First Day of School

Get me a tissue...

I feel like I can finally cry...I haven't had time all day. My babies started school today -- at a new school! This is a horrible thing for a mother to have to endure. All the first morning jitters that every kid has, mixed with new kid stuff, mixed with a highly emotional mom who was a nervous wreck about starting her new job, too.....Terrible! For me, not the kids.

The kids did great. Me? Not so much. My new job is going to be fine. My job as mama hen today was nauseating.

I was just so nervous for them. Will they make a friend? Will Keaton's teacher let him write in cursive (seriously, we've been worried about it)? Will Tate bite somebody? Will Sawyer karate kick a kid on the playground and get suspended on the first day? Terrible, I tell ya, terrible.

So, after dropping off my nervous sweeties this morning, with their new tennis shoes and gigantic eyes, I cruised over to my room at the high school. I spent the entire morning gazing at the elementary school every time I got the chance (as if I could hear or see something from there...still I kept looking). At lunch, I was able to sneak over to the elementary with another teacher who is also a first-timer and check on the kids. Of course everyone was fine and dandy (from what we could see through the sliver of a window in the door).

Then the much anticipated time of 3:15 came around. I saw my babies and heard the glorious words from all 3 (yes, we were 3 for 3), "I love it here, Mom! I love my new school!"

Praise the Lord! What an answer to prayer. I will be able to sleep tonight and make it through the day much easier tomorrow knowing that we're going to make it and that everyone is okay. Whew! Huge relief pumping through my veins right now!

So, Keaton loved that he was given a chapter book for homework and he was to have it read in a couple of weeks....umm, he finished it tonight. So, he is loving that he gets to prance in and tell his teacher that tomorrow! I'm searching out the nearest chapter location of Over-Achievers Anonymous as soon as I finish this post.

Sawyer liked recess and the chicken nuggets in the cafeteria. Both critical items for a successful day.

Tate liked the toys and the bumblebee song that he learned. From what I've heard of it, it would have been entertaining to be a fly in the wall in his room to watch his teacher do the motions that he does for the song! Hee Hee! :)

I'm so thankful that we are off and running...to a very great start!


Jennifer said...

That's GREAT news for all four of you! Hope you all have a great second day of school!

Poohpa said...

You remind me of the time that your mother tells of our experience of you going to your first school day in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She had taken you down the narrow walled street called Indira Road, from our house to the main road near Farm Market. There the van from the American International School on the north part of the city came to pick you up. The only one in the van was the Bengali driver, and I believe a Bengali lady assistant, for you were the first pickup. Imagine your mother's anxious thoughts when she put you on that bus with strangers, in another country, and would not hear from or see you until that afternoon when you arrived back home. What goes around, comes around! God was faithful to take care of you and He will do the same for your three as well! Thanks for sharing - it caused me to remember another life-clip I need to include in my story!

Love Ya!

Stephanie said...

I feel like a heal of a mother...I don't think I worried about L all day...Just sent him on his way...no tears...just some excitement!!!

I just love Keaton....he is such an over achiever but that's good. I figured he already had it done before I read that part. Maybe he can spend time in the library during cursive lessons. :)

Glad that had a good time!