Can It Be? Am I Really Finished? Check!

  • 3 new pairs of Nikes....check
  • 2 new Old Navy tee-shirts for each....check
  • 3 pairs of shorts for Sawyer because he can't get his others buttoned....check
  • 1 new blankey for Tate's rest-time at school....check
  • 1 yellow plastic folder with prongs and pockets that we've searched all over creation for....check
  • 1 large pink eraser that we've also searched all over creation for....check
  • 1 new lunchbox for Keaton because I threw his other one away....check

What does this mean?


I'm so happy! While the boys and I were out today in Benton, I was able to finish everything up! I had a couple of things left on the school supply list that I could not find anywhere. Like the yellow folder...I could find every other color, but not yellow, and the list was specific about it being yellow. And the big pink erasers...sold out in Arkadelphia...so glad I found them today.

I really do love shopping. It is one of my favorite things to do, but I HATE shopping under pressure, and I really felt under pressure today to get everything we needed. There were just those few last minute things that we had to get finished up. Whew! I'll be able to sleep well tonight!

Here are our new school shoes...aren't they mah-va-lus? They ought to be after how long it took us to actually find some decent looking ones in our sizes. Shoe shopping wears me out anyway...unless it is for me! :)

Are you all ready for school? Or do you have more shopping to do? (Leave me a comment if you get a chance and let me know where you stand on all this back-to-school madness!)


sprocketqueen said...

Good Job!! I have not started yet, I have just bought a back pack and a lunch bag,still have not seen the supply list yet (you know about that) When I register her on Saturday I will start gearing up!!

Amy Fulmer said...

I am so intrigued about your new job.... We think we are ready, but ask us again in a week! We did survive open house.