A Star Wars Saturday

Talk about lazy days. This has been one. In fact, I almost hesitated getting on the computer today, just so that I could keep the day...I don't know...different from all the other days of my week.

We haven't done anything of any kind of responsibility all day...and I AM LOVING IT!

Everyone in the house slept late (well, 8:30...but, that is late around here). I was still in bed and could hear Keaton and Sawyer in the living room playing Keaton's new LEGO STAR WARS video game (he got it for his birthday, so now it is our new obsession!). With the big boys awake and busy, Tate woke up and crawled in bed with us. He asked if he could watch a movie in our bed, so we popped in a VeggieTale movie. We spent most of the movie snuggling and tickling, rather than actually watching LarryBoy save Bumblyburg. Love that!

Soon my four men were dropping hints about being hungry and famished, so I headed in to make pancakes, while Kirk and Tate moved to the living room to join the Star Wars party. After stuffing ourselves on pancakes, we stayed in the living room for most of the day, the guys taking turns stamping out the Dark Side on the Wii. I enjoyed my morning, watching my fellas, taking a couple of catnaps (a total luxury), and playing Star Wars...toys.

Tate has these cute little miniature preschool action figures. He has a bucket full of little Star Wars guys, so we had several battles with those. He always won. For some reason, I always had to be the bad guys, and I was informed that in Star Wars the good guys always win. As it should be I guess...

Keaton had received a couple of Lego Star Wars sets for his birthday, so I was honored enough to be asked to help build the "clone ship." It was hard! It got broken by one of the younger brothers, and now I know why Keaton gets so mad when his brothers break his stuff...

Keaton also has a couple of huge tubs full of Star Wars action figures, ships, weapons, and who knows what else. Those were brought out today and we have set them all up, put them all in "jail," had battles, and changed their clothes. It is the closest I'll get to Barbie dolls with my boys, so I have played willingly!!

What? Sawyer isn't mentioned much in this Star Wars day? Oh, he's still playing the video game. He really doesn't care anything about Star Wars at all...he is just obsessed with the Wii. No toys for him.

So now it is 6:00 and we are still Star Wars-ing. Come to think of it, we did stop for hot dogs around lunch time, but really, for the most part, we have been glued to our Jedi Knights and light sabers all day.

And, you know what? I would take these kinds of days anytime! I think we are watching a couple of the Star Wars movies tonight...complete with sleeping bags and popcorn! I can hardly wait!

May the force be with you!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You've had a fun theme day, huh? You probably couldn't have planned that one any better. Sounds like a great one.

Jennifer said...

I love days like that, although you won't catch us playing Star Wars around our house!!

Mich said...

Fun! It's nice to have a lazy day before school starts! Oh, when it's a "pirate" Saturday, you might be missing a few pirates. They were left at my house!

sprocketqueen said...

Sounds like you had a fun relaxing family day!! The pancakes and laying round relaxing sounds good to me, there is nothing like stuffing yourself and then sleeping!!

Paula said...

My husband is a big Stars Wars fan and has toys and merchandise from as early as the 1980s. He loves them with all his heart and never lets our son Ryan play with them - the Meany! Still We did buy Ryan some Star Wars toys of his own and my husband was quick to jump in and start playing with them. Maybe I should embrace the Star Wars obsession in our home because I don't think it is going to go away any time soon.