the bird and obscenities around like they were candy.

Classy guy, I tell ya.

And then there was this guy. Who wasn't in on the Hog slander, but did have incredible fashion sense. Yes, that is a paisley shirt. Loved it.

And I ate popcorn and drank Diet Coke out of an overpriced souvenir cup that a college kid tried to steal from me… No sir. You don’t mess with a sister’s cup.

And then the game was over. But we’re not discussing that.

On our way out we did see this very nicely dressed lady pick up her box of Wheat Thins that she had stashed IN THE DUMPSTER during the game. Gag. She will now live in infamy as the Weirdo Wheat Thin Dumpster Lady.

Then we headed to The Grove.

And it was something to see. You’ve heard of The Grove, haven’t you? You know…tailgating at its finest only without the tailgates. I mean, these Rebel fans get serious. There aren’t just tents. There are tents with chandeliers. And slipcovers. And floral centerpieces. And folks dripping with more diamonds than Liz Taylor.

This is the tent of our friends from our town that are displaced Rebel fans.

And next to them was Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. No joke. Her tent was all pink; all her friends were gay men; and she had a little dog in a pink baby carriage. You betcha.

Then we headed off for the husband to get all kinds of sentimental.

Here he is at his old dorm.

Then we went into the Rebel bookstore and were the ONLY Hog fans in there. But the husband got all nostalgic on us and needed memorabilia.

He also might have cried. But I didn’t tell you that.

He wasn’t the only one weepy though.

Lisa and I had tears of achiness from the gussied up shoe blisters. So we took our shoes off and went barefoot. And decided that then we would be obvious Arkansas fans….what with the no shoes and all.

Wes was misty…because of the..uh…loss.

But we’re not discussing that.

Day 2 (Part 1) of Football, Fun, Friends, and Ink….Over and Out.

(The ink part is coming....I promise!!!!)


Cathy said...

I might be booed and hissed for this but....

This post is like a foreign language to me...and probably couldn't squeal Woo Pig Sooie properly to save my life. However I could relate to the gussied up & sacrifice of the feet part.

So glad you had a good time with good friends.

Still waiting to hear the story of the ink.:)

Love ya girl...like white on rice.

Gretchen said...

I'm not a huge college fan either, but I do try (Cathy).

Travelogue day 2 did not disappoint. Except for the score and blisters, of course.

Cute shoes!

Carpool Queen said...

The Dumpster Wheat Thins made me gag a little....

Tiffani said...

You are just too cute!!

I LOVE going anywhere near where I used to go to college...makes me feel all proud and misty...so I feel ya Kirk...

Can't wait to hear about Part 2! ;)

New Every Morning said...

Love the shoes. Hate the blisters.

The Elle Woods tent made me laugh. Every team needs a pink mascot. ;)

Great travel recap!

Elizabeth said...

I was waiting to comment until the ink part, because it is the BEST part. But I have to say that I think you are the cutest Razorback I know!

theelizabethhighsmith said...

i'm sure elle was proud of your shoe selection. those blister babies sure are good looking!

Jennifer said...

Where'd ya get those shoes?! They sure are cute!! ;)

Soooo glad ya'll had a great time!!
Missed being there!!

Mich said...

You make me smile, Dorothy shoes and all.

Anonymous said...

Love me some college football! Having a moment here because my hubby worked at the JCPenney when he was in Oxford!! Craziness! I've never had the priviledge of tailgating in The Grove, but it is suddenly now on the bucket list.

Jessica said...

I would love to decorate a tent all funky for a tailgate! And seriously, what if someone else had also stashed his / her wheat thins in the same dumpster?! Crazy lady, doesn't even know if she got the right box!

Kendra said...

Love the shoes. They may have hurt but you two looked cute!

And I'm 35 and full of crows feet, too apparently. Or so I discovered on our recently taken family photos. But thanks for Photoshop, they are magically erased! If only I could really get rid of them that easily.

Jim said...

Now, what it was, was football! You know...little green cow pasture...some one had drawn white lines all over it and drove posts in the ends...5 r 6 convicts running around blowing whistles...22 men getting into two tight bunches and electing a leader each...who goes out and odd-mans with the convict to win a funny shaped punkin'...making the other bunch fightin' mad...then the worst stomping, grinding, hitting and knocking down and I don't know what all kind of fight...best I can figure the point bein', to see which bunch can take that little punkin' and run from one end of that cow pasture to the other without either gettin' knocked down or a steppin' in something!
I thank ye!

Jennifer said...

Well I guess it wasn't two posts in a row after all...

This is flippin' hilarious.

Did you know this about me? We have SEASON TICKETS to the Oregon State Beavers football game. We love the Beavers like a religion; Hot Jeff is particularly crazy about his Beavers.

You're speaking my language girlfriend!

Jennifer said...

One more thing: is that a semblance of a smile on your husband's face? The picture of him in his new hat?? I almost didn't recognize him!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Love your razorback tat and that car was crazy!