Wednesday Plans

It is 6:30 in the morning.

The alarm went off early this morning. Kirk had his guy's Bible study this morning, so he left earlier than he usually does. But, my alarm keeps going off. I don't know what is wrong with it. I've turned it off a gazillion times and it just keeps buzzing. Chunking it across the room has crossed my mind.

I decided to check-in here before I get in the shower and stay in there way too long. I am probably very accurately predicting that it is going to be a very long day, so a few extra minutes (or ten or fifteen!) will probably be good before-hand therapy.

Keaton has a dermatologist appointment today. I'll have to blog all about that sometime soon. If I got started now, then I'd write way too much and I'd have to give up my extra shower time. His appointment is in Benton, which means DRIVING...ugh...I hate driving.

Since we're going to be around a place that actually has NORMAL shopping, we are going to check out a couple of stores after the appointment and try to get some school shopping done. The boys don't need much, but they all could stand a new pair of shoes. Hoping for a good sale. I'm sure they will all come home with a tee-shirt or two from Old Navy, too...that usually is the case.

Since I'm starting a new job (oh, I'll need to blog about that sometime soon, too!), I'm not sure what I need. I think it is a fairly casual dresscode...but, not entirely sure! So, I probably will wander around looking for something, then give up on buying work clothes for me and just buy another tee-shirt...again, usually the case.

Well, I promise I will blog later! I know some of you are wondering what in the world I meant by the whole new job thing....

Right now? Time for my shower...I think I can still squeeze in a few extra minutes!

(Oh, do you like my new look for my blog? Thanks to Jennifer who helped me get it all looking very snazzy!!)


Jennifer said...

Good luck today! Hope you have a good one! Hey, any day is good that we can go shopping, right?!
I'm interested to find out about that new job.
I love the new template you picked. I hope it wasn't too much of a pain!

sprocketqueen said...

I love your new layout, very cute!! A new job please tell me you are not leaving the school, but if you are it is understandable, we all need a change. I hope that you have a great day!!