Teenager Watching

I love people watching. One of my favorite pastimes. Seriously....I could fill several hours just watching people go about their own business while I do nothing about minding my own.

So I've decided that I'm in the right profession right now. So much of my days of my new job are spent sitting in various locations around the high school doing just that...sitting. So I have lots of time to watch.

This is what I've noticed....

  • there are way too many SCARY shirts being sported by teenagers these days. All the skulls and bloody letters are a little too horror movie-ish for me. Note to self...never purchase a shirt that involves a scary skeleton part....even if it is for a 13 year old kid "just trying to express himself." Gross.
  • girls don't really care what they look like. This fascinates me because I remember only thinking about what I looked like in high school. I can probably count on one hand the girls at that school that even take any interest in their appearance. The rest are not in the least concerned that they are wearing basketball shorts with a lacy cardigan sweater only because they were too lazy to put their jeans back on after gym class. I don't get it. More power to 'em, I guess. But, I just want to shake them and say, "At least leave your tee-shirt on....you can't go half-way....so not attractive."
  • I want to cut half of the boys' hair at school. Either that or brush it out of their eyes. Now I sound like my mother, but good grief....
  • name brands are everything. Not that that is a news flash, but I have seen more Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Hollister these past couple of days than I have in a trip to the mall. These kids are walking billboards....too bad their parents aren't getting paid for their advertising services.
  • boys still think that "bustin' a sag" is a good thing. Uh, not so much. No one wants to see your Aeropostale, American Eagle, or Hollister undies, buddy....really, we don't....
  • lots of kids like to dye their hair....in very interesting ways. The new thing with girls dyeing the top of their (very long) hair blond and the underneath and edges pitch black is still puzzling me. I find myself mulling that one over often.... It looks really "interesting" when they pull their hair up in a ponytail...

I should stop. I sound so judgemental. No, maybe I just sound OLD. I'm probably one of the youngest people employed at the high school and I've joined the crowd of fuddy-duddies.

There are things that I do like....really. Hard to believe, but there are.

  • I really like that everyone wears flip-flops. If I could, I would, too!
  • I like to look at all the fun nail polish colors that float through the halls.
  • I like that the girls are wearing long basketball shorts for gym and not the cut-up-to-forever teeny-tiny shorts that some also insist on rolling the waistband down on, too. It makes me happy that they are covering themselves up! (Even if they do wear the b-ball shorts with really cute shirts....still confused about that.)
  • I like the really sarcastic sassy shirts that some of the kids wear. They make me laugh. Some of them are naughty and I don't like those, but if I see one of those shirts coming, I just gotta read it. I just gotta.

See....I found some positives!

Love my people watching! Actually, it is one of the things that I love most about this job. I get to spend so much time just observing these kids go about their days. I'm learning their names and who their friends are. I know what they eat for lunch and who they eat with. I know who saves their homework for the last minute and I know who passes notes in class. I know who they have crushes on and who's going out with who....all from just watching. LOVE IT! Looking forward to more watching tomorrow!! :)

If I've offended you....so sorry. If I sound super-superficial....I kinda am. If you are one of these kid's parents....I probably could give you the scoop!


Poohpa said...

Boy, this blog brought back memories! Every generation has its own peculiar "styles" or lack there of, and the on-going war between parents and their blossoming offspring is repeated with just an adjustment in the latest terms to describe the "latest" fad. We use to say to young people, "be different", so I believe they took us up on it! The only problem is that when everybody's doing it to be different, they end up being the same! Go figure! It seems an endless cycle!

Have you read the comic strip "Zit"? I bet you could do a whole series of those strips with the material you are observing in your "people watching"!

Well, I've got to do a little cleaning up and packing away. I probably need to clear a path for you and yours to come this weekend. You are coming, right?

Love Ya,

Mich said...

Welcome to my world. Kev's been in the "youth" business for almost 20 years now...talk about feeling old!!! Actually, I think it keeps us young too. Anyway, what is scary is that my baby will join the teenage set herself next year! We need to start praying now. :)

Mom to Zoe said...

Ha...so as I was reading, I couldn't help but think about the things we did when we were kids and how weird older adults must have thought we were. Ah..memories. So let's see if I can jog your memory a little.
*The three layer bangs with so much poof we could have touched the sky with the top layer...and not to mention the half can of hairspray used to hold it in place so a tornado couldn't have misplaced even a hair.
*The tee-shirt clips
*The tight roll on the pants - I taught one of my students to do that last year and he thought I was nuts. I thought it was hilarious.
*The tight pants that sucked the life out of our legs.
*Stirrup pants
*Two or three different colored socks that we layerd.
*High Tops with jeans tucked inside
*The tank top with a gigantic sweatshirt over it that was all cut up (when we wanted to be "cute" while working out)
*the side ponytail

Need I continue? I might really embarass myself if I do. You know what you should do? You should bring some of those styles back! Or just do it one day to see how many weird looks you can get. That might be funny.